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Rent your worries away! Check out these 3 sari rental boutique’s & save some cash!

Have nothing to wear to an Indian wedding?  Don’t worry!  These 3 rental services allow you to rent sari’s and Indian outfits for any special occasion at a fraction of the cost!

We’ve all been through the dilemma of looking into our closets and panicking that we never have enough outfits to wear for Indian weddings, which require a minimum of 4 different ensembles.  Borrow It Bindaas, Devi’s Closet, and Sari Closet are 3 online sari boutiques’ that let you rent and return effortlessly!

Check them out! 

Borrow it Bindaas

Borrow it Bindaas is here to help: the premiere worry-free online fashion boutique which caters to the everyday fashionista on a budget.  Each order is custom tailored and they even take care of the dry cleaning! Everything from sarees, lenghas, anarkalis, to stunning jewelry, to men’s wear is found on the easily navigated site. If you are planning a wedding, they even specialize in catering to you and your guests! They carry up to five gorgeous sets of bridesmaids sarees and salwars, rent-able or buy-able for up to eight! If your wedding is located in Southern California, they can even help drape sarees on the day of your wedding.

Devi’s Closet

Devi’s Closet is your one-stop-shop to rent original luxury designers outfits made exclusively for their customers by some of South Asia’s top designers. This means you can rent an affordable outfit or accessories ranging from $15-300+ by Payal Singhal, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul to name a few. This season mixing saree with a salwar is trendy for 2012 bridesmaid outfits. If you’re looking for mix and match sarees, lenghas,  suits, handbags or jewelry for your bridesmaids or even kurtas for your groomsmen, go to the website to explore the most fashionable trends in 2012 wedding wear to standout.  The fashion divas at Devi’s Closet, will even personally dress your wedding party in New York City, the fashion capital of the world.

Sari Closet

Sari Closet, the nation’s first online sari rental boutique, has recently announced the launch of a new bridal line. The new line boasts a variety of bridesmaids saris offered in sets of six. The saris are designed in a way for brides to easily mix and match should they need more than six for their special day. If your wedding is in the bay area and you need someone to drape your bridal party, please feel free to contact a Sari Closet “sarista” for more information.  Along with bridesmaid saris, Sari Closet has teamed up with fashion power house Swati Couture to offer bridal wear for brides. Look for the new line hitting the online boutique soon!

(Photo Courtesy: Borrow It Bindaas, Devi’s Closet, Sari Closet)

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Guest Blogger in da house! ‘Be a Part of the Fusion Fantasy’

We would like to introduce our special guest blogger – Sreesha Vaman from Sari Closet.  We have been long-term fans of their products and services & are glad to share that with you  – our beloved followers! So here you go


For me, it all started with my friend Noemi.  Noemi is my cultural fusion muse.  Of European-American descent, Noemi equally loves Bollywood and the New York Islanders.

When I announced that I was engaged a few years ago, Noemi decided she would wear a sari to the wedding.  She wore a gorgeous Islanders blue-and-orange piece, and danced the night away at the reception.

When a non-South Asian wears a sari to a wedding reception, she immediately transforms from a spectator to a full-fledged participant: uncles throwing her onto the dance floor, aunties trying to set her up with a “good Indian doctor”, and friends asking her advice in the kitchen.  Many of our friends still rave about Noemi’s sari at our wedding years later.

Fast forward to 2010 – I am at a coffee shop on campus at UCLA, with Patrick and Nisha, telling them about Noemi.  Nisha was not listening; she was too busy calling friends trying to source a sari for an upcoming wedding, without having to repeat what she had already worn to the seven weddings earlier that year.  In her frustration, Nisha exclaimed “AHHHHH!  WHY CAN’T I JUST RENT ONE LIKE TUXEDOS?”

Just at that moment, the light bulb switched on.  Soon thereafter, we created Sari Closet, an online sari rental service.

Since we launched the service at the end of May, half of our customers have been non-South Asians.  This was not a surprise to us.  The demand for blended cultural experiences has grown exponentially in the past 20 years.  A recent Pew Research Center study showed that 14.6% of all new marriages are of interracial couples – a rate that has doubled since 1980.

We have seen an uptick in the number of Indian-American customers as well.   Unlike our parents’ generation, most of us in the younger generation do not have a collection of saris, nor an opportunity to wear them regularly.

When we have to go to a South-Asian wedding, we want off- the-runway look and trendy styles in our sari, but are faced with some challenges – we do not have a collection ourselves, and cannot find trendy styles in our mom’s closet.  We have realized that buying a new sari in the US is too expensive, and we do not have the time or funds to dash off to India for a shopping spree.  Moreover, in today’s Facebook and flickr world where photos from everyday life are shared in an instant, even if we buy a sari, it is almost impossible to wear them to multiple events, making it a very short-term investment.

Sari Closet helps you address these minor complications, by expanding your wardrobes at affordable prices.  We provide a wide range of saris, blouses, jewelry and even bindis.

We have learned that wearing a sari can be daunting to most, at least initially.  In this situation, our sari experts – “saristas” – step in and do everything to help the customer, from picking the right sari, to teaching how to drape the sari through a video on our YouTube channel.

We at Sari Closet are appreciative of partners like tanaRi events, whose “Fusion Fantasy” packages share similar values to Sari Closet’s ethos of sharing and spreading awareness of our culture.

For a bride who wants a South-Asian or fusion wedding, Sari Closet will be there to provide the exquisite saris from our collection or custom selected just for the bride.

To help you bring all the pieces together seamlessly, it is great to have planners like tanaRi events, who ‘get it’ and help infuse the wedding with the right amount of culture while staying true to the couples’ personalities.

As cultures continue to fuse, I bet you will see more non-South Asians wearing saris.  I will also bet that Noemi will not be the only one wearing a sari matching her hockey team’s colors!

–          Sreesha Vaman

Sreesha Vaman is co-founder of Sari Closet, an online nationwide sari rental service. Visit the website www.saricloset.com or follow on Twitter @SariCloset for latest updates. 

(Photo Credits – Sari Closet)


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