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tanaRi events Make-up Guide for Brides-to-Be on Their Special Day!

When planning your wedding, there’s many things to think about – the venue, the band, flowers, place cards, food, the gown… the list continues on & on! By the time you know it, you’re at your wedding day and you have yet to figure out the perfect look to pair with all of the hard work you’ve done making your special day just right! While we all want to look flawless for the pictures and survive the day without makeup running all over our faces, there are a few integral elements to create the perfect look. Not only is it about the look for the actual day, but the preparations in the days & weeks prior to are just as, if not more vital!

After going through magazines, health & beauty websites and getting opinions on particular make-up styles & looks, we found a great Refinery 29 article that shares the best natural make-up tips for brides-to-be on their wedding day! Most of these tips are so easy that you can do them yourself!  Some highlights include:

– Facial make-up regimen: It should start with primer, then foundation and save cover-up for last. This will help keep the make-up last longer, while keeping an even complexion.

We recommend trying Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation. From personal experience, it goes on extremely smooth and will keep your face light & even for preparing the rest of your makeup.

– Use waterproof eyeliner/mascara: Expect a lot of laughter and tears at unexpected times – so the less your makeup runs, the better!

We recommend Chanel Le Crayon Kohl eyeliner. It leaves bold color on the eyelids & is long lasting! For every day, we’d suggest Noir (black). But, if you want to spice up the color on your wedding day, try Black Jade (dark green) or Ambre (purple). For mascara, visit your closest drug store for a popular favorite – Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It’s inexpensive, clump-free and lengthens the lashes!

– Match your blush/lips/nails to colors incorporated in your wedding: If you’re daring to go bold in one aspect of the look on your wedding day, adding a bright color to your makeup will put the spotlight on you and unify the wedding ambiance! Check out great tips from Real Beauty on how to match the makeup with your wedding day! For example, purple, pink, red, orange/tangerine are a few of the many beautiful bouquet color shades that have various range and can be used in slight, but distinct ways on your makeup (eye liner, blush, lips, nail polish!)

Specifically, for nail polish ideas, we love Essie nail polish! They always find great ways to keep their colors [and polish names] bright, fresh & fun! [see to your left for the summer 2012 shades] It’s also a simple way to boost the color on your wedding day! Going for a bold red? try Essie’s Times Red Square. If you want a darker plum shade, we love Essie’s Groovy Grape!

For those who already have colorful attire with your sarees, kimonos or other beautiful wedding wear, it’s great to color-coordinate with your outfit as it will only help to showcase all of the beautiful detailing! A great recommendation for bright color dresses is to use polish with a nice gold or silver shade. We are loving the Chanel Le Vernis polish in Graphite for a sparkly silver or Essie Gold Nuggets for a shimmery gold!

While all of these products will help beautify you as you say your “I do’s”, the pre-wedding day regimen is just as important as your wedding day. It’s important to keep your skin and body healthy as you’re preparing for one of the most influential day of your life — eat your fruits & vegetables, exercise, avoid stressful situations and most importantly, be happy!

[image 1 via stilacostmetics.com]

[image 2 via chanel.com]

[image 3 via essie.com]

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