tanaRi events’ wedding: Aarti and Pratap

tanaRi events had the distinct honor of putting together a Hindu wedding, with a blend of modern and tradition, for couple Aarti and Pratap in April 2015!

Before the big day, the bride’s side of the family honored the Hindu rituals of mehndi and haldi functions at the Taj Pierre in NYC. The wedding day festivities first kicked off with a Sehra Bandi ritual, a custom by the Sikhs’ where a heavy embroidered veil is fixed onto the groom’s turban to symbolize the maturity of the groom entering his new life. Following the customs, there was a baraat, where the groom and his side of the family danced their way through Central Park to The Loeb Central Park Boathouse, celebrating the momentous occasion with lively music provided by Jain Sounds. The guests were welcomed into the Loeb Boathouse by the bride’s’ side of family, where Cress Florals made sure to take the wedding to new heights with delicate and alluring florals to match the charming location. Hand picked by the bride herself, white and purple colors were envisioned throughout the venue to meet the vintage, yet classy look with decor such as the vintage bird cages and antique keys made for each guest. As a place of natural tranquility and romance, this was the perfect place for the couple to take their marriage oath! The mandap area, where Aarti and Pratap exchanged vows in the traditional Hindu way to be declared husband and wife, was also fully floral with beautiful hanging orchid flowers that had a picturesque lake backdrop. The stunning bride, Aarti, had help throughout all the events with Damali NYC who did hair and makeup, and Style by Smita as her draping artist, while wearing a classic Sabyasachi lengha. The wonderful ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour and seated lunch where guests were served delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine by butlers.

The jubilee continued at the exquisite Plaza location, decorated by Tantawan Bloom, for a dreamy and royal look with cherry blossoms and garden roses. In the continuing theme of elegance, cake master Sylvia Weinstock created a white and gold luxurious cake with multiple flavors that became a big hit! Food stations such as a carving station, spring campania station, fromagerie station, and market station were set all around the ballroom to provide variety to guests. Each table had white and gold place settings and elegant cherry blossom centerpiece that were placed on top of sublime champagne colored linens. As Aarti and Pratap were huge fans of music, they opted to go a different route and have live band Hank Lane perform their favorite hits! Guests had a great time dancing the night away to Aarti and Pratap’s favorite classics like Frank Sinatra, Beatles, and Stevie Wonder!  

With all the wonderful celebrations happening, the talented Brenziers and Kaipo and Mariana from 15 Minutes of Frame captured the intimate details of the festivities. tanaRi events’ had an incredible time working with The Loeb Central Park Boathouse, the Plaza, all the other amazing vendors, and remarkable couple Aarti and Pratap for yet another successful wedding!


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tanaRi event’s weddings: Aarti and Pratap

The Plaza, possibly every girl’s dream venue for their wedding, was the perfect royal backdrop to couple Aarti and Pratap’s wedding sangeet. With as large of a pre-wedding party, it was critical to ensure everything runs smoothly.  From floral designs to customized fabrication, Elegant Affairs took on the wedding decor to ensure every detail matched the ambiance! DJ Suhel + Chris Sealey helped perfect the sangeet by filling the room with music, while photographers Tatiana and Ryan Brenizer captured the happy moments.  Family and friends gathered together to perform a dance to Aarti and Pratap’s favorite  band, the Beatles, that created everlasting memories for the surprised and happy couple! TanaRi Events was extremely honored to take part in the joyous celebrations before the big day!


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Finding Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Wedding planning for your big day can be so overwhelming and stressful at times, it’s easy to overlook the details that can make your event stand out. While usually most weddings provide beer, champagne, and wine, signature cocktails can help create a memorable impression on your guests. These enjoyable creations should be customized to your liking, from the drink mix to the name itself!

Continue reading below for some example seasonal signature drinks and how you can add your personal touches to the drinks with some examples of how tanaRi event’s helped clients find their perfect blend!

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Bridal Fitness

When all eyes are on the bride for their wedding day, it can be nerve-wracking and pressurizing for brides to look their best. TanaRi Events was lucky to get the chance to talk to fitness trainer Nicholas Panebianco, founder of TrainWithNickNYC, for some bridal fitness tips to slim down, tone up, and be more confident!  

Q: What are the best workouts according to what gown the bride will wear? (Ex. Strapless, mermaid, ball gown, backless)

A: A strapless and A-line sleeve dress means that all eyes will be on your upper body; this workout would have to have an upper body focus to sculpt and lean, showing off those arms and shoulders while torching fat. A ball gown and mermaid style dress focus would be placed on the hips, thighs, and core, showing off a firmly tight core; shapely hits will be the most flattering for both those dresses.

Q: How can you squeeze in a workout during a busy schedule?

A: Finding time to workout may not be the easiest, but here are a few helpful tips to finding time to workout:

  1. Set your alarm early. An early start also means you get to cross it off your to-do list ASAP!
  2. Commit to your appointment. Hold yourself accountable to your workout just like you would to a work meeting. Don’t reschedule it for something else!
  3. Make daily habits into exercise. It’s not necessary to need a gym to workout; the key is to be more active! This could range from taking the steps vs the elevator, parking a little further from the train so you can walk more, or be doing bodyweight exercises in your home or office such as squats, push-ups or planks. Even a little bit of a difference could go a long way!
  4. Be efficient. Try workouts that target multiple body parts in a short amount of time, such as interval training, Tabata, bodyweight training and running. Not only will you burn calories, you will build muscle!

Q: Any dietary restrictions for brides to take on? What vitamins / dietary supplements are key with workouts for being fit?

A: It’s a common misconception for brides into thinking a juice cleanse or a strict diet is necessary before their wedding, but most times that leads to a large setback or binge eating. The focus is to be healthy and eat a well-balanced diet between protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Most nutrients and vitamins can be obtained from the food that we eat. Supplements should only be taken if certain key nutrients or vitamins are missing from our everyday diet.

Q: How much time should you give yourself before the wedding?

A: If your goal is to look your absolute best then the quicker you start the better. It takes around 6-24 weeks to start seeing a noticeable change in your body, depending on how efficient your workout and diet is. For individuals who already have a fitness background results should appear quicker, but nothing is achieved without hard work and dedication.

Q: Any suggestions for couple workouts/date night ideas related to fitness for some quality time together?

A: I am a firm believer that couples that sweat together, stay together. Having a support system from your significant other can have a huge impact on your fitness goals. Instead of attending happy hour one night, try a fitness class together. Instead of being couch potatoes over the weekend, try a walk or jog in the park. Trade in a dinner out for a couples cooking class to learn how to cook healthy meals. A healthier lifestyle will create a healthier relationship for you and your significant other.

Q: How do you maintain the weight after you’ve lost it?

A: Maintaining weight can be just as difficult as losing weight. Many individuals believe that once they obtain their desired weight, they can go back to their old routine of eating poorly and working out less. However, it should be the complete opposite, where losing weight should be a lifestyle change vs a temporary fix. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and staying active at much as possible will help keep the weight off. This also includes allowing yourself to indulge every once in awhile – moderation is the biggest key. Start by maybe having the burger and not the fries or the burger without the bun; little changes like this can create the biggest impact.

Q: Do you have any advice to brides having a tough time achieving their goals? How can they focus on enjoying planning their wedding versus thinking they have to lose all this weight before their wedding?

A: When you’re having trouble losing weight, it’s important to try to find out the root of the problem. Is it a lack of exercise? Unhealthy eating? Portion Size? Snacking? Finding the root of the problem can make a huge impact in the weight loss process, but it’s imperative to not be in denial; understand and accept that there is a problem and make a change. If the problem is a lack of exercise, try to be more active throughout the day. It can be changes such as your commute to work, taking the stairs more, or even sitting less. If the root is in unhealthy eating, make changes like trading in those sugary drinks for regular or flavored water or have a goal to add a green to each one of your meals. When it comes to portion sizing, try to use a smaller plate when eating or taking your meal and splitting it into two. As for snacking, try consuming a cup of water before indulging; many times our body is dehydrated and is actually craving water.

Remember, all the little things you change is an improvement on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Before stressing out about dieting and fitness, don’t lose focus on the bigger picture – your wedding and your significant other. Whether you feel you will have your dream body or not for your wedding day, feeling good is even more vital than looking good. Be confident and enjoy your wedding!

Follow Nicholas on his Instagram @TrooperNickP for more tips on getting in shape!

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tanaRi events weddings: Ravi and Tara

In the mid summer of 2014, Tara and Ravi Desai exchanged vows at the Montauk Yacht Club in New York. As a fusion Hindu and Presbyterian wedding, double the excitement filled the air as guests experienced two beautiful traditions of an exceptionally romantic couple.

tara_ravi 0360.jpg

The outdoor Hindu ceremony was lively, with Bollywood music and a live dhol to help celebrate the occasion. Set in front of the sparkling blue water, the white and blue mandap paired nicely as the couple exchanged vows.

Shortly after a quick dress change and new makeover, Ravi and Tara strengthened their bond again with a Presbyterian ceremony at the Montauk Yacht Club Farmhouse Ballroom. Surrounded by delicate cherry blossoms and classic romantic candlelights, Tara walked down the aisle in an elegant white & pink Marc Jacobs gown as Ravi watched in his fun plaid blue suit. We couldn’t help but swoon at the love between this couple!

The fun continued at the wedding reception, where the nautical inspired ambiance was made to match the venue. Momofuku Milk Bar created a delicious wedding cake so charming, they even incorporated two Indian inspired elephants!

It was a stunning night for the books, captured exquisitely by Dragan Zlatanovic.

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tanaRi events weddings: Cathy & Rajeev

From Cathy and Raj's wedding in Long Island City. Photos by STAK Studios | www.getstak.com

First off: we want to apologize. We realize we have not been as proactive on sharing as we had previously been and continuing to work on that. We’re happy to report that we’re back in action and want to keep you up to speed on all of the beautiful weddings that took place in our social absence! There’s so much to fill you in on and we can’t wait for you to read more about them!

The first one we want to share with you all is a beautiful multicultural fall wedding in Long Island City, NY. Rajeev (the bald) and Cathy (the beautiful) got married on October 24, 2015 in the Vista Sky Ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton with beautiful Manhattan skyscraper views. They made sure to emphasize the little details, which vividly describe the unique couple they are. Personalized “Bald” and “Beautiful” cocktails, candles and specialized wine bottle giveaways were some of the decor items to bring this day to life.

With Rajeev’s Hindi background, the wedding celebrations commenced with a fun Mehndi party at The Paper Factory. We love the multicultural elements incorporated into the wedding day to bring traditions from both individuals!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos below by Stak Photography. Also, we want to give a big shoutout to Floresta NYC for the gorgeous floral arrangements in the fall color theme, Lassen & Hennig’s for their delicious red velvet, chocolate and lemon buttercream desserts, (and a favorite of the bride when living in Brooklyn)!

For any questions about Long Island City and/or New York wedding venues and planning, please contact us for a consultation!


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tanaRi travels: France!

tanaRi events staff has had the privilege traveling to many beautiful countries and cities for both business & pleasure. We’d like to capture and share some of these special times in our new “tanaRi travels” blog series. Here we will share personal photos and favorite things-to-do/spots that can serve our readers advice for vacations, wedding destinations, bachelorette parties and/or honeymoons!
We loved experiencing the French country and would make a beautiful backdrop for a destination wedding! Here’s some of our must-see/eat/do things:
  • Ain-Ex-Provence is must do!
  • Visit Isle-sur-la-Sorgues (Sundays) to discover its famous antiques market.
  • The villages of Fontaine de Vaucluse, Gordes, Roussillon (Market on Thursday) and Lourmarin to discover their differences, traditional boutiques, landscapes, colours, nature and gastronomy.
  • In the summertime, make a pit stop to the lavender fields of the Senanque Abbaye if Lavender fields are in bloom (June/July period).
  • Goult was fabulous and not too touristy. We recommend you walk all the way to the top for the wind mill. It was great for antiques & shopping for rustic & very authentic French designs!
  • Arles: discover its amphitheater and narrow streets just before going to the valley of the famous Pont du Gard, the impressive aqueduct of the prestigious and rich city of Nimes.
  • The fortified city of Avignon: check out the famous Bridge close to the huge Popes’s Palace. There’s a little park up behind the palace where you can capture great views.
  • Drive through Saint Remy and admire the Provence Vincent Van Gogh felt in love with.  That was one of our favorites.
  • Les Baux de Provence: you will capture the medieval atmosphere of one of the nicest perched villages in France.
FOOD  [Both in  Avignon]
http://www.la-mirande.fr/   [Also, serves as a beautiful hotel with church bell sounds and birds chirping, making for a wonderful backdrop to the quaint area.]
Get in touch with the restaurant about dining in their French kitchen, where you have the option  private dining for 14 guests in their ancient kitchen. [Also, perfect for a wedding rehearsal dinner!] Just let them know your dietary restrictions ahead of time.
Please enjoy some of the beautiful architecture & the charming elements of the French country!

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