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tanaRi events’ wedding: Madhavi and Kunal

tanaRi events had the distinct honor of showcasing Madhavi and Kunal’s love story. The more we got to know about the two, the more we fell in love with their love story! The charming couple are not just two of the sweetest people we know, but are a power couple; Madhavi is a scientist and Kunal is a finance managing director! Apart from that, Madhavi and Kunal are a Jain couple, followers of a religion that preaches tenants of harmlessness. Adhering to their cultural values and preferences, tanaRi events were given strict orders on making sure nothing during the wedding weekend is wasted.

They first kicked off their pre wedding celebration on the Aqua Azul yacht with family and friends at sunset, setting a beautiful and romantic start to their wedding weekend. The next day on the way to the wedding ceremony at Tribeca Rooftop, family and guests followed the specially made pedicab from Rickshaw Revolution, dhol player, and band into a fun filled celebration. Over 200 guests were first served delicious food from Kailash Parbat pre-wedding and then  watched the exchanging of the vows surrounded by natural ornaments.

Cress Florals used earthy tones and inspiration from environment, and let nature truly be at its best with adornments like imported succulent plants from California that were placed under terrarium glass containers. Retro styled glass bulbs were also used to enhance the mandap area for an artistic vibe. Keeping the decorations to a minimum, the couple had requested to use second hand flowers instead of fresh ones, knowing that usually flowers get thrown out after the wedding day.


The wedding venue place had then shortly transformed into a reception area, where Dimple Bombay Talk served their famous savory dishes and Erin McKenna’s delectable vegan Dessert Doughnuts. The beautiful night then ended with the couple rolling out of the wedding in style, with a Rolls Royce where Kunal surprised Madhavi with a penthouse loft in Brooklyn at the Wythe hotel  for their honeymoon night!


We are grateful to all the guests, vendors, and the lovely couple for helping put on such a magical night!




Photographer: Karin von Voigtlander

Luxury Car: Ecstasy Limo

Henna Artist: Mehndikalogie (Dhara)

DJ: Desi Junction DJs

Hair/Make Up: Erika Franco

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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Anthony Vazquez Photography

Perceptions 4796 comp final

“Sometimes an image says it all and this one definitely does!” – Anthony Vazquez  (of his photo taken above)

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. We’d say after viewing just a few photos from the comprehensive collection of prominent wedding photographer Anthony Vazquez, we’d say they’re worth much more than that!

While you may have heard his name in InStyle, US Weekly or People Magazine shooting the likes of Christina Ricci, Kevin Jonas and baseball player Nick Swisher on their wedding days, his humble passion for the craft allows him to give all of his clients 110% – regardless of fame. Thus, making him one of New York’s sought after wedding photographers.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony to learn more about his history in the field, recommendation in choosing your wedding photographer and tips for the couple when the camera starts flashing.. Lights, camera, ACTION!

tanaRi events (TE): How long have you been a professional photographer?

Anthony Vazquez (AV): I have been shooting weddings for 18 years now and started my own company in 2001.

TE: When did you decide that focusing on wedding photography was your destiny?

AV: I always knew that I loved people. What better way then to be surrounded by remarkable people at fabulous events capturing the moments, which will be immortalized forever?   It truly is a dream come true!

TE: It can’t go without saying that you have a very impressive resume! Was there one particular celebrity wedding you shot that really stands out? If so, please elaborate..

AV: Thanks so much! I would say that we have been privileged to work with a number of celebrities and they have all been wonderful individuals as well as clients! That being said, celebrities are a small fraction of our business. We are blessed to have the most amazing clients, whether they are famous or not.

TE: Do you focus on wedding day photos only or engagement photos as well?

AV: We definitely do both.  It is a great way to take the pressure off the big day when working with your photographer prior to the main event.

TE: As a wedding planner, we believe finding a photographer is definitely high up there on the wedding checklist! How far in advanced should a couple decide on their photographer?

AV: We recommend 6-18 months based on what date they are selecting. The more popular dates will book up more quickly (ie. weekends starting in April through November (for the Tri-State area)).

TE: What are some tips you recommend couples do to find the right photographer? What are the important questions that they should ask?

AV: I think the crucial factor is more than a question; It’s a level of comfortably with WHO will be shooting their wedding. If the energy isn’t right, then it won’t work. Most especially, the bride especially needs to feel completely content with the photographer.

TE: We absolutely agree. What would you say are the key elements that make a fantastic wedding photo? 

AV: I think there are a few factors here… 

  1. The energy between the clients and the photographer needs to be right. 
  2. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of the vision for the photo shoot.
  3. Couples have to be open to pushing the limits of conventional photography.  That’s the only way to create out-of-the-box dramatic images that make a statement.

TE: What is your favorite season to take wedding photos?

AV: Anytime of year. As long as we have great clients, the weather does not matter. 

TE: What is your favorite location for a wedding (ie. beaches, rustic weddings, castle, etc.)?

AV: We have been fortunate to travel the world shooting weddings.  Personally, I feel it’s all about the couple and of course, the image.  We can really work with anything – whether it’s a cool street in Tribeca or a Hamptons beach wedding. We have no favorite venue; just fabulous couples!

TE: Now we come to the difficult question.. We find it common that couples approach us and express worry about the gray area of wanting certain photos VS giving the photographer the freedom to do their work. How do you draw the line between embracing your creativity with meeting the clients’ requests for how they want to pose, etc.?  

AV: You really need to blend both worlds.  We as photographers need to be creative and edgy for our couples; That’s why they hired us. But, we also need to make sure to incorporate some more traditional elements into the shoot. (We try to appease the families as well who can play a big role in the wedding financially!)

TE: Let’s fast forward..It’s the day of the wedding – emotions and dresses are flying wild! Do you have any recommendations for day-of wedding preparations for the couple and the wedding photos?

AV: Yes – leave enough time to make sure that your photographer can get great photos.  Also, just relax and have fun!

TE: Are you the actual photographer at every wedding your team is hired to do? Or do you work with a team?

AV: Both  – I still shoot a lot myself, as do my teams.

TE: We know not every picture can be perfect (at least almost perfect!) Is there editing taking place to the photos after the event?

AV: Yes, we spend a ton of time color correcting and retouching our images.  That’s part of the process. You have to make your work look the best it can.

TE: What we find most interesting about the photographer is that they’re one of the only people truly present through the whole wedding day.. From the emotional bridal suite with the family, to the intimate first look, followed by the joyous ceremony/party. What is the most exciting and rewarding part of helping a couple capture one of the most important times in their lives?

AV: The real reward is seeing our clients faces when they see the completed wedding book. All the work and planning gets encapsulated in one gorgeous hand crafted album.

TE: Lastly, for our photography buffs out there, what kind of camera do you use? What are the best wedding specific lenses to capture certain types of photographs?

AV: I shoot with a Canon ID mark 5.   As for lenses, it is really an artistic preference.

POST INTERVIEW: I asked Anthony if he could send us a few additional photos that really stood out from his collection and what made them special… See the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most importantly, make sure to check out some of Anthony Vazquez’s other beautiful work on his website & social media pages! Feel free to contact us to help answer any questions and or guide you through this part of the process!

Twitter: @anthonyvazquez1

Instagram: Anthonyvazquezphotography

Facebook: Anthony Vazquez Photography Inc.


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