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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Jasmine Lockett Makeup Artistry


When a bride is preparing for her wedding day, one element that must be taken into important consideration is the make-up (seriously!) The wedding make-up is significant for many reasons, but at the top of the list: The make-up needs to last the entire day. For the bride, the wedding day starts as soon as she wakes up. Cameras are on her as pictures are taken through all parts of the day, which means that makeup must be weather-proof and be able to withstand the 12+ hours of celebrations!  (We all didn’t wake up flawless like Beyonce!)

Insert Jasmine Lockett. She started in the cosmetics business at Estee Lauder in Appleton, Wisconsin at age 16. After moving to Chicago, she formally began her makeup artistry career in 2005.  She has a wealth of experience, having worked on the Carolina Herrera runway fashion show, doing freelance bridal work and collaborating with businesses such as Dress for Success. Jasmine shares with us her history in makeup artistry, best tips for pre-wedding preparations & what are the must-have items in a brides’ cosmetic arsenal for her bridal day and for future use! Be sure to follow Jasmine Lockett Makeup Artistry on Facebook for more great looks and bridal inquiries!


tanaRi events (TE): Thanks for chatting with us, Jasmine! So how long have you been a makeup artist?
Jasmine Lockett (JL): I have been a makeup artist for 21 years.
TE: Let’s start from the beginning when a bride is doing her rounds before making their final choice for a make-up artist. When considering their options & costs, how many make-up trial period(s) prior to the wedding day would/should be included?
JL: Typically one is included in my rate (figured into the total cost of the bride’s makeup), but an additional makeup trial can always be purchased at an additional cost. I prefer to do trials 3-6 months out from the wedding day.
TE: What is a typical/reasonable price point for bridal makeup? What is included in this price?
JL: Prices definitely vary depending on experience, but average prices begin at $125 and go as high as $325. I always say, you get what you pay for. Those prices should include ALL makeup provided and applied on the wedding day as well as one free makeup trial. Lashes are always extra.
TE: In your experience with bridal makeup, how early should the bride make her appointment for the big day?
JL: Around 6 months prior to wedding day.
TE: What are some questions you recommend brides ask a potential makeup artist in order to decide if they’re choosing the best person for them?
JL: I think getting to know your artist is key! Make sure that she is listening to your needs, concerns and wants and that she understands your vision for your wedding. Make sure that she can commit to the date and the times discussed as well as a timeline of events.
TE: Now let’s flash forward to the wedding day. How early would you need to start the day with makeup?
JL: I have started the day as early as 5:30am before! It depends on how big her wedding party is and what time the ceremony is. A great tip (that I find that most brides do not know and is very rarely shared with them) is to make sure the makeup artist and the hairstylist meet/chat once the bride has selected them. They can coordinate their schedules with that of the timeline and flow of the wedding day.
TE: That’s a great tip as it’s a very long day and the vendors should be coordinating in order to make best use of everyone’s time! Are you open to traveling on location to do bridal make-up?
 JL: I am open to traveling in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. I have gone as far as Indiana and Wisconsin. My travel rate depends on how far I am traveling outside of the downtown Chicago area. More than 25 miles outside of the downtown Chicago area is subject to a travel fee.
TE: How long does the make-up actually take to put on the day-of?
JL: In general, this will depend on how many individuals there are. The bridesmaids go first (usually 20-30min each), followed by the maid of honor (usually 30min because she usually has a ‘special look’), the aunts and grandmothers (30-45min each), then the mothers (30-45min each) and finally the blushing bride! (I always like to allow 90-120min in case there is extensive contouring, false lashes and heavy eye makeup that can typically take longer than a traditional application.)
TE: When going through the steps of picking and choosing the make-up you’ll use for a particular woman, what factors get considered for the make-up color choices/palette?
JL: In regards to foundation, the color should match her face and neck without any lines of demarcation. With Caucasian women, it should be yellow-toned so that it warms her complexion and covers up any redness or uneven pigmentation (such as rosacia). With African American/Middle Eastern women, it should have either red/brown or honey/yellow undertones so that her complexion does not appear ashy. Asian women typically like a brighter/pinker look to their skin so that should be considered when selecting a color.
TE: Absolutely. It’s important to distinguish that different skin shades will require different color palettes. Now, the big question we get asked often by our clients: Do you prefer regular makeup or spray make-up for wedding day? Why?
 JL: I prefer ‘regular makeup’ over spray makeup for my brides on their wedding day. I believe in an immaculate complexion that allows the natural beauty of her skin to show through the foundation so that light can bounce off her face for an amazing glow! For those brides that have acne scarring or skin conditions, I would use other products (such as heavier coverage facial concealer or spot coverage products) to give her the coverage needed without the complexion looking cake-y.
TE: As much as the wedding day is important, so is the time leading up to that day.. Are there any preparations you recommend for the face/skin prior to the wedding?
JL: Get a facial – either hydrating & firming, radiance, brightening or detoxifying at least two weeks prior to your wedding day.  That way if the skin purges itself, it also has time to recover. Also, be sure to get an eyebrow threading/waxing and shaping approximately one week before.
TE: OK; We’ve made it to the day (finally!) What make-up absolutely needs to be applied on the bride in order to last through a full day of photos/celebrations? What are your go-to products that you’ll take with you on the road for the wedding day?
JL: There’s a few key components for different parts of the face:


  • Primer is an absolute must! The reason for a makeup primer is that it prolongs the longevity of the foundation that is applied and keeps it looking fresh all day long! Under foundation, I prefer to use NARS makeup primers (3 different types available), but I also recommend Laura Mercier Foundation Primers (7 different types available), and Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primers [when color correction is necessary].
  • A great foundation is the key to a great face of makeup! Wearing foundation should look like you have nothing on at all and feel weightless. Some of my favorites are La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation (12 shades available), Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (24 shades available), NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (20 shades available), and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (24 shades available).
  • A facial setting powder is also essential-it keeps the bride’s foundation in place and prevents it from transferring onto the dress or soaking into her pores and disappearing. My favorites are: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder in loose Translucent Crystal or Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.
  • And finally a makeup setting spray is also a must! It seals in everything I have done for a transfer-resistant application. I prefer a product by Urban Decay called ‘All Nighter’.


  • To make sure that her eyeshadow stays in place all day long, an eyeshadow primer is essential-it crease-proof’s the eyeshadow applied and in some cases even waterproofs it! I like Smashbox Photo Finish Shadow Primer, NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base or Laura Mercier Eye Basics (6 shades available).
  • A great concealer is also key! I like Bobbi Brown Corrector (16 shades available) and Creamy Concealer (15 shades available), Cle de Peau Concealer (4 shades available), NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (10 shades available), La Mer The Radiant Concealer (3 shades available), Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (12 shades available), and Smashbox High Definition Concealer (6 colors available). To prevent concealer from creasing or getting cakey and for an ultra-smooth application, I like to use an under eye primer before concealer. My favorite ones are Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer or NARS Pro Prime Instant Line&Pore Perfector.
  • I also think that it is critical to set the under eye with a powder. I like to use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (available in 2 shades). It gives a beautiful clean finished look to the under eye area.
TE: This is great! Our brides will be so thrilled to hear these thorough options and specific examples. After all the initial work is said and done, the beautiful bride may want to do a quick fix with lips or that small red mark on the face. For these last minute touch-ups, what should the bride have in her purse for the big event?
 JL: The only thing our beautiful bride will need is:
1. A pressed powder [I recommend Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder (White, Pale Yellow or Golden Orange-depending on skintone), NARS Translucent Crystal Pressed Light Reflecting Setting Powder, Laura Mercier Pressed Translucent Powder or MAC Pressed Blot Powder (5 shades available).]
2. Whatever lip products were decided (typically a lipstick, liner and/or gloss)
TE: To prevent makeup from wear and tear from the wedding day activities, do you recommend eating/drinking/certain activities for the bride?
JL: Be sure to drink enough water and eat a little something before the ceremony-we don’t want our beauty to faint!
TE: As general rule of thumb, what are three makeup items that all girls should have at any given time?
JL: A fabulous mascara, a great eye brow pencil & a striking lip color
TE: Do you stick to one brand of makeup or open to using various brands/products?
JL: I believe that there are some truly amazing products out there! I like to use & recommend the products that I have personally tried (whether on a client or myself) and tested for their performance, wearability and versatility.

TE: Now it’s time for the speed round! We like ‘challenging’ each of our vendors with a quick round of questions to help put them on their toes. The question for you: What make-up color/tones do you recommend for a..
– Traditional/glam bride? JL: A perfect complexion, lightly contoured, striking eyes with sharp eyeliner and pink lips & cheeks
– Bohemian bride? JL: fresh/clean/bronzed skin and a neutral lip color
– Destination bride? JL: a light tinted moisturizer as foundation, bronzed skin and warm bronzed & peach tones on the eyes, lips and cheeks
– Ethnic/fusion wedding? JL: bride-false lashes, moderately smokey eyes, a bold lip and a contoured face


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