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Happy Mother’s Day!


Image via Maloman Studios

“Our mothers give us so many gifts. They give us the precious gift of life, of course, but they also leave treasured lessons that can guide us along our journeys even when they are no longer with us.” Maria Shriver

This post is dedicated to all of the women who have made such an impact on our lives. Thank you for being you and for everything that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!


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Going Green – St. Patricks Day / Wedding Ideas

For those celebrating, St. Patricks Day is a holiday filled with the G’s – green, gold & giddiness! While traditionally observed by the Catholic religion, it has become a global holiday and a reason for people to gather with friends and family to eat, drink & be merry! For quick St. Patricks Day recipes, check out our previous post for some delicious eats!

We’ll leave you to your celebrations, but we want the brides-to-be out there know that there are many ways that you can incorporate St. Patrick’s Day elements into your wedding; Regardless of your religion, there are secular and more traditional components that can make for a beautiful wedding. We’ve compiled some of our favorite MINT WEDDING inspiration on our Pinterest page.

Also, see below for some of our favorite holiday inspired wedding ideas! We love the use of the horse shoe (could also make for great place card accessory!)

We also want to give a shout out to the folks at Wedding Chicks who featured this gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day inspired wedding! What beautiful photos.. thanks for showing us some great ideas!

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Giving Thanks To All of You!


We want to extend all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a great year for tanaRi events and we have a lot to be thankful for – our wonderful families, friends, clients and devoted readers that have supported us from the beginning!

We hope that everyone is spending their holiday enjoying delicious turkey, stuffing & pumpkin pie with their loved ones or spreading the love elsewhere by volunteering at a shelter or soup kitchen to provide to those less fortunate.

Most importantly, be sure to give thanks to those who have been integral to your life!

For some fall/holiday inspiration, check out our Fall Gala Glory Pinterest page!

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DIY Diwali Celebrations!

We hope that everyone celebrating the holiday of lights is enjoying bright festivities today! There are fun, safe and easy DIY touches that you and your family can do to make this holiday even more exciting without breaking the bank! Here’s some fun ideas for you —


Decorate the house with some colorful scarves to give a room the bright touches it needs!



Use tea candles to celebrate the holiday of lights! They’re inexpensive, you can buy in bulk at your local supermarkets/drugstore and they burn out quickly. ALTERNATIVE: buy electric tea light candles (they come in all colors and all you need is batteries! Great for houses with kids!)

0pezo6 joemangrum01


Get crafty and use sand art to do in the driveway or for a fun activity for your friends and family!

For more Diwali inspiration, click here!

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Throw Your Best Halloween Party Yet!

la0907_hall07_spooksil_xlHalloween-interior-decorating-ideas-550x336A-Blissful-Nest-Boo-Halloween-Party-Decorations-2 scary-spider-cooler-lft_oct05msl29_xl

Halloween is a time where the vampires, zombies and other “un-dead” come out in full force.  It’s also a reason for people to dress up, have a drink and enjoy the tricks & treats!

It’s  a fun time of year and why not make the most of your decorating! Here’s some of our suggestions for making your Halloween party celebrations one for the record books:

  • It’s a party after all! Make sure there’s enough alcohol/non-alcoholic beverages (especially if your hosting for young children/party.) Fun Halloween theme cocktails always help start the party!
  • Keep within a fall color theme – oranges, greens, white, black and for good measure, throw in some red for “bloody” slashes on the bathroom mirrors and shower (Psycho style!) Add some holiday light for an extra eerie touch when you dim the room lights later on.
  • Good props to keep at your house to emphasize the holiday – cotton spider webs with fake spiders, pumpkins (carves or drawn on), skeleton heads/bones, headless figures, rubber eyeballs and/or toilet paper streams to throw around the house/apartment.
  • Nothing helps a good party more than a good music playlist. Find your favorite movie/TV theme songs (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Twilight Zone, True Blood). It will help get guests in the Halloween mood!
  • Be creative! You don’t need to break the bank making the most festive party. Simple things you can do are buy construction paper and yarn – cut out pictures of ghosts, bats and other Halloween figures and hang them from the ceiling or tape to the walls. Also, buying large packs of candy (chocolate, worms, etc.) at discount will ease everyone of their hunger and keep their sweet tooth satisfied. In addition, guests won’t come empty handed – expect people to bring over some drinks & sweets of their own to be gracious to your hosting duties!

Good luck and have fun! RT us on Twitter (@tanaRievents) with your pictures and let us know how we can help plan your next party! Contact us here for more info.

Image via Martha Stewart, Decodir, A Blissful NestFun Costume, Martha Stewart

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Celebrating Navratri!

navratri-garbaNavratri celebrations in Katra, north of Jammu, Indianavratri_2011_dandiya_garba_plagroundsdsc01925

Friday marked the first day of Navratri! For those who celebrate in the Hindu religion, it is a nine night/ten day rejuvenation period which marks the beginning of the autumn season. This “fresh-start” mentality is exactly how people celebrate during this time. They may fast (from daily physical & emotional needs) , sit in prayer, meditate and do other relaxing activities until the dancing begins (known as “Garba”). Different regions in India may celebrate the holiday differently, but all have the same intentions of renewal and purpose.

The Garba is a celebratory dance and is performed during Navratri. It is usually women who wear elaborate sarees and other decorative clothing and dance in a circular motion. In modern times, men also participate dancing at the Garba!

What we love about Garbas is that they can be incorporated into other important life events as well. Gujarati wedding tradition usually involves a Garba night before the wedding – decadent and colorful decor combined with celebratory music to celebrate the wedding couple. Here’s some wedding Garba inspiration for you:

For those in NYC, be sure to celebrate Garba in The City at Chelsea Piers today! It’s a great way to meet others celebrating and learn more about the Navratri holiday & traditions.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

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