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Vendor Spotlight: Pinch Food Design

Back in March, we had the pleasure of meeting the team at Pinch Food Design! We love that they’ve found a way to turn the catering business on its head and give wedding couples a creative way to serve guests their food while keeping the party going! With veteran employees having combined expertise in the food & events businesses respectively, their unique furniture to serve high quality funky foods allows guests to quickly grab bites without disrupting the flow of the celebrations. Plus, it makes for fun decor and wedding photos!
Instead of our typical Q&A format, we thought the best way to showcase their work was to provide some examples of their work. We asked them to create a sample wedding menu that helps visualize the unique concept they’ve established for their clients, along with some descriptors! In the menu, you’ll see the emphasize on “tapas” style bites, served with fun forks, wooden hooks and other creative use of silverware.
  • Appetizers & passed hors d’oeuvres

PFD: Each hors d’oeuvres you see in the menu are all paired with certain trays in order to keep the integrity of the way they are plated. In addition to this, we have ‘pop-ups’ otherwise known as moments throughout the cocktail hour where guests will experience an interaction with a beautiful design piece + food items that are a bit larger than your average hors d’oeuvres.

  • Main course
PFD: What we’ve shown you in our menu, is pinch’s {inter}course. This ‘interactive dinner’ allows guests to play with their food! It’s a great way to start conversation at the dinner table. This menu is not always combined, often brides + grooms will choose 1 {inter}course along with 2 regularly plated courses.
  • Dessert 
PFD: We offer fun + quirky ways to serve sweet treats as guests are mingling and dancing throughout the night! Roaming style dessert has become very popular among our weddings, as we all know guests love to dance & celebrate!
Visit their Facebook | Twitter for more information about the company, sample food menus/design and more! Please contact us with any questions on wedding food or to set up an appointment!.

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Wedding Food Trucks – Yay or Nay?


We’ve all enjoyed picking up our lunch during the work day from the local Thai, Mexican or Falafel food truck parked right by your office. Why not have that on your wedding day? Food trucks are a creative and cheaper alternative to the ballroom reception. There’s lots of options for you — but before you opt for this scenario, there’s a few things you should be mindful of!

SEASON/TIME OF YEAR: Food trucks sit outside, so you’ll want to set up seating arrangements outside on a grassy knoll or cemented area that’s conveniently located. Ideal use of a food truck would be in consistent warm weather climates or spring/summer/fall seasons. It’s recommended that you do some research ahead of time and/or back-up options as unexpected weather patterns can happen. Also, certain types of food may be better in these seasons, so keep in mind when deciding what you want to serve to your guests!

# OF TRUCKS: You’re going to have some hungry guests. The estimated amount of guests / truck is approximately 75 people / truck. You may want to consider getting more than one truck so that the chefs can cook the food accordingly so that everything will be fresh for all the guests to grab at the same time and there won’t be any lag time.

DINNER OR DESSERT? The couple-to-be has so many options! Maybe you just want a food truck for dessert and let you guests leave with a special treat. There’s so many options – donuts, cupcakes, ice cream.. the options are endless! You’re also likely to spend a little bit less on dessert only since you may want to limit one treat per guest.

ANCILLARY COSTS/PERMITS: With any outdoor establishment, consider your surroundings. Every state/city has different rules to the permissions and permits one may need to make this happen. In addition, you want to be sure to ask the food truck company all questions up front about safety code regulations!

STAFF & EQUIPMENT: Having enough support staff with tables, linens, cutlery is just as important as the food, if not more so! Be sure to work with the venue (or use your city guidelines) to give staff enough time to prepare along with the chefs. Keep things simple!

Most importantly.. make sure you HAVE FUN with it! There’s creative ways to take pictures, make DIY napkins, containers for the food/drinks and keep things eco-friendly with simple paper items to be easily thrown away.



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