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Fun Engagement Proposal Ideas

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ALERT TO THE MEN AND WOMEN PLANNING TO PROPOSE TO THEIR PARTNERS: This is your time to get creative! While the big wedding decisions might be made by your “better half”, this is your time to show the person you love how much you mean to them by incorporating fun, yet personal elements to your proposal.

For those struggling for ideas – here’s our general list of “engagement styles” and how you can tweak them to your personal taste!

  • Destination proposal: for a more “adventurous” experience for you both, whisk your partner away on a vacation that you’ve always wanted to take together. This could be as extravagant as a trip to the city of romance (Paris) or the mountains in New Zealand or taking a drive to a B&B where you can have a more serene trip.
    • Specific  ideas: snorkeling and taking a waterproof proposal sign into the water, a beach picnic proposal, sky diving (for the more daring types!)
  • Family proposal: for many, it is important that the families be incorporated into the day of the proposal. Whether that be seeing your family after you’ve already done it or using them as decoys in the process, we understand why one would want to include them.  Just make sure that if they know the plans – they better be good at keeping secrets!
    • Specific ideas: scavenger hunt (use family members as hints and let them be part of the clues!)
  • Intimate proposal: sometimes it’s about the simple things & you don’t want any disruptions.
    • Specific ideas: How about taking them to your favorite dining spot for a quiet dinner or you can plan to order-in their favorite meal and happen to have rose petals and candles set up in your house/apartment beforehand. (Just make sure you keep them occupied earlier in the day so you don’t get caught planning!)


Images (L-R): Noelle Soroka; United With Love; Skydive In Virginia


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Engagement Shoot – Holi Inspired!

bluepiano-engagement-14bluepiano-engagement-15 bluepiano-engagement-16

Photos by Priscila Valentina

In the spirit of Holi celebrations, it’s amazing to see how many engagement photo shoots have been inspired by the holiday and its tradition of “Holi powder fights”! In our personal opinion, this is the best type of photo shoot because  not only does the finished product give you gorgeous and colorful photos, but, it also allows the couple to let their guards down and enjoy the experience [which for some can feel uninspiring and stressful].

Here are some of our tips to ensure the couple enjoys a fun and safe Holi Powder engagement shoot!

  • Decide boundaries beforehand (ie. are there limits to where you can throw the powder at each other?) NOTE: Make sure you THROW the powder and not smear!
  • Buy a variety of colors to play around with in the photos
  • The colors will stand our greater if you wear white clothing and have a simple backdrop (i.e.. a beach, a park with a clear sky).

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

For engagement photo questions or if you want to plan your Holi inspired photo shoot, please contact us! Don’t forget to visit our friends at Masalamommas, where we talk about other colorful tips to celebrate Holi!

Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes, Benj Haish and Carolyn Scott Photography for your inspiration and capturing these great moments!

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Engagement Photos – Meghan & Gabe


We’re so thrilled that one of our own, Meghan, has shared with us our beautiful NYC engagement photos! Searching high and low for some of the best locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Radio City Music Hall) we couldn’t be more thrilled for her and her fiancé, Gabe!

Having met on Valentines Day in 2012 through mutual friends, it was a relationship that has only gotten stronger and stronger each day. Their love for one another is ever so present in these photos! Thanks to Stefani Welsh Photography for these amazing shots!

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