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tanaRi events weddings: Adrienne & Gaurav Pt. 2

RAWS (528)

We’re so excited to finally share with you all the STUNNING wedding ceremony & reception that took place as the weekend progressed for Adrienne and Gaurav! Thanks to our friends at Third Element Studios for capturing the full essence of this wedding day.

When we spoke with the couple during the planning stages, there were a few main important details: being surrounded by nature, having DIY elements & incorporating both cultures into the festivities. The result was a wedding filled with bright colors, natural beauty and lots of love.

The day started as the bride got ready at Adrienne’s parents house, (and where the ceremony was later held in the backyard). Gaurav set the tone for tradition as he rode in style on a white horse for the Indian Baraat, surrounded by family & close friends. He was met by both sets of parents as they exchanged garlands during the Milni ceremony, which is the ultimate symbol of uniting the two families. Following this, the bride and groom said their vows under a handmade wooden mandap, (created by Adrienne’s father with tall Redwood trees). Beautiful orange saris draped the top of the mandap, along with orange and pink marigold flowers hanging down – decorated by both Adrienne and Gaurav’s mothers. The natural light through the Redwood trees made for the most gorgeous wedding backdrop!

The celebrations continued to the reception, where the party was filled with lots of singing & dancing. Centerpieces were simple, with low centerpieces and an array of flowers finished with a burlap lining.

This wedding was so amazing that our friends at Rustic Chic rated it one of their top weddings from 2014! We’re so happy we could be a part of this special day for an amazing couple – there’s so many pictures we love that we had such a hard time choosing for the slideshow below!

For more information on this wedding or any wedding/destination wedding planning, please contact us.

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Last Minute Tips – Hosting The Best Oscars Party!


It’s that time of year… Oscars Time! Great fashion, beautiful people, excellent films – it’s one of the few award shows we all enjoy watching (until it gets to the lull in the middle where they announce the categories most people don’t care about!) Nevertheless, any excuse to have a party and celebrate friends is always worthwhile! Below we give you some last minute tips for a fun, creative Oscars party!

Attire: for a “formal” evening, tell your guests to dress black tie (suits & gowns). For the more low key evening with friends, black tie casual should do it!

Decor: keeping in theme, we recommend sticking to black, white, gold & red! Offer up a fun “red carpet” carpet that your guests can walk into by using simple red construction paper at the front door entrance! Also, you can buy some red velvet fabric and hang it up around a TV as curtains. It will look just like a movie theater!

Food/Drinks: Keep it classy with some bottles of wine & champagne. Throw in some fruit at the bottom of the glass (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) for a dash of color! Also, you can’t watch a show about movies without some salty snacks!  Add another DIY touch with creating mini popcorn bags you can leave out on the table for guests to grab. Simple microwave popcorn will do the trick and then you can divide up into the mini bags. For a sweet treat, you can make cookies or cake pops in various colors and assortments. Throw in a bow tie, gold stars or the Oscars statue!

Games: We realize this is a 3+ hour long show that will lull from time to time. To keep things entertaining for the guests, there are various fun games to incorporate with the awards show. How about a running list of picking your favorite awards and have everyone guess who should win.  In addition, a Bingo board can be a unique way to incorporate the actors, directors, writers and other nominations of the evening. Or, to get the whole group together in one activity, you can divide into teams and play catchphrase! Set up index cards with words/names/things associated with the Oscars. You can create a prize for each game that the winner can bring home!

Other fun details to add to your night: traditional film rolls, DIY “movie tickets”, gold star stickers you can put around the room and/or use for game pieces.

Lastly, we think keeping some disposable cameras around the party can make for fun photos and can be kept for scrapbooks and other fun memories!

Check out some visual inspiration of our ideas on tanaRi events Pinterest page! For any questions about planning social events, contact us at!

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Hello Kitty Birthday DIY Party Celebrations!


It’s a pleasure for us when we take a brief hiatus from the wedding world to reminisce of our childhood and help plan a HELLO KITTY birthday party! Our adorable birthday girl, Anayaa, celebrated her 3rd birthday with family, friends & Hello Kitty cake pops, balloons, cupcake toppers and big birthday cake by the amazing team at Bittersweet NYC! Bright colors, candy & pom poms filled the room at the Trump Building as kids enjoyed a sugar rush and face/body paint! Yummy dessert bar & delicious catering for the kids was done by our friend at Love me to bits’!

It was a wonderful party and perfect theme for the young birthday girl. There are so many ways to be creative with this theme – from the food to party favors & stationery! We owe a big thanks to Chetan Patel Photography for capturing the fun that everyone had in these beautiful photos below!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for some amazing Hello Kitty inspiration:

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us by clicking here!

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Fall Floral Favorites!

As we watch the seasons change, we replace beach/destination summer weddings with more farm/rustic-style occasions! Although we will miss the days of summer, we’re happy to enter into a world of rich colors & textures and what defines the next amazing season. We searched high and low for some outstanding flowers that would make for a perfect fall wedding bouquets or table centerpieces. We now present our 2013 fall flower guide:


[Image via The Knot]

Celosia Flower – it’s considered to be an annual flower, survive in most weather conditions and comes in several colors & styles. We love the “crested” type (the ones that curve) which can make for a beautiful addition to any bridal bouquet!


[Image via lavender and bloom]

Dahlia – always a safe flower choice, fall is a good time to grab this flower before it gets too cold. Dahlias peak in summer (not too hot/humid), but can sustain through late fall/early winter. The color range dahlias have in the pink/orange/purple family is stunning and can make a beautiful ombre-style bouquet!


[Image via Wedding Aces]

Ranuculus – a beautiful flower that makes for a less expensive version of a rose. With several layers of petals, this flower stands out in any bouquet and works well by itself for a full bouquet or combining with other flowers. It is known for its bright colors.


[Image via Wedding Chicks]

Eucalyptus – a great way to embellish any bouquet. It’s simplicity allows it to be incorporated with all types of flowers to give it the extra volume and color needed, especially for fall!


[Image via The French Bouquet Tulsa]

Yarrow Cottage – similar to baby’s breath, it enhances any bridal bouquet by being the perfect mate to all types of flowers!

Other fall bouquet additions can include acorns, tree branches, leaves, DIY butterflies, wheat & any other inspiration that you can find! Check out some of our favorite bouquets on our Pinterest page!

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves!

WeddingSurvivalKitThere’s no feeling worse than spending over a year of your precious time planning for the most amazing day of your life to then face small hurdles on your wedding day that can ruin the moment for you! We’re here to provide a list of what we consider some the essential wedding day kit items that can make your attitude go from drab to fab in a moment’s notice! You may have seen our previous Top 10 Emergency Kit items, but we’ve updated for all of the growing needs of the brides!

First Aid/Health Remedies

  • Aspirin/pain reliever
  • Band-Aids
  • Eye Drops
  • Bottle(s) of water – mini bottles are great!
  • Snack – something light and won’t leave marks on your teeth (ie. nuts, smoothie, fruit)
  • Mints

Dress Remedies

  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Clear nail polish – to help prevent runs on the pantyhose
  • Extra pantyhose
  • Static Cling Spray
  • Stain remover wipes
  • Crazy Glue – in case there are any technical difficulties with the wedding shoes/heels from all the walking around for pictures


  • Extra lipstick
  • Cover-up – for any possible morning of blemishes
  • Nail polish color of the bride’s nails
  • Deodorant – use AFTER you put on the dress to avoid marks
  • Perfume
  • Tissues – for the moments when you have a good cry!
  • Extra hairpins
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Tweezers
  • Hairspray – make sure that hair stays all day long!

We hope these help you on your wedding day! Let your maid/matron of honor as well as your bridesmaids hold onto some of these times over the course of the day/evening for those last minute slip ups!

For other suggestions/recommendations, please contact us for a consultation!


Here Comes The Guide

Sweet Talk On The Spot


Huffington Post | The Knot | Swatchbook Weddings 

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Wedding Weather Extremes — Tips & Solutions!

For many brides, a “worst case scenario” is when you unexpectedly struggle with severe weather changes on the day of your wedding. (This can include scorching heat & humidity and/or rain & other wet weather.) We’re here to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE WORST THING! While it can become a hiccup in the process of altering some of the arrangements for the ceremony/reception and can delay events of the day, there’s no reason why it still can’t be the best day of your life!

Here are some of tanaRi events helpful tips & tricks for these extreme weather situations during the summertime:

  • Location/venue: once you’ve commit to your spot, be sure to discuss with the venue planner(s) all options for spots on site that can accommodate for any unexpected weather conditions (especially for outdoor weddings in summer & winter seasons.)
  • Travel arrangements:  it is important to provide guests with several recommendations of transportation to & from the venue (particularly for destination weddings.) Also, it doesn’t hurt to throw an umbrella and/or poncho (rain), scarves (cool weather) and extra pair of shoes (any weather).
  • Umbrellas: keep an assortment on site should there be sudden changes in weather. 
  • Tent: putting up a tent for the reception could help with very mild weather (ie. heavy winds, snow, light drizzle, etc.) 
  • Refreshments: guests will be happy if you provide cool beverages before and/or after the ceremony (especially in hot weather)
  • Dress attire: stick to light color/material dresses (women) and thinner texture/layers (men) 
  • Food: avoid delicate creams/ingredients that can melt and/or spoil in warm weather (ie. cheese-based desserts, mayonnaise, ice cream) 
  • Hair/make-up: simple is best to avoid discomfort, unraveling & discoloration of makeup on the skin
  • Wedding gifts: this is a great opportunity to be personal & creative with DIY items that can help guests. For example, offer some fans, mini water bottles with custom wrapping or visors.

Are you planning an upcoming wedding and need more questions answered? Contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you further!

In addition, check out this great article that provides other excellent suggestions on other topics that can be affected with weather (ie. flower arrangements, reception chairs)

Photo credits: Location/venue photoTravel arrangements photoUmbrella photo; Tent photo; Refreshment photo; Dress attire photo; Food photo; Hairstyle photo; Wedding gifts photo


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These Are a Few of tanaRi’s Favorite DIY Things!

D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) activities have always been a form of self expression and creativity. What’s great about a DIY wedding is that it can be a fun, budget (and eco-friendly) contribution to your wedding as well as a good way to add personal touches that you & your guests can enjoy!

We’d like to share some of our favorite ways that DIY can be incorporated into your wedding! These are easy & unique ways to make a splash on your wedding day!

 Mason Jars –  what we love so much about Mason Jars is that there is so much variety with how they can be used. They can serve cocktails, act as lighting fixtures [by adding candles or glow in the dark lights], sit as table centerpieces [for the flowers or other detailing] or be used to provide the wedding favors!

Wedding Favors – Couples want to show their guests their appreciation and support by providing thoughtful gift favors at their wedding. While this could become a pricey task based on the number of guests, there are tons of fun, easy, out-of-the-box ideas! Dessert jars, engraved jewelry boxes, or easy-wrap items [see to the left — use of colored polka dot stickers and yarn] are a few great ways to keep costs down.

 Floral Decor – floral accents are one of our favorite parts of the wedding decor! This is a great option for people who are having outdoor weddings in severe weather climates and fresh flowers could become compromised. Materials individuals use for DIY flowers include felt, clay, coffee pots, newspaper, tissue paper & paper bags!

Cake Toppers – Couples can enjoy many different cake topper options that are simple and easy-to-do! This is a good way for couples to bring out the quirkiness or elegance of the wedding cake. Some examples include animal decor, stick figures or first name initials of the couple!

Place Cards – Another way for couples to incorporate creativity while keeping costs low! We find that many couples use this specific opportunity to keep “in theme” of their wedding by matching the place cards in this manner [see left for a Chinese food-themed place card setting & decorative maps!]

Be sure to check out more DIY inspiration & tips at our Mason Jars and DIY Pinterest pages!

[Image 1 via] [Image 2 via] [Image 3 via]

[Image 4 via] [Image 5 via] [Image 6 via]

[Image 7 via] [Image 8 via] [Image 9 via] [Image 10 via]

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Wear your bridal gown with pride with these pre-wedding exercise tips!

Congratulations! You are newly engaged — you’ve picked the date, booked the location and now beginning to eye bridal magazines looking for that perfect gown to say “I do” in. Fast forward to the last few months before the wedding at a fitting and you want the dress to be just right…

Before you start worrying about whether or not you’ll manage to squeeze into that beautiful gown on your special day, take a few minutes to realize the amount of resources that are at your fingertips for managing your weight in a healthy way during this important time in your life. The last thing you want to do is over stress about the planning, work obligations and other life events that can easily distract you from keeping your ideal weight and more importantly, removing the excitement out of the once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Photo Credit:

Shape Magazine dedicated an entire website to bridal fitness and health: ( Tips they provide can be extremely helpful during wedding season as well as any time in your life!

Here are a few highlights from healthy living expert Lauren Taylor: (

Identify Specific goals, rewards, and consequences:

  • Set yourself a few realistic goals per week that can be attainable. If you reach your goals, you can reward yourself by buying yourself something new or meeting friends for a nice dinner. In another line item, list out a consequence – something you want to avoid doing to help further your drive to meet your goals.

Make exercise non-negotiable:

  • Put it into your schedule like any other meeting, doctor appointment or dinner plans. For those who go to work early, try to allocate time after work (or lunch time if you’re able to get some time out of the office.) For those who arrive at work later, try to practice waking up an hour or two earlier and making your way to the gym or power walk outside on these beautiful spring mornings.

Be happy:

  • This is one of the happiest times in your life – keep the positivity by sharing your goals with friends and family. They will help you to keep on track with your bridal plans and personal goals!

Everyone has a different schedule and circumstances that work for each individual bride-to-be. What is consistent throughout the process is identifying the motivational factor (which could be fitting in the dress, setting a goal to accomplish, adding exercise to your pre-wedding routine) and finding the desire to work towards something. It will give you a feeling of success and may help influence others around you to follow your path of healthy living! Starting with baby steps (walk to work instead of taking the subway or make lunch instead of ordering in) will help continue to urge to make healthier choices for your wedding and for your future!

Here’s an inspirational article from  ( that may help jumpstart your weight loss plan! Nothing is more powerful than hearing personal real life stories for how other women overcame their weight obstacles to reach their goals right in time to say their vows!

Photo Credit: NY Times

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Healthy easy to make snacks for your St. Patrick’s Day party!

St. Patrick’s Day is here!  While most eateries are serving the generic green beer, you can try some unique and healthy food ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day party! Here are a few simple do-it-yourself food ideas that will make your guests green with envy that they didn’t think of it!

Fruit & Vegetable Platter

:: Colors of the rainbow in fruits (strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapples, grapes, bananas, blueberries)
:: Use Mini Marshmallows for “clouds” on one end and banananas as “gold”

Shamrock Shake

:: 2 cups lime sherbet, 1 banana, 1 cup milk
:: Mix ingredients in a blender

Green Mac n’ Cheese


:: One box of macaroni
:: 8 slices of cheese singles
:: 1/3 cup of milk
:: One bag prewashed baby spinach


:: Saute spinach in oil  until it reduces in size, it will turn bright green and soft
:: Add wilted spinach in food processor and puree.  Add milk if you need consistency
:: Cook and drain pasta
:: Add cheese to empty hot pasta pan along with milk, stir until combined. Add spinach puree and mix.
:: Add salt and pepper to taste. Return drained pasta to pan and coat with spinach cheese mixture

(Photo Credits:,,


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