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Wedding Locales: SANTA BARBARA

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One of our team members had the pleasure of traveling to Santa Barbara for a wedding this summer. The result? A gorgeous, DIY vineyard wedding experience to remember! The warm weather, delicious wine and stunning views are just a few of the reasons why Santa Barbara is an excellent location for a wedding! There’s such a nice balance of city and greenery/landscapes, which gives couples a lot of diversity when deciding what kind of wedding they’d like to have and the fabulous pictures that will capture this beauty! We’re listing out some of the great reasons for wedding in downtown Santa Barbara AND going further north towards the wine region (e.g. Los Olivos, Solvang, Santa Ynez, etc.)

Downtown Santa Barbara

  • Right next to the beach and steps from the Pacific Ocean
  • Tons of fun bars/restaurants to have great meals and enjoy some of the wine and beer of the region
  • Stunning views of the mountains
  • Great paths for walking and exploring the city

Santa Barbara wine regions

  • Gorgeous vineyards and landscapes
  • Delicious wine
  • Vast space to host a wedding
  • Great built-in decorations, (wine barrels, wine bottles, barn-style reception)
  • Fun day-time activities for guests (wine tastings, cute European-inspired towns with good food, shopping)
  • Great trails for walking/jogging around the mountains

We highly recommend Santa Barbara; Whether it be for a long weekend getaway with your significant other, a bachelorette party with your girlfriends or to plan your wedding.. It’s a beautiful town with lots of scenic variety, a multitude of activities and at a bare minimum, a good place to wind down and get a glass of great wine at some of the wine shops downtown or take a bottle you bought at a vineyard and bring some glasses to the beach on E. Cabrillo Blvd.!

Here’s just a taste of the fabulous wedding we attended! We loved the barn style reception, small DIY personal touches (old family photos), and vintage lace, books and other decor for the guests’ tables! Contact us for more details about planning a destination wedding and/or California weddings in particular as well as other wineries, bars & restaurant recommendations. Make sure you also check out here and here to the unforgettable Aptos, CA wedding that we planned. This really was a wedding dream come true!


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Honeymoon Locales: ARGENTINA



What a view this is! After spending two weeks in a beautiful country full of breathtaking sunsets, delicious parillas and sipping on Malbec, we couldn’t help but think how perfect Argentina is for a honeymoon. Because of Argentina’s large size and climate disparity between North and South, there’s many activity options for all couples!

NOTE: the preferred time of year to visit is December – March as it’s their summer season.

See below for some of our favorite spots during our stay:


MENDOZA – Known as Argentina’s main wine region, this city is full of beauty along with its tasty Malbec! Whether you enjoy your stay in center city or in vineyard areas, (Lujan de Cuyo or Uco Valley), there is something for everyone! One of our favorite meals was at Cavas Wine Lodge, (located in Lujan de Cuyo). It’s a hotel/restaurant/winery combination, which is perfect for a romantic getaway. While eating a candle-lit dinner, you get the gorgeous view of the vineyard and stunning sunset! Mendoza is also great for doing biking and vineyard tours, where you can enjoy wine, cheese, olive oil & more Argentinian delicacies! Added bonus: you’re almost always guaranteed warm weather!


USHUAIA – This was the most unexpected, yet highlight of our trip! The area was first built by French settlers, so many people speak French and the city itself has various French influences. It reminded us of Quebec! Ushuaia is in one of most southern points of the country; It’s located in the Tierra del Fuego AKA ‘Fire Land’ and is a popular summer vacation destination for locals. On average, the temperature never reaches above 50 degrees Farenheit so make sure to pack appropriately with a jacket, hat and gloves!

It’s a small city, but there’s an array of delicious restaurants. (I’d recommend anywhere with seafood – crab, specifically they are most well known for.) Av. San Martin is a fun strip of touristy shops, cute restaurants and bars. Also, being near the water allows for adventurous activities for those seeking them out. Boat tours, mountain climbing, penguin watching are just a few of the many options at your disposal! All you do is go to Av. Maipu and visit the kiosks to book your reservations. For those who enjoy climbing, the weather can drop and deep in the mountains, you can expect rain and/or snow almost every day!


BUENOS AIRES – Serving as the capital of the country, Buenos Aires is quite large and full of museums, parks, street art and Evita memorials! Each neighborhood in Buenos Aires has its own unique traits, so make sure to try and explore as many areas as you can. Many honeymooners stay in the Recoleta are, as it has all your 5-star hotels and up-scale restaurants & clothing shops.

The city is best known for its steak, polo, street art and tango shows. If you have the time, allow yourself to walk around the city with no specific plans. Eat breakfast in Palermo Hollywood, shop in Palermo Soho, visit the San Telmo Market (if you’re there on a Sunday) or see the Evita memorial at the Recoleta Cemetery. There’s an endless amount of options, but don’t get overwhelmed! If you don’t plan everything ahead of time – don’t panic! There’s usually open spaces for tango shows, street tours and museums every day.

Travel is never without a few details to be mindful of! From our experience, please consider these things when planning your trip:

  • Bring more cash with you! Vendors are often willing to give better deals when you can pay in international currency as the value of their dollar is low.
  • Learn some basic Spanish! People do speak English, but when you go into more local neighborhoods, their English is limited.
  • Pack for the weather! Depending on the cities you travel, you may need to pack for summer and winter. Ask your travel agent or research online for more details about the location based on time of year during your visit.

See below for some breathtaking photos of our stay – you will not be disappointed! Contact us for more information and how we can help.

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tanaRi events weddings: Adrienne & Gaurav Pt. 1

RAWS (160)

When it comes to Indian weddings, there’s no shortage of celebrations! You know things we’re starting in the right direction when you’re playing tug of war on the beach..!

When we met Adrienne and Gaurav, we knew immediately that this was a fun loving couple. There were a few things that we knew right away were important: they wanted to have an Indian fusion ceremony, be surrounded by nature in the tall redwood trees and that their families & friends played a big role in the creation of the wedding theme.

The wedding took place in Aptos, CA so many of their friends flew in for what would be a high energy and unforgettable wedding weekend. It started with their friends getting together on the beach to play some games. Girls against boys. They all wore capes, (boys in red & girls in blue). It was a great way to put everyone in good spirits to later enjoy the sangeet and officially launch the wedding celebrations

Bright colors and love filled the room for the sangeet as each of their parents spoke beautiful words. Adrienne’s father and friends, (who are musicians), played music and got all the guests to their feet singing and dancing! Most importantly, their dog Rusty was sitting right by their side through the entire night and wedding weekend. Adrienne and Gaurav made sure that he played an important role in the celebrations!

It was a beautiful way to start the weekend and the ceremony/reception is one to remember! Be sure to check out Part 2 in the next couple of weeks..

In the meantime, check out some of these gorgeous photos by Third Element Studios who captured the entire wedding weekend so beautifully.


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Destination Weddings & Honeymoons – Australia!

After seeing some of the most breathtaking beaches and landmarks during a recent visit to Australia, I only feel it fair to share these experiences with all of you. During the two weeks of traveling central/east coast of Australia, I discovered it was not only an amazing vacation getaway with your friends & family but perfect for wedding & post-wedding honeymoon celebrations! The private beaches, rainforest and sunsets are just a few of the unforgettable things you can share with your loved one. A few of our favorite spots included:

Cape Tribulation (Daintree Rainforest) – We recommend this to those who enjoy the outdoors! This requires a full day from Cairns or Port Douglas of which you must drive and take a boat through the rainforest (you’ll get a glimpse of baby and adult alligators as well as see some of the oldest trees to ever exist.) As you continue the drive up the rainforest, it is essential to make a stop at Cape Tribulation. Hidden behind the narrow windy roads and tall trees, this isolated beach typically attracts no more than 100 people at any given time. The views to the Great Barrier Reef are spectacular and give you full access to some of the other amazing sites.  The beach is mainly for sunbathing and surfing. In the evenings, you can take a sunset cruise which will keep give you even further access to the breathtaking sunsets and possible whale or sea turtle encounters! For those looking for a more private & isolated honeymoon experience, the Daintree Rainforest also has some  upscale & B&B-type accommodations in the depths of the rainforest.

Coogee & Bondi Beaches (Sydney) – when you think Australia, you associate it with the beach. A 20 minute drive or bus ride outside of central Sydney will take you to these hip towns & beaches that give Sydney its additional charm. If you’re spending some time in Sydney, you can take out one day to visit these beaches while enjoying the shopping & restaurants in either town. For those who want a little adventure, you can start in Coogee Beach and follow the trail along the edge of the rocks and soak in the amazing views of the waters. After you work up a little sweat (about an hour walk from Coogee to Bondi beach) you can take a dip in the waters. Following some beach time, you can choose from tons of restaurants along the beach and walk around the shops in town.

Hamilton Island (Whitsunday Islands) – is one of the 50+ islands of the Whitsunday Islands. It’s a vacation spot for both Aussies & outsiders alike and is a prime location for some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Getting from island to island is a quick ferry ride where you will experience beautiful & quaint beaches and waters. Getting to the beach & restaurants is a short walk or golf cart ride to your accommodations. As it’s a small island, there are a limited number of restaurants and night activities, but that can be made up with the various daytime activities including snorkeling, sailing, meeting koala & kangaroos or just simply lying on a beach (a visit to Whitehaven beach and the whitest sand in the world will have you never think the same way about beaches!) For more details, visit the Hamilton Island page.

Please reach out to tanaRi events for any questions, requests and/or recommendations!


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Wedding Weather Extremes — Tips & Solutions!

For many brides, a “worst case scenario” is when you unexpectedly struggle with severe weather changes on the day of your wedding. (This can include scorching heat & humidity and/or rain & other wet weather.) We’re here to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE WORST THING! While it can become a hiccup in the process of altering some of the arrangements for the ceremony/reception and can delay events of the day, there’s no reason why it still can’t be the best day of your life!

Here are some of tanaRi events helpful tips & tricks for these extreme weather situations during the summertime:

  • Location/venue: once you’ve commit to your spot, be sure to discuss with the venue planner(s) all options for spots on site that can accommodate for any unexpected weather conditions (especially for outdoor weddings in summer & winter seasons.)
  • Travel arrangements:  it is important to provide guests with several recommendations of transportation to & from the venue (particularly for destination weddings.) Also, it doesn’t hurt to throw an umbrella and/or poncho (rain), scarves (cool weather) and extra pair of shoes (any weather).
  • Umbrellas: keep an assortment on site should there be sudden changes in weather. 
  • Tent: putting up a tent for the reception could help with very mild weather (ie. heavy winds, snow, light drizzle, etc.) 
  • Refreshments: guests will be happy if you provide cool beverages before and/or after the ceremony (especially in hot weather)
  • Dress attire: stick to light color/material dresses (women) and thinner texture/layers (men) 
  • Food: avoid delicate creams/ingredients that can melt and/or spoil in warm weather (ie. cheese-based desserts, mayonnaise, ice cream) 
  • Hair/make-up: simple is best to avoid discomfort, unraveling & discoloration of makeup on the skin
  • Wedding gifts: this is a great opportunity to be personal & creative with DIY items that can help guests. For example, offer some fans, mini water bottles with custom wrapping or visors.

Are you planning an upcoming wedding and need more questions answered? Contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you further!

In addition, check out this great article that provides other excellent suggestions on other topics that can be affected with weather (ie. flower arrangements, reception chairs)

Photo credits: Location/venue photoTravel arrangements photoUmbrella photo; Tent photo; Refreshment photo; Dress attire photo; Food photo; Hairstyle photo; Wedding gifts photo


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Beautiful beaches, hotels,  people, weather – where can you find all of these amazing things? Rio de Janeiro! The city (and Brazil) has become one of the most desirable destination locales to eat, drink, and be merry! With its combination of rich history and flourishing modern culture, why wouldn’t it be the perfect place to have two individuals intertwine their old & new lives together?

For those who plan to jet set and say their “I do’s” in Brazil, the Hotel Fasano may be the ideal spot for you! Located right on top of the famous Ipanema Beach, the five star resort gives its customers a beautiful view of the city with top-class amenities. Since it’s existence in 2007  and created by famous French designer Phillipe Starck, it has received glowing reviews  and has solidified itself as an extremely desirable must-stay during a visit to Rio de Janeiro. Musix superstars Madonna and  Yoko Ono are just a few of the many high-end clientele who have graced the hotel’s presence.

For a wedding, the outdoor pool & rooftop area is fabulous for an intimate ceremony, where guests can indulge in the beautiful view of the infamous Ipanema beach and city skyline. Following the ceremony, guests can dine in the hotel’s five-star restaurants where they can party long into the night…

After our exquisite trip to the city & hotel, tanaRi events can confirm that Hotel Fasano was an extremely pleasurable experience. They hotel goes above and beyond to provide the city’s best treasures! We were also happy to connect with events manager & staff who were extremely accommodating and enthusiastic to discuss their destination wedding plans!

tanaRi events focuses much of its time on destination wedding planning and we welcome couples to discuss with us any plans for consideration! We can easily coordinate with the Hotel Fasano events team for any inquiries – you can reach us directly on our webpage!

While you consider an upcoming vacation/wedding/honeymoon, take the time to enjoy these hotel photos and imagine yourself whisked away as you sip on your Pina Colada and listening to the crashing of beach waves!

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Summer = Destination Weddings Upon Us!

We anticipate the summer season for many reasons, but most importantly it helps us focus our time on destination vacations & weddings! A destination wedding can be 100 miles or 100,000 miles away from home! While many enjoy the tropical beaches and warm weather  spots, many people enjoy a home-y and rustic wedding style that keeps friends & family close by!

tanaRi events would like to provide a short & sweet list of various destination cities to set up your special day! [Keep in mind that any destination wedding requires a bit more careful planning as it relates to travel, weather, time-of-year and pricing!] No matter where the wedding takes place, it is certain to be one of the most memorable moments in your life!


A guaranteed spot for white beaches and bright blue water, it is a great option if you’re looking for a warm weather destination. While weather can be uncertain & venues may hold limited guests, it is ideal for a couple who wants to be on the beach and enjoy their close friends & family on their special day! Specific options: Cabo san Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun [pictured above], Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen.

California Wineries

For those who want to stay in the US but whisk themselves away to a rustic locale, Northern California is a perfect spot! It is fun, romantic and you’ll never find yourself out of red wine! The scenery is absolutely beautiful with an emphasis on the outdoors.

 European Romance

Nothing says “I do” better than the city of l’amour – France. Not only do you feel the love in the air, but the options of outdoor wedding, castle wedding or your church/synagogue wedding can be arranged. This is a big trip for the guests, but everyone will feel like royalty  surrounded by the rich & decadent culture.

New Zealand & Australia

This is a great choice for couples who seek adventure. There are beautiful mountains, animals, waterfalls and grasslands that makes this part of the world an excellent wedding destination. It’s also a great spot to extend your celebrations into the honeymoon by bungee jumping in Queensland or seeing the rain forests in Port Douglas!

Image Sources

Image 1 via Dayna Ghiraldi – Travers

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