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tanaRi events’ wedding: Madhavi and Kunal

tanaRi events had the distinct honor of showcasing Madhavi and Kunal’s love story. The more we got to know about the two, the more we fell in love with their love story! The charming couple are not just two of the sweetest people we know, but are a power couple; Madhavi is a scientist and Kunal is a finance managing director! Apart from that, Madhavi and Kunal are a Jain couple, followers of a religion that preaches tenants of harmlessness. Adhering to their cultural values and preferences, tanaRi events were given strict orders on making sure nothing during the wedding weekend is wasted.

They first kicked off their pre wedding celebration on the Aqua Azul yacht with family and friends at sunset, setting a beautiful and romantic start to their wedding weekend. The next day on the way to the wedding ceremony at Tribeca Rooftop, family and guests followed the specially made pedicab from Rickshaw Revolution, dhol player, and band into a fun filled celebration. Over 200 guests were first served delicious food from Kailash Parbat pre-wedding and then  watched the exchanging of the vows surrounded by natural ornaments.

Cress Florals used earthy tones and inspiration from environment, and let nature truly be at its best with adornments like imported succulent plants from California that were placed under terrarium glass containers. Retro styled glass bulbs were also used to enhance the mandap area for an artistic vibe. Keeping the decorations to a minimum, the couple had requested to use second hand flowers instead of fresh ones, knowing that usually flowers get thrown out after the wedding day.


The wedding venue place had then shortly transformed into a reception area, where Dimple Bombay Talk served their famous savory dishes and Erin McKenna’s delectable vegan Dessert Doughnuts. The beautiful night then ended with the couple rolling out of the wedding in style, with a Rolls Royce where Kunal surprised Madhavi with a penthouse loft in Brooklyn at the Wythe hotel  for their honeymoon night!


We are grateful to all the guests, vendors, and the lovely couple for helping put on such a magical night!




Photographer: Karin von Voigtlander

Luxury Car: Ecstasy Limo

Henna Artist: Mehndikalogie (Dhara)

DJ: Desi Junction DJs

Hair/Make Up: Erika Franco

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tanaRi events weddings: Cathy & Rajeev

From Cathy and Raj's wedding in Long Island City. Photos by STAK Studios |

First off: we want to apologize. We realize we have not been as proactive on sharing as we had previously been and continuing to work on that. We’re happy to report that we’re back in action and want to keep you up to speed on all of the beautiful weddings that took place in our social absence! There’s so much to fill you in on and we can’t wait for you to read more about them!

The first one we want to share with you all is a beautiful multicultural fall wedding in Long Island City, NY. Rajeev (the bald) and Cathy (the beautiful) got married on October 24, 2015 in the Vista Sky Ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton with beautiful Manhattan skyscraper views. They made sure to emphasize the little details, which vividly describe the unique couple they are. Personalized “Bald” and “Beautiful” cocktails, candles and specialized wine bottle giveaways were some of the decor items to bring this day to life.

With Rajeev’s Hindi background, the wedding celebrations commenced with a fun Mehndi party at The Paper Factory. We love the multicultural elements incorporated into the wedding day to bring traditions from both individuals!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos below by Stak Photography. Also, we want to give a big shoutout to Floresta NYC for the gorgeous floral arrangements in the fall color theme, Lassen & Hennig’s for their delicious red velvet, chocolate and lemon buttercream desserts, (and a favorite of the bride when living in Brooklyn)!

For any questions about Long Island City and/or New York wedding venues and planning, please contact us for a consultation!


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Multicultural Weddings – A Wedding Planner’s Guide


We know how tough it can be to plan a wedding – that’s why we are here to help! But in all seriousness, we know that multicultural weddings are more prevalent now and can take on a whole new set of challenges when faced with the task of deciding what parts of each culture should be incorporated, how they should be incorporated and successfully executing the process.

We have worked with many couples who have taken on the feat of creating their dream wedding, while making sure to include significant elements of each other’s respective traditions. From our experiences, here are a few tips to take with you on the road to a fun, stress-free multicultural wedding celebration!

  • Educate one another on specific religious traditions. In order to assess the lay of the land with your wedding celebrations, it’s important as a couple to openly communicate with one another about your background/traditions, allowing you to make more informed decisions when the time comes.
  • Discuss & decide together what are the most important parts of each respective culture. The time will come when you’re planning the wedding and you need to decide which elements of your culture will make the ceremony. Once deciding what they should be, then you can map it out to what order everything should go.
  • Be sensitive to each other’s feelings. This can be a tough process and weigh on the couple mentally and emotionally. Typically, these situations have added fuel by their respective families and outside influences, so make sure to trust in one another that you are willing to sacrifice certain things to make the wedding the best it can be.
  • Confirm with the wedding venue that they can accommodate several ceremonies. Depending on the venue location, you should check that they have the space to include multiple ceremonies, if you so choose. Multiple ceremonies will require different types of decor and will need the space to design accordingly.
  • Provide guests with less-known cultural definitions/references. Multicultural weddings to a guest can be confusing. In order to help educate your guests, a fun idea can be creating a DIY glossary or table of contents and provide with the wedding invitations OR leave on the chairs of the ceremony for gusts to read ahead before the ceremony.
  • Allow for creativity with the food, drinks, fashion, stationery and other wedding details. Don’t let yourselves get caught up in finding the perfect balance. Enjoy it by using the cultural differences as an opportunity to be creative with your wedding attire, food & drink choices, unique wedding design and other decor details!

Most importantly, we tell our couples that planning should be a fun time. There will be challenges along the way in all relationships, but working together in this capacity is a true sign of character and commitment to a successful marriage!

tanaRi events focuses on all weddings, with a specific niche in multicultural and destination weddings. Please contact us for a free consultation and if you have any other questions!

Photos: Third Element Studios, Karen Wise Photography

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Bridal Market S/S 2016 – TRENDING

Another season, another round of gorgeous wedding gowns. The creativity never ends! Such beautiful pieces walked the runways in New York City this week. We now share with you some of our favorite trends!


Dress by Reem Acra

Show Me The Sheer Sleeves –  we have Kristen Stewart, Twilight and Carolina Herrera to thank for the resurgence  of the “sleeved” wedding gown style. Designers like Monique L’hullier, Ivy & Aster and others are now taking a new modern twist on this look by providing both sexiness and sensuality with a sheer/lace sleeved wedding gown. This style is best on those who may be looking for something provocative without being overly exposed.

B_gll_LB_ss16_015_320x480Dress by Galia Lahav

The Low V – for the confident & dramatic bride, we love the growing number of dresses that showcase the neck/collarbone area. It’s a very sexy style, gives unique shape to the upper portion of the gowns and adding some dimension. This style was popular at Ines di Santo, Reem Acra, among other runways over the week!


Dress by Vera Wang

Tie Me With A Bow- For the bride with an affinity for accessories, we love the bow as the perfect finish to a gorgeous wedding gown. It can be done in all shapes and sizes as well as anywhere on the gown, (placed in the lower back, on the skirt or front & center). We also saw this look in unique ways through Sareh Nouri and Lakum designs.


Top & Skirt by Mira Zwillinger

2 Is Better Than 1 – For the simple, no-fuss bride.. We love the idea of a two-piece wedding outfit! It’s less restrictive and allows for more creativity. This can come in any shape, style, texture, length and is a slightly cheaper alternative. Added bonus: you can repeat each piece separately if you feel they work well with other clothing in your closet!

All of these styles are beautiful! When we talk to brides about their potential wedding gowns, it helps us to get more personality about the bride (and couple) so we have a sense of style when planning the decor & other unique wedding details. Contact us for a consultation if you’re interested in learning more about wedding planning for your special day!

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Whisk Yourself Away With Our Winter (Non) Floral Guide!

If you’ve already viewed our Spring, Summer & Fall floral guides, then it’s almost time for our winter edition! While we may still be in fall, these cold temperatures we’re experiencing have inspired us to give you some of our recommendations for a successful winter wedding feel. There’s no reason to shy away from bold colors, but this is also a great time to explore combining beautiful florals with some out-of-the-box materials! We’ve scoured the net to find some of our favorite non-traditional winter bouquet ideas! [Let’s not forget to mention that some of the materials can be less expensive and give you a chance to do more DIY! Some of these materials can easily be found at a supermarket, arts & crafts stores or right in your backyard!]

  • Cotton Balls
  • Acorns/Branches and other foliage
  • Yarn
  • Paper flowers
  • Ornaments
  • Seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Buttons
  • Pearls/beads
  • Felt flowers
  • Burlap

If you’re looking to pair these materials with florals, try mixing them with roses, calla lillies, anemones, babys breath, succulents and/or ranunculus!

Thanks to Brit + Co, Pinterest and SHEfinds for some inspiration!

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Elegant-Affairs-Company-Shoot-1024 Elegant-Affairs-Company-Shoot-1008

We are thrilled that our friends at Elegant Affairs have agreed to be part of our monthly vendor spotlight series! We can attest to their beautiful work with some of the gorgeous weddings we’ve collaborated on here & here. BUT, with years of expertise under their belts with mandaps and event design, we thought getting their insight on colors & styles of mandaps, flower arrangements/designs and out-of-the-box event design ideas would help inspire our brides-to-be on their path to the wedding day!

tanaRi events (TE): Sharda & Shohba, thank you ladies for taking the time to answer some of our questions! It’s a pleasure for us to be speaking with some of the best in our business! For the non-Maharani brides out there, what is a mandap? And for our Maharani brides, what is a traditional mandap size?

Elegant Affairs (EA): A wedding mandap  is a covered structure with pillars temporarily erected for the purpose of Hindu and/or Jain wedding ceremonies. The incorporation of a wedding mandap is an ancient custom and has been described in various Sanskrit texts. It is traditionally made of wood, although in modern weddings, other unique materials can be used (such as delicate fabrics, flowers, crystals & lights). The wedding mandap often comes as a set that will include pillars, royal chairs for the bridal couple, side chairs for the parents and a pedestal for the sacred fire ritual. 

Traditional Mandaps were enclosed mandaps which used four banana trees and bamboo. They were decorated with marigolds & mango leaf torans.  Today’s traditional mandaps are also done with four poles.  These can either be decorative pillars or poles covered in fabric.  The size of these enclosed mandaps can vary from a 10’ x 10’ Square to a large 16’ x 40’ Rectangle.

TE: We love hearing about the history of a mandap and how it compares/contrasts to what we see today. How do the styles & shapes vary based on the religious ceremony? Do you find that there’s a “favorite” color and/or style by your clients?

EA: One popular design style for mandap called “Dilwara Style” is based on the designs found in Jain Dilwara temples of India.  These temples are world famous for their stunning pillar designs. Although more couples are using modern materials for their mandaps, it’s important to insuring all religious aspects of a mandap are present, including a “Havankunda” structure used for  fire worship & oblations.

As for our clients recently, a favorite has been the more modern-day style with all fabric.  The romantic, draping fabric has become very popular since 2012, usually in lighter colors such as champagne or blush.  These colors, along with matching soft-colored flowers create such a beautiful ambiance especially for outdoor weddings!”

TE: Based on the location of the wedding, there must be different preferred mandap styles or ones that stand better to different weather conditions What do you recommend as mandap styles for unique weddings (ie. beach weddings or destination weddings?)

EA: We recommend simple Mandaps for destination or beach weddings.  Our favorite would have four simple poles with soft, sheer, flowing fabric.

TE: What I find people notice the most is the fabric and its vibrant textures and colors. Is there a certain type of fabric you recommend for a mandap? Where does the fabric come from?

EA: Sheer fabrics such as Chiffon or Georgette always flow very nicely on mandaps.  We usually recommend that or a Sateen depending on the design.  The backdrops and fabrics that have traditional work on them (beaded/sequined/embroidered/Jaddossi) are from India.  Otherwise, we get our fabrics locally in New York City.

TE: Wow! With all those complex fabrics, we can see how bringing the idea all together can take some time! How long does it typically take to come up with the initial idea for the mandap (with clients’ opinions considered) and present it to them? How early on before the wedding should they be approaching you with brainstorming ideas?

EA: Mandap designs are based on the size and shape of the ballroom or area where the ceremony is being held.  We recommend that a couple should see us at least six months prior to the wedding to begin design planning.

TE: What is the most frequently questions asked by a bride when considering the event design?

EA: There are a couple of common questions.  One is “what are the new design trends?”  Our brides are becoming more and more modern and they like to keep up with the trends.  Another frequent question regards budget and how the client can fit all the décor they love into their specific budget.  Bride’s like to take our advice while figuring out which other vendors to use and often ask who is the best.

TE: Speaking of budget, how many weddings do you do per year on average?  What is the average budget you’re asked to work with for your clients?

EA: We do approximately 250 events per year.  Because there are so many events, the budget range is HUGE.  But, the average amount spent is usually around $10,000.

TE: It seems like one area that couples’ try to find some budget flexibility with is the floral arrangements. What are some tips/ideas that you provide to bride & groom for saving on flowers?  We always get brides who ask us how you can achieve their look without blowing their budget or compromising on the quality. Can you elaborate a bit on that?

EA: We often recommend to break up the centerpiece styles.  For example, a bride can use some candelabras with candles & cylinders with floating candles for most of their centerpieces and then have a floral style for the remaining ones.  This way, you are saving on floral items but not compromising the overall look of the room. Another way to save on flowers is to re-use some items.  Sometimes a few Mandap bouquets are reused on the reception coffee table or centerpieces can be also used in the clients’ aisle.  This helps a lot!

TE: We never want couples to feel like they’re overspending, but as vendors we will recommend that some wedding details may require a bit of extra money to achieve a most successful result. Where are areas in the event design planning that are better to save money VS what’s worth the splurge to spend money on?

EA: We recommend that a bride saves money on the ceremony, aisle and cocktail.  There are so many simple yet beautifully done ways a ceremony can be handled.  The splurge is definitely recommended for the reception stage, centerpieces and lighting.  All these components set the mood for the rest of the night.

TE:  From a creative perspective, what are some out of the box ideas that you have heard of from a bride? How did you bring that vision come to life?

EA: One time a bride really wanted her and the groom to enter the ballroom in a special way.  They wanted to be sitting on a moon and be lowered from the ceiling.  We created a moon that was able to be rigged up to a swing/bench and lowered just like they wanted! 

The first time we try to base our décor on a certain theme, it becomes an out-of-the-box idea.  Vintage became a huge trend, but we nailed it the first time a bride wanted that look.  We pride ourselves on being able to take any vision a client has and help to shape it in a classy way, without letting it get too overwhelming.

Learn more about Elegant Affairs on their Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest pages!


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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Jasmine Lockett Makeup Artistry


When a bride is preparing for her wedding day, one element that must be taken into important consideration is the make-up (seriously!) The wedding make-up is significant for many reasons, but at the top of the list: The make-up needs to last the entire day. For the bride, the wedding day starts as soon as she wakes up. Cameras are on her as pictures are taken through all parts of the day, which means that makeup must be weather-proof and be able to withstand the 12+ hours of celebrations!  (We all didn’t wake up flawless like Beyonce!)

Insert Jasmine Lockett. She started in the cosmetics business at Estee Lauder in Appleton, Wisconsin at age 16. After moving to Chicago, she formally began her makeup artistry career in 2005.  She has a wealth of experience, having worked on the Carolina Herrera runway fashion show, doing freelance bridal work and collaborating with businesses such as Dress for Success. Jasmine shares with us her history in makeup artistry, best tips for pre-wedding preparations & what are the must-have items in a brides’ cosmetic arsenal for her bridal day and for future use! Be sure to follow Jasmine Lockett Makeup Artistry on Facebook for more great looks and bridal inquiries!


tanaRi events (TE): Thanks for chatting with us, Jasmine! So how long have you been a makeup artist?
Jasmine Lockett (JL): I have been a makeup artist for 21 years.
TE: Let’s start from the beginning when a bride is doing her rounds before making their final choice for a make-up artist. When considering their options & costs, how many make-up trial period(s) prior to the wedding day would/should be included?
JL: Typically one is included in my rate (figured into the total cost of the bride’s makeup), but an additional makeup trial can always be purchased at an additional cost. I prefer to do trials 3-6 months out from the wedding day.
TE: What is a typical/reasonable price point for bridal makeup? What is included in this price?
JL: Prices definitely vary depending on experience, but average prices begin at $125 and go as high as $325. I always say, you get what you pay for. Those prices should include ALL makeup provided and applied on the wedding day as well as one free makeup trial. Lashes are always extra.
TE: In your experience with bridal makeup, how early should the bride make her appointment for the big day?
JL: Around 6 months prior to wedding day.
TE: What are some questions you recommend brides ask a potential makeup artist in order to decide if they’re choosing the best person for them?
JL: I think getting to know your artist is key! Make sure that she is listening to your needs, concerns and wants and that she understands your vision for your wedding. Make sure that she can commit to the date and the times discussed as well as a timeline of events.
TE: Now let’s flash forward to the wedding day. How early would you need to start the day with makeup?
JL: I have started the day as early as 5:30am before! It depends on how big her wedding party is and what time the ceremony is. A great tip (that I find that most brides do not know and is very rarely shared with them) is to make sure the makeup artist and the hairstylist meet/chat once the bride has selected them. They can coordinate their schedules with that of the timeline and flow of the wedding day.
TE: That’s a great tip as it’s a very long day and the vendors should be coordinating in order to make best use of everyone’s time! Are you open to traveling on location to do bridal make-up?
 JL: I am open to traveling in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. I have gone as far as Indiana and Wisconsin. My travel rate depends on how far I am traveling outside of the downtown Chicago area. More than 25 miles outside of the downtown Chicago area is subject to a travel fee.
TE: How long does the make-up actually take to put on the day-of?
JL: In general, this will depend on how many individuals there are. The bridesmaids go first (usually 20-30min each), followed by the maid of honor (usually 30min because she usually has a ‘special look’), the aunts and grandmothers (30-45min each), then the mothers (30-45min each) and finally the blushing bride! (I always like to allow 90-120min in case there is extensive contouring, false lashes and heavy eye makeup that can typically take longer than a traditional application.)
TE: When going through the steps of picking and choosing the make-up you’ll use for a particular woman, what factors get considered for the make-up color choices/palette?
JL: In regards to foundation, the color should match her face and neck without any lines of demarcation. With Caucasian women, it should be yellow-toned so that it warms her complexion and covers up any redness or uneven pigmentation (such as rosacia). With African American/Middle Eastern women, it should have either red/brown or honey/yellow undertones so that her complexion does not appear ashy. Asian women typically like a brighter/pinker look to their skin so that should be considered when selecting a color.
TE: Absolutely. It’s important to distinguish that different skin shades will require different color palettes. Now, the big question we get asked often by our clients: Do you prefer regular makeup or spray make-up for wedding day? Why?
 JL: I prefer ‘regular makeup’ over spray makeup for my brides on their wedding day. I believe in an immaculate complexion that allows the natural beauty of her skin to show through the foundation so that light can bounce off her face for an amazing glow! For those brides that have acne scarring or skin conditions, I would use other products (such as heavier coverage facial concealer or spot coverage products) to give her the coverage needed without the complexion looking cake-y.
TE: As much as the wedding day is important, so is the time leading up to that day.. Are there any preparations you recommend for the face/skin prior to the wedding?
JL: Get a facial – either hydrating & firming, radiance, brightening or detoxifying at least two weeks prior to your wedding day.  That way if the skin purges itself, it also has time to recover. Also, be sure to get an eyebrow threading/waxing and shaping approximately one week before.
TE: OK; We’ve made it to the day (finally!) What make-up absolutely needs to be applied on the bride in order to last through a full day of photos/celebrations? What are your go-to products that you’ll take with you on the road for the wedding day?
JL: There’s a few key components for different parts of the face:


  • Primer is an absolute must! The reason for a makeup primer is that it prolongs the longevity of the foundation that is applied and keeps it looking fresh all day long! Under foundation, I prefer to use NARS makeup primers (3 different types available), but I also recommend Laura Mercier Foundation Primers (7 different types available), and Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primers [when color correction is necessary].
  • A great foundation is the key to a great face of makeup! Wearing foundation should look like you have nothing on at all and feel weightless. Some of my favorites are La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation (12 shades available), Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (24 shades available), NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (20 shades available), and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (24 shades available).
  • A facial setting powder is also essential-it keeps the bride’s foundation in place and prevents it from transferring onto the dress or soaking into her pores and disappearing. My favorites are: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder in loose Translucent Crystal or Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.
  • And finally a makeup setting spray is also a must! It seals in everything I have done for a transfer-resistant application. I prefer a product by Urban Decay called ‘All Nighter’.


  • To make sure that her eyeshadow stays in place all day long, an eyeshadow primer is essential-it crease-proof’s the eyeshadow applied and in some cases even waterproofs it! I like Smashbox Photo Finish Shadow Primer, NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base or Laura Mercier Eye Basics (6 shades available).
  • A great concealer is also key! I like Bobbi Brown Corrector (16 shades available) and Creamy Concealer (15 shades available), Cle de Peau Concealer (4 shades available), NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (10 shades available), La Mer The Radiant Concealer (3 shades available), Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (12 shades available), and Smashbox High Definition Concealer (6 colors available). To prevent concealer from creasing or getting cakey and for an ultra-smooth application, I like to use an under eye primer before concealer. My favorite ones are Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer or NARS Pro Prime Instant Line&Pore Perfector.
  • I also think that it is critical to set the under eye with a powder. I like to use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (available in 2 shades). It gives a beautiful clean finished look to the under eye area.
TE: This is great! Our brides will be so thrilled to hear these thorough options and specific examples. After all the initial work is said and done, the beautiful bride may want to do a quick fix with lips or that small red mark on the face. For these last minute touch-ups, what should the bride have in her purse for the big event?
 JL: The only thing our beautiful bride will need is:
1. A pressed powder [I recommend Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder (White, Pale Yellow or Golden Orange-depending on skintone), NARS Translucent Crystal Pressed Light Reflecting Setting Powder, Laura Mercier Pressed Translucent Powder or MAC Pressed Blot Powder (5 shades available).]
2. Whatever lip products were decided (typically a lipstick, liner and/or gloss)
TE: To prevent makeup from wear and tear from the wedding day activities, do you recommend eating/drinking/certain activities for the bride?
JL: Be sure to drink enough water and eat a little something before the ceremony-we don’t want our beauty to faint!
TE: As general rule of thumb, what are three makeup items that all girls should have at any given time?
JL: A fabulous mascara, a great eye brow pencil & a striking lip color
TE: Do you stick to one brand of makeup or open to using various brands/products?
JL: I believe that there are some truly amazing products out there! I like to use & recommend the products that I have personally tried (whether on a client or myself) and tested for their performance, wearability and versatility.

TE: Now it’s time for the speed round! We like ‘challenging’ each of our vendors with a quick round of questions to help put them on their toes. The question for you: What make-up color/tones do you recommend for a..
– Traditional/glam bride? JL: A perfect complexion, lightly contoured, striking eyes with sharp eyeliner and pink lips & cheeks
– Bohemian bride? JL: fresh/clean/bronzed skin and a neutral lip color
– Destination bride? JL: a light tinted moisturizer as foundation, bronzed skin and warm bronzed & peach tones on the eyes, lips and cheeks
– Ethnic/fusion wedding? JL: bride-false lashes, moderately smokey eyes, a bold lip and a contoured face


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TRENDING: Bridal Fashion Week – Spring 2015

Gorgeous gowns lined this past week for Spring 2015 Bridal Week. While wedding gowns truly never go out of style, we saw a few standout styles that added just the right touch to consider it a hot trend for the upcoming season. Here were some of our favorites!

Prima Ballerina: a classic and favorite for many (particularly more petite and ultra girl-y ladies). It’s truly made its comeback with thanks to Frozen and some of our other Disney princesses bringing it back in unique new ways. (Refer to next style..) We are so in love with this Reem Acra gown — the never-ending tulle layers on the skirt and that gorgeous floral belt! We’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of the floral add-ons for Spring/Summer 2015! Also seen at: Anne Barge, Pronovias.




Color Me Pretty: While color is no new trend to many brides, (Indian weddings thrive on bright & bold bridal colors!), we’re seeing just a hint of color on some of the typically white/off-white gowns. Thanks again to Elsa from Frozen who has inspired the wonderful bride-to-be with spring-y colors that can pair perfectly with the spring wedding decor! This Pistachio colored number by Monique L’huillier gives just the right touch of green without stepping too far out of the box. J’adore! Also seen at: Pamella Roland, Claire Pettibone.



The Ancient Goddess: Thanks to our friends at Game of Thrones, The Tudors & Downton Abbey, the long layers, draped and intricate beading look has come full circle in gorgeous gowns like this Temperely London look. Popular gowns resembling this trend may also come with layered sleeves, ropes, cape, gloves and/or head pieces (which can be seen in other looks from the runway!) Also seen at: J. Mendel, Austin Scarlett




Lace-y Neckline: any style created with lace can make a gown go from potentially drab to absolutely fab! Marchesa really pulled the stops this season by creating some gorgeous gowns that incorporate lace from the chest up, making the conservative bride feel right at home. Just the right touch of romanticism and simplicity, this look can even convert the most daring brides! Also seen at: Alberta Ferretti, Carolina Herrerra


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tanaRi events weddings: Oheka Castle

via Joseph Minassi 

One of our favorite wedding venues in Long Island has to be Oheka Castle. Its’ elaborate structure and decadence make this one beautiful wedding location.

These photos don’t do this wedding full justice, but it hopefully gives you a taste to the gorgeous ceremony & reception. On a gorgeous summer day, cute wooden umbrellas sat on the white chairs at the outdoor ceremony to help control the heat for the guests! We loved the simple mandap decor by Elegant Affairs with white draping and flower pompoms lining the aisle. For the indoor reception, there were lots of pale pink and white roses & hydrangeas filling the beautiful glass centerpieces. Floating candles surrounded both the small and large table centerpieces with a hint of romance. Each table was named after terms of love. For example, one table was called “lovebirds” and another table called “hearts”.

It was a beautiful day and we thank all of the other vendors for helping make this an unforgettable occasion!

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tanaRi events weddings: Racheal & Rochan Pt 2 – Mad Men Wedding Theme

Indian Wedding Photographer 0101

Martinis. Sleek interior decor. Black suits. Just a few of the Mad Men inspired wedding theme details that our friends Racheal and Rochan incorporated into their reception celebrations!

Moving into Day 2 of the wedding festivities, the wedding party traveled to the Bently Reserve in San Francisco! With marble columns lining the outside, the Mad Men vibe started as soon as you walked into the venue! Both the bride & groom wore sophisticated designs by Indian designers. (Rochan wearing a Nehru black suit with red trimming and Racheal wore a colorful and intricate SHYAMAL & BHUMIKA  anarkali.) The party continued throughout the night with swanky red couches, glass candles/vases, velvet draping, mirrored coffee tables and elaborate centerpieces filled with gorgeous white orchids.

It was an extremely memorable night with close friends & family. We’re so glad The Memory Journalists was able to capture some of the beautiful details of this day! Also, we can’t forget to thank the other vendors who helped make this wedding possible: Global Gourmet Catering for the delicious menu, Rukhsana’s Beauty Place for Racheal’s gorgeous makeup, Silver Tie Films videography & Sweet Tooth Confections for the creative treats!

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