Finding Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Wedding planning for your big day can be so overwhelming and stressful at times, it’s easy to overlook the details that can make your event stand out. While usually most weddings provide beer, champagne, and wine, signature cocktails can help create a memorable impression on your guests. These enjoyable creations should be customized to your liking, from the drink mix to the name itself!

Continue reading below for some example seasonal signature drinks and how you can add your personal touches to the drinks with some examples of how tanaRi event’s helped clients find their perfect blend!

Spring/Summer Weddings

Hibiscus Margartias – this sweet yet tangy tequila based drink has the look and feel of spring – beautifully curated to fill the delicious needs of guests! Get The Recipe

Hibiscus Drink

Strawberry Basil Ginger Cocktail – fresh and cooling! This combination of sweet and sour pairs perfectly together for a spring wedding drink. Get The Recipe

Strawberry Drink

The Cucumber Gin Cooler Cocktail – a gin and tonic drink with cool refreshers that are sure to help cool off your guests in the sweltering heat! Get the Recipe

Cucumber Gin Cooler

Summer Passion – mixed with Frangelico and Champange, this drink tastes exactly how it sounds! Get The Recipe

Summer Passion

Fall/Winter Weddings

Apple Cranberry Whiskey Smash – This fall drink is said to have the stregnth of whiskey and the sweetness of apples; a perfect combination to create a sweet, warm drink! Get The Recipe

Apple Cider

Frost Bite – A grown up version of this sweet treat for a tasty and warm suprise for your guests! Get The Recipe (#5)



Next, here are some tips that were used to create unique touches on these signature drinks by tanaRi event’s for past clients’ weddings!

Cocktail Photo 3.jpg

Cocktail Photo 2.jpg

Quick Tip: Use creative names, like we did above, to add a unique touch to your choice of drinks – a fun way for your guests to try your favorite drinks! You can draw inspiration from location of your wedding to your own personal names to your wedding theme.


Cocktail Photo 1.jpg


Quick tip: Add accents to your cocktail game by customizing your stirrers and cocktail napkins – guaranteed to bring it to the next level! For this wedding couple, the groom’s home state of Maine was incorporated with a vodka, ginger beer, and lime cocktail (Maine-iac Mule) and a matching stirrer. The bride incorporated her home state of South Carolina with a mojito cocktail (Carolina Cooler).



Quick tip: Up your serving game by creating customized glasses for drinks such as champagne or labels for wine bottles


These exclusive drinks are a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities, so make sure to have fun and take the time to customize it to your preferences!


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