tanaRi events weddings: Ravi and Tara

In the mid summer of 2014, Tara and Ravi Desai exchanged vows at the Montauk Yacht Club in New York. As a fusion Hindu and Presbyterian wedding, double the excitement filled the air as guests experienced two beautiful traditions of an exceptionally romantic couple.

tara_ravi 0360.jpg

The outdoor Hindu ceremony was lively, with Bollywood music and a live dhol to help celebrate the occasion. Set in front of the sparkling blue water, the white and blue mandap paired nicely as the couple exchanged vows.

Shortly after a quick dress change and new makeover, Ravi and Tara strengthened their bond again with a Presbyterian ceremony at the Montauk Yacht Club Farmhouse Ballroom. Surrounded by delicate cherry blossoms and classic romantic candlelights, Tara walked down the aisle in an elegant white & pink Marc Jacobs gown as Ravi watched in his fun plaid blue suit. We couldn’t help but swoon at the love between this couple!

The fun continued at the wedding reception, where the nautical inspired ambiance was made to match the venue. Momofuku Milk Bar created a delicious wedding cake so charming, they even incorporated two Indian inspired elephants!

It was a stunning night for the books, captured exquisitely by Dragan Zlatanovic.

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