Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

2015 is showing to be a unique and colorful year for stationery! For many, couples are tired of perusing the repetitive formal invitations that end up looking boring and expensive. Depending on your style and the type of wedding you’re having, there’s lots of options to explore. A general trend we’re seeing is a combination of “old meets new”, but we dive in a bit further with a few of our favorite looks!


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  • Illustrations- this is probably directed towards the more whimsical couple, but a fast growing trend! It shows a fun way of providing all the wedding details to your guests. We notice that there’s typically some reference to a pair: people, animals etc. to bring in the romantic element.


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  • Rope/burlap- for a rustic themed wedding, it’s a great way to tie in the authenticity. There’s lots of ways to do this including using recycled materials as paper, incorporating leaves, branches and/or other nature references.

bride and groom malibu santa monica wedding

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  • Handwritten calligraphy- there’s just something about calligraphy. What we love about it is that it almost jumps off the page and always does so in such a romantic way. When invitations have a mix of text and calligraphy, you know that the most important details are the ones handwritten. There’s a sincerity to it, which makes it appealing to couples.


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  • Watercolors- we love the DIY aspect this has as well as incorporating beautiful colors in a messy, yet beautiful way. This trend is perfect for the spring and summer seasons!

Be sure to check out our Wedding Stationery Pinterest board for some other fun, creative ideas with any wedding type: destination, rustic, nautical and more! For South Asian specific ideas, be sure to check this out along with some inspiration from our friends at 3 Bees Paperie!




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