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Spice Up Your Post-Valentine’s Day!

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It’s been one month.. For those who enjoyed some romantic celebrations with your loved ones this past Valentine’s Day, ask yourself the following: why just celebrate on Valentine’s Day? Even if there’s one day a year “dedicated” to more romance and adventure, why not make every day just as fun? Sometimes we get so caught up on our everyday lives that we lose sight of the little things that bring us back to reality and appreciate what’s around us. For those of you who already do this, then you’re one step ahead! In efforts to keep up the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s some of our ideas to continuously ignite that passion.. All of our ideas are great collaborative activities that require opinion and involvement of both partners so they can mutually enjoy!

Ice Skating – this is enjoyable for both men and women. It can be sporty, (if you have experience on skates), or a casual stroll holding hands on the rink. NOTE: winter season is a very busy time, so schedule accordingly! Early mornings or late afternoon/evening are probably the best times to go with smaller waiting lines.

Cooking class OR cook at home – you both can find a cuisine you enjoy, (pizza, meats, mexican-style) and appreciate the steps of working together to complete the task of devouring your delicious work! To save money, pick a recipe online of a favorite meal, buy the ingredients and make it at home. This will also allow you to create the mood with lighting, music & up the romance!

Couples massage – for all the stresses we face on a daily basis, it’s nice when we can unwind with our loved ones. This is a simple task that can be done any day of the week at home. Just set the mood in the bedroom (or whatever room you decide to do massages) with dim lighting, ambient music, some candles for romance and lotion/oils. Ask your partner what they prefer in scents/oils to avoid any skin rashes or allergies!

Movies – a simple, inexpensive activity when you’re looking for a quick getaway of reality. You can go to your local theater or order a movie on your TV and watch in the warmth and comfort of your couch and casual clothes!

Art/dance class – whether men want to admit or not, they enjoy the occasional art and dance activity! This is a good way to get out of the house for an hour to explore the things your partner enjoys with them. Perhaps a hip-hop/salsa dance class or a BYO (bring your own) wine & painting class.

Other small ideas but show a BIG gesture: give flowers to your loved one every so often when it’s been a rough day or make a playlist of your favorite songs for you to listen to when you’re lounging around the house.. For some additional ideas in baking, cooking and decorating – be sure to visit our Pinterest board!

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