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Destination Winter Wedding/Engagement Locales

Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from planning the wedding of your dreams! While the temperatures may not be ideal, a winter wedding is absolutely breathtaking. The nature, landscapes and snow make for the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding wonderland! Whether you stay local or jet internationally to the other side of the world, here’s some of our favorite winter locales that will have you forgetting all about the cold and be warmed up by the amazing scenery! You’ll never think the same way after you see some of these stunning images..

Lake Tahoe, Nevada Photo: Emily & Brett Photo


Aspen, Colorado Photo: Clane Gessel Photography260

Minneapolis, Minnesota Photo: Shea Christine


Vancouver, Canada Photo: Nirvana Studios


Auckland, New Zealand Photo: DJ Richard


Edinburgh, Scotland Photo: David McNeil


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tanaRi events weddings: Andrea & Chad


It’s always a pleasure for us here at tanaRi events to be able to participate in our friends’ wedding! The wonderful couple, Andrea & Chad, got married last June at a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Chauncey Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey. The couple said their vows in a white gazebo lined with a simple chuppah. The reception included colorful, yet simple decoration – bright pink and beige flowers, cacti and other natural greenery in small vases on top of rustic table liners. It was a fun wedding filled with love & romance!

We caught up with the bride Andrea recently to talk about her life with Chad – from the beginning & what they hope for the future! We hope you all enjoy and that it will inspire you for your own love story.. Be sure to check out some of the gorgeous photos from their wedding day after the Q&A! George Street Photography did an amazing job capturing this special occasion!

tanaRi events (TE): When did you first meet? 

Andrea: We met when we were working together. I was in sales and (my husband) Chad was in IT. This was about seven years ago.. We dated for about five years before the proposal!

TE: What is a fond memory that you have from your first date? Where was your first date?

Andrea: Our first date was on Valentine’s Day – not on purpose! It just worked out that way.. We both tried to ignore the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and kept it casual. We started out at a bar near the office we worked at. We hit it off and continued the date on to dinner at a restaurant nearby. The fondest memory I have from our first date is that he was very interesting, and I just wanted to get to know him better. It was so easy to talk to him.. and he was cute! Also, the fact that our first date was on Valentine’s Day made things more exciting.

TE: Was there a specific day/moment that you thought that this was the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Andrea: I think when we went on our first trip together, about 6 months after we started dating, I realized that this could be something real. We both knew we wanted to take things slow though. Also, after he had met my family and I saw how well he treated my parents, I knew he was a keeper!

TE: How did he propose?

Andrea: Chad and I had been on a trip to France together and we visited the Monet gardens outside of Paris, (which he knows I love!) We had been to this sculpture garden a couple years later in New Jersey that had a re-creation of my favorite Monet painting of the garden we visited in France. So, he took me to that bridge, (very romantic setting!), where it was a very sunny & hot day. When we get to the bridge, he asks me for some sunscreen and I go to look in my purse. When I turned back, he had taken the ring out of his pocket and proposed!

TE: Let’s flash forward to the wedding.. What was your favorite part of planning the wedding? Where did some of the inspiration for the decor come from?

Andrea: My favorite part of the wedding planning was picking the band. We really wanted to make sure we picked the right band for us that would get the party going! Our band 45 Riots did an amazing job. 

The inspiration for the décor came from seeing a lot of terrariums used in decorations around restaurants, stores or magazines. We both like things a little out of the ordinary, so this seemed like a great way to bring something unique to the reception and put our own stamp on it. Our florist (Petal Pushers) heard our idea and totally went with it and created these little mini ‘clusters’ for each table. They did a great job and we were really happy with how our vision turned out.

TE: What was your favorite memory from the wedding?

Andrea: My favorite memory would probably be dancing and having a good time with everyone at the reception. At this point, all the formalities were over and we could just kick back and enjoy all the time and effort we had put into planning everything. We wanted the wedding to be a fun party and a time to celebrate with our good friends & family!

TE: What was some advice you were given about your wedding day from friends/family that was helpful for you?

Andrea: The one piece of advice that was the most helpful from a friend was to get a ‘day of’ wedding coordinator. I hadn’t thought about it at first. But as I started planning, I realized there would be so much going on the day of and I would need someone I could count on to take care of the little things. It was the best thing I could have done.

TE: What do you feel is the most important thing in keeping a successful relationship/marriage?

Andrea: The most important thing in keeping a successful relationship/marriage is being able to communicate well together. Communication is everything; If you can talk to your partner about issues or whatever is on your mind, nothing will ever escalate unnecessarily. Also, a little romance every now and then never hurts!

TE: What has been the happiest memory of you have of your time together so far in your relationship?

Andrea: It’s so hard to choose, but we both love to travel together. It’s always fun to go away because we can focus on each other and have a good time.

TE: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Andrea: In five years, I could see us still living in Manhattan – possibly with children if we are ready. We both want to travel together as much as possible before we have kids. We also want to enjoy our time being married with just the two of us!

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