We Get What We Give..

‘Tis the season for us to remember the joy & happiness in our lives. While there’s lots of negativity in this world, we must not forget the power of love & kindness. Even the smallest of deeds can be noticed; whether it be for yourself, another person or many.

While we take this time to reflect on what we’re most grateful for, we also want to spread the cheer by sharing with you some causes to consider donating/volunteering/inspiring you to your own cause. It’s not always money people need; it’s the time and patience of helping one another.. We challenge you not to just use our list, but do some research on your own to discover causes that are important to you where you feel you can me a difference! Here’s just a few to start you off:

The ALS Association: you may have been living under a rock this year if you were not aware of or participated in the ALS “Ice Bucket” Challenge. An organic attempt to spread awareness of the illness became one of the top viral campaigns of the year and raised over $94.3 million dollars. ALS is a truly debilitating illness for those who suffer from it and the caretakers who take on the physical, psychological and financial strain of the disease.

USO: What a better way to support our troops abroad, finishing their deployment and their families by supporting this great cause. While not directly linked to the Federal Government, the President of the United States acts as chairman and has the full backing of the US Department of Defense. This organization supplies funds to help wounded soldiers, bring entertainment and the feeling of “home” to those deployed and helping former soldiers adapt back into their home lives.

AIR: Immensely inspired by all of the individuals nominated on CNN Heroes, this particular organization (started by Dr. Wendy Ross) is making strides to help Autistic children and their parents become more acclimated to life beyond the household by helping broaden their experiences to ease the process traveling, attending sports and other activities that typically become overwhelming for an Autistic child.

WEDDING COUPLES: A great way to incorporate a charity into your wedding gift is to make a suggestion to your guests that in lieu of checks or gifts, they can make donations to organization(s) of your choice!


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