World Cup Wedding Ideas!

What a shame it was to see the US lose to Belgium last night! Even while we sit on this loss, at least we have Twitter to give us Tim Howard’s #bestsaves! While we may all be cheering for different countries & teams, the few things that are consistent regardless of your flag: great wedding ideas!

You don’t need to be an athlete to appreciate the fun opportunities to bring to your wedding celebrations inspired by the World Cup! Small details to save the dates, wedding invitations, reception decor, centerpieces, & pre/post-wedding activities will make you wish your wedding was all year round!

  • Wedding theme: pick your favorite flag colors and stick to an overall theme for all wedding planning/decorations! Some of our favorites? Argentina (light blue & white), Canada (red & white), Spain (blue, yellow & red)
  • Save the dates/invitations: A fun way to incorporate the sport.. Create the save the date or invitations in the style of a sporting game ticket! This way, you can also include the flag colors of your preference..

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  • Wedding photos/ceremony: Whatever you choose as your flag colors, use that as the inspiration for the aisle decor (ie. flowers, leaves, shells), the wedding canopy (deep color fabrics, colored tents) and wedding programs to leave on the guests’ seats! Go bold and have your ceremony on a soccer field or take pre-wedding photos with a soccer ball. The groom can wear soccer socks and/or cleats! Lastly, how about adding some soccer jerseys in different colors for the processional information (ie. bridal party in white & groomsmen in red!)

Wedding 018 1313Blog_SoccerBlog

  • Wedding reception: Have some fun with the details! How about a soccer ball cake or adding pictures of the bride and groom playing soccer as additions to the centerpieces? Also, the giveaways at the end of the night can be cookies shaped as soccer balls and/or goal posts & net. Lastly, the menus at each table/chair can have alternating colors based on the World Cup color theme you chose!

Love-these-lovely-soccer-ball-centerpieces Soccer Ball Groom's Cake

Save The Date / Invitations Picture Credits: Photo1 & Photo 2 via Pinterest

Wedding Photos/Ceremony Picture Credits: Photo 1, Photo 2

Wedding Reception Picture Credits: Photo 1; Photo 2 

See more inspiration below for wedding pictures, decor, giveaways and more!

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