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tanaRi events weddings: Racheal & Rochan Pt. 1


We were so thrilled to be able to help plan & celebrate our friends Racheal & Rochan Sankar back in November 2012! They had such an extravagant wedding that it took an entire weekend of events to celebrate! From the two beautiful ceremonies at the Double Tree Hotel & the Mad Men themed reception at the Bently Reserve in Sacramento, CA, we’re dedicating TWO posts to this wonderful occasion! This first post is dedicated to the wedding ceremonies. Yes, you read that correctly!

Having met through mutual friends, Racheal & Rochan were able to overcome the long distance concerns through phone calls getting to know one another until they met and uncovered their special connection. It was then that they knew they were meant to be, with Rochan later proposing at the place where they first met!

Fast forward to their wedding! As both Racheal & Rochan come from their respective Hindu religious sects, it was important to them and their families that they have ceremonies to honor each of their traditions. (Racheal comes from an Indo-Fijian background; Rochan comes from a South Indian Brahmin background.)

Sacramento Indian Wedding Photographer 025First came the South Indian ceremony, which was designed with red drapes and traditional red & white flowers hanging from the mandapam. Our favorite part of the ceremony is when they sit on the Oonjal, which symbolizes the couple facing life’s challenges together. After this, each family offers their blessings as they take their steps around one another to show their first “steps” together as husband and wife. [Also known as the Saptapadi (Seven Steps) and Ammi Midithal (Stepping on the Stone).]



Indian Wedding Photographer 031Later that evening, the Indo-Fijian wedding was filled with romance; Crystals hanging down from the mandap, red rose petals circling around the aisle, which was also lined with floating candles & rose petals in glassware. This service was a bit more elaborate, with a more pronounced entrance of the bride and groom. [Rochan arrived on a horse, which is a typical Indian tradition.] Once both arrived and sat in the beautiful mandap with their families, they spoke their vows as they  walk around in circles. The first four circles signify four goals of life: Dharma (moral duty), Artha (wealth), Kama (love), and Moksha (salvation). The final three symbolize their union of Mind, Body and Soul. The ceremony concludes with the Sindoor and Mangalsutra (Red Vermillion and Sacred Thread). They are tied together as Rochan places the Mangalsutra around Racheal’s neck, which symbolizes their commitment.

See below for some additional images captured by The Memory Journalists. They did an amazing job conveying the love & emotions that were present with this amazing couple and their family & friends! Also, a big thanks to all of the other amazing vendors!

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Romantic Songs For Your Summer Wedding!

i_0739 dsc_0199

Images: (L) Damion Edwards Photography; (R) tanaRi events

It’s summertime & we thought this would be a fun time to compile a list of a list of some of our favorite contemporary artists. Whether it be walking down the aisle, the first dance or a father/daughter or mother/son dance, here’s our list that will give just the right emotional punch needed for the occasion!

Katy Perry “Unconditionally” 

Sam Smith “Stay With Me” 

John Legend “All Of Me”

Coldplay “A Sky Full of Stars”

Maroon 5 “Maps” (If you hired a wedding band, an acoustic version of this song would be very romantic!)

Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” 

Christina Perri “A Thousand Years” 

Beyonce “Halo”

Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up”

Ed Sheeran “Kiss Me”

Also, don’t forget to check out some of our favorite Bollywood wedding song list for your Maharani wedding!

We’re happy to help you come up with other ideas as well as recommend wedding bands and/or DJs for the right budget. Contact us for more info!

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You asked and we answered! In this edition of our Vendor Spotlight series, we wanted to tackle an important issue for all (including our couples): fitness and health. We often get questions about foods and exercise that are recommended or to avoid when preparing for a wedding so that the couple will feel confident walking down the aisle on their special day.

We’ve asked our friend & personal trainer Rebecca Crespo at Fitness Crazed the most commonly asked questions for wedding food & fitness! We hope this will guide couples to making smart and healthy decisions during the wedding process, all while having fun in the process!


tanaRi events (TE): When you get inquiries for wedding training, do you find that it is more common for women or men to approach you for training/exercise before their wedding?

Rebecca Crespo (RC): I find it more common for women to approach me for training services before the wedding.  Women want to look their best for their big day. 

TE: How many months prior should the bride or groom begin to think about an exercise/nutrition regimen for their wedding?

RC: It depends what their goals are – (eg. how much weight they wish to lose, etc.) I think anywhere from 1 year – 3 months before the wedding. Changes do not happen overnight. 

TE: What are typical bride-to-be exercise requests/goals?

RC: Usually to lose 10 lbs and tone up. They also want to feel their best and that includes a healthy diet. 

TE: What are typical groom-to-be exercise requests/goals?

RC: Men in general tend to want to build muscle. They want to look fit for their wedding day. 

TE: For couples with crazy work/life schedules (we sure can relate!), when is the best time of day for exercise? 

RC: The mornings are usually the best time for a workout. It gives you a positive boost throughout the day! 

TE: Once one starts the process, it can get challenging from time to time; Where we feel like all we want to do is quit and grab that Shake Shack burger. What do you find is the best motivation to keep your clients on track?

RC: I send my clients inspirational photos, quotes, and articles throughout the week. I am always available if they have any questions. Personal training to me is not just those few hours of the week you are with the client; It is being there whenever they need you. 

TE: Do you have specific music/songs that help get clients more energized or are good for high energy exercise?

RC: I have a few playlists I like to work out to and encourage my clients to find music that motivates them. It’s usually upbeat and fun music. 

TE: The couple that exercise together, stays together! For couples that want to train together, are there exercises you recommend that both partners can do at home?

RC: Yes, there are plenty of exercises partners can do from home! High Interval training workouts are great for couples. These exercises can include a mix of cardio and strength training. A few examples include pull ups, jumping jacks, squats, pushups and planks

TE: In addition to exercise, diet is just as important to creating a healthy living style. How do you ensure that people are maintaining a healthy diet/exercise routine VS the “quick fix” that doesn’t show long-term results?

RC: I provide my clients with lifestyle diets that can last them a lifetime. I interview them about their current diet and provide them with the necessary changes or alternatives. I check on my clients weekly to ensure they are following the plan we created together. 

TE: Now, let’s get to the meat of it (no pun intended!) What foods would you avoid for pre-wedding nutrition/dieting?

RC: Anything that contains a high amount of sugar. Not only does it cause weight gain, but skin breakouts as well. Clear skin is important to people on their wedding day.  I usually allow my clients to have one or two cheat meals throughout the week that allows them to have the occasional sweet. 

TE: What foods are good for pre-wedding nutrition/dieting?

RC: High protein foods such as eggs, greek yogurt, and beans. 

TE: What advice do you give your clients for their actual wedding day for health/nutrition? What are things to eat or stay away from on the wedding day?

RC: I always recommend my clients to have a good breakfast. Egg whites, whole wheat toast, fruit, etc. It is important that they maintain their energy throughout the day! 

TE: The wedding may be over, but that doesn’t mean all the hard work our couples endure should go to waste. What do you recommend for clients to keep doing after the wedding to maintain their goals?

RC: Clients usually continue training after the wedding because they love the results and the way they feel!  Just keep up with a balanced healthy diet and exercise program. 



Rebecca Crespo is a personal trainer and Diet & Exercise writer for the well known publication  “The Examiner .”  Her career developed from the passion she has for helping others see and feel the positive change a healthy lifestyle can make.

For health and fitness tips or services, visit her social pages below:

Instagram : @fitnesscrazed

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Off To The Races – Equestrian Inspired Wedding Ideas!


Image via Society Bride

In anticipation for this weekend’s Belmont Stakes & possibly seeing California Chrome take the Grand Prix (!), we give you our list of must-haves for any derby/equestrian/rustic wedding!

Horseshoes Storm-Eastenders Kentucky Derby Wedding Horse Glass Coaster

Horses & horse-themed decor. Nothing says derby better than horses! Known as adventurous and high energy creatures, this theme suits beautifully for the couple that is full of life, vitality and free spirits! Horses are commonly integrated into many religious ceremonies but also serve as a beautiful sidekick for non-secular wedding ceremonies. Outside of the mammal itself, incorporating horse images and/horseshoes is a common wedding theme – including the wedding invitations, place card holders, coaster or centerpieces!



Barn and/or other rustic details. Horses need a place to stay. So does a beautiful wedding! Barns are a great way to create ‘understated beauty’ for a wedding reception.. It could be as minimalist or elaborate as one couple prefers, but we find a barn-type wedding makes for some of the most beautiful wedding photos! The ideas are endless: draping fabric along the barn roof, candelabras, mason jars and/or wooden/nature oriented centerpieces, sparse lighting by hanging floating lamps from the ceiling or buying mini LED lights and wiring them around the outer perimeter of the barn!


kentucky-derby-day-cupcakesKentucky Derby Wedding Roses and Hat Table CenterpieceDerbyHatSteps_thumb[2]

Hats. One cannot forget the hats. The hat plays an integral role in derby fashion, but can also be a fun addition to the derby-inspired wedding! Brides and bridesmaids – take note! Here’s your perfect bridal shower theme! Incorporate the hats into a fun shower game or have a photo booth with funky hats that people can wear in the photos. Also, get creative with the shower table centerpieces and desserts by adding a sugar hat on top!


More ideas? How about using TROPHIES for table decor/centerpieces to hold the floral arrangements! What about chalkboards to direct people through the venue or use mini chalkboards to write the table seating! For more visual inspiration, check out our Derby Wedding & Rustic Wedding Chic Pinterest boards!



Photo 1; Photo 2; Photo 3; Photo 4; Photo 5; Photo 6; Photo 7; Photo 8; Photo 9


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