Engagement Shoot – Holi Inspired!

bluepiano-engagement-14bluepiano-engagement-15 bluepiano-engagement-16

Photos by Priscila Valentina

In the spirit of Holi celebrations, it’s amazing to see how many engagement photo shoots have been inspired by the holiday and its tradition of “Holi powder fights”! In our personal opinion, this is the best type of photo shoot because  not only does the finished product give you gorgeous and colorful photos, but, it also allows the couple to let their guards down and enjoy the experience [which for some can feel uninspiring and stressful].

Here are some of our tips to ensure the couple enjoys a fun and safe Holi Powder engagement shoot!

  • Decide boundaries beforehand (ie. are there limits to where you can throw the powder at each other?) NOTE: Make sure you THROW the powder and not smear!
  • Buy a variety of colors to play around with in the photos
  • The colors will stand our greater if you wear white clothing and have a simple backdrop (i.e.. a beach, a park with a clear sky).

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

For engagement photo questions or if you want to plan your Holi inspired photo shoot, please contact us! Don’t forget to visit our friends at Masalamommas, where we talk about other colorful tips to celebrate Holi!

Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes, Benj Haish and Carolyn Scott Photography for your inspiration and capturing these great moments!


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