Easy Super Bowl Party Planning!


Super Bowl party planning doesn’t need to be a stressful endeavor! There’s just a few key elements to make yours a success – even at the last minute!

  • Ice: You can never have too much ice when it comes to Super Bowl. Drinks are constantly flowing, so keep several large bags of ice in stock should you need it. In smaller apartments, store it in a (clean) bathtub.
  • Beer (and non-alcoholic beverages): When most of the biggest Super Bowl ads are beer, it is unorthodox to NOT have beer in your house. All kinds are welcome (and throw in some light options there as well.) There are going to be people not drinking alcohol (by habit or choice) so respect their wishes by providing some soda, water and/or juice.
  • Food: assuming your party is a full day event, make sure to have your appetizers (chips, pretzels & dips, some carrots, tomatoes, celery for the healthy folks.) The “dinner” portion should include some sort of meat (beef, chicken, etc.) dipped in heavy sauce (BBQ, Buffalo) with some sides of potatoes, mac & cheese, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.) NOTE: Don’t forget about desserts! If you need help because you’ve spent a lot of $$ on the food, ask your guests to bring desserts and/or beer so everyone can contribute!
  • Utensils: keep handy an abundant amount of napkins, plates, utensils for the food and garbage bags (for easy cleanup!)
  • Comfortable seating arrangements: Make sure there is seating room for all of your guests. There is a reason we don’t like going to bars – make your guests comfortable with chairs, pillows, blankets and whatever other items may help.
  • Colorful decorations: no need to go over the top with decorations. Maybe some streamers or have your guests alternate wearing their preferred team colors to give the room a colorful touch!

**All of these things can be bought at your local grocery store and/or corner markets. Have friends help you out by bringing extra of the item above and/or additional touches!**


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