Throw Your Best Halloween Party Yet!

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Halloween is a time where the vampires, zombies and other “un-dead” come out in full force.  It’s also a reason for people to dress up, have a drink and enjoy the tricks & treats!

It’s  a fun time of year and why not make the most of your decorating! Here’s some of our suggestions for making your Halloween party celebrations one for the record books:

  • It’s a party after all! Make sure there’s enough alcohol/non-alcoholic beverages (especially if your hosting for young children/party.) Fun Halloween theme cocktails always help start the party!
  • Keep within a fall color theme – oranges, greens, white, black and for good measure, throw in some red for “bloody” slashes on the bathroom mirrors and shower (Psycho style!) Add some holiday light for an extra eerie touch when you dim the room lights later on.
  • Good props to keep at your house to emphasize the holiday – cotton spider webs with fake spiders, pumpkins (carves or drawn on), skeleton heads/bones, headless figures, rubber eyeballs and/or toilet paper streams to throw around the house/apartment.
  • Nothing helps a good party more than a good music playlist. Find your favorite movie/TV theme songs (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Twilight Zone, True Blood). It will help get guests in the Halloween mood!
  • Be creative! You don’t need to break the bank making the most festive party. Simple things you can do are buy construction paper and yarn – cut out pictures of ghosts, bats and other Halloween figures and hang them from the ceiling or tape to the walls. Also, buying large packs of candy (chocolate, worms, etc.) at discount will ease everyone of their hunger and keep their sweet tooth satisfied. In addition, guests won’t come empty handed – expect people to bring over some drinks & sweets of their own to be gracious to your hosting duties!

Good luck and have fun! RT us on Twitter (@tanaRievents) with your pictures and let us know how we can help plan your next party! Contact us here for more info.

Image via Martha Stewart, Decodir, A Blissful NestFun Costume, Martha Stewart


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