WEDDING FOOD – To Serve or Not To Serve

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[Clockwise – Image via Maharani Weddings, WeddingOMania & Belle The Magazine]

Yes, that is the question. When you’re at a wedding, most of your guests are going to be eyeing the food and waiting for their chance to get right to the shrimp cocktail or tequila shots waiting for them. Being at our fair share of weddings, we notice these details and what makes or breaks good food options being served. Below we highlight some of our best tips to keep you & your guests happy to avoid major food debacles!


  • To get everyone in a celebratory mood, it’s nice to have some glasses of champagne passed around shortly before the guests go to sit for the ceremony. We suggest this for guests who may arrive early and recommend a limit of 1-2 glasses maximum.

Cocktail Hour

  • It’s always helpful to have food that can be eaten quickly and mess-free. For example, serve chinese noodles in a box with chop sticks, serve food on sticks (ie. chicken skewers) or put french fries and other snacks into creative wrapping (ie. a shot glass, cones, etc.)
  • A variety of foods is always a good approach while being mindful of food sensitivities (vegetarian, kosher, nut allergies). Some popular options are a sushi bar, sliders, mac & cheese section, etc.


  • Serving an appetizer first (salad/soup) helps to break up the evening to allow time for family speeches & first dances.
  • There should be at least two options for the main course (preferably one meat dish and one vegetarian option – fish, pasta, etc.)


  • A dessert bar outside the main ballroom is an easy way to put out all of the food options in one place. Typically, we’d suggest avoiding the dance floor since guests love the dance and don’t want to be stopped because the dessert is ready.
  • There’s no limit with desserts – go with what your heart desires. Chocolate covered fruit, ice cream, array of cookies are some options to explore.
  • For a wedding with a lot of young guests, a candy bar is a creative way to get them engaged (and will bring out the child in all of the older guests!)

We also love when the evening ends with a snack so you’re not empty handed. We’ve seen some great pretzel bars, homemade chocolate chip cookies, popcorn given to guests on their way out. What a perfect way to end a beautiful evening!

Keep in mind that these can add up, so there are ways to keep costs at a reasonable place. You may want to limit the cocktail hour options or stick to foods that are easier to make at the venue VS shipping in (ie. skip the sushi bar at cocktail hour) or avoid the after-hours party with pre-made goodie bags with chocolate or candies you can buy at your local grocery store. Also, for smaller weddings, feel free to DIY with cooking your favorite treats for the guests – I’m sure they’d enjoy and appreciate the effort!

For some visual inspiration be sure to click here for our wedding foodie Pinterest page delights!


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  1. that cocktail serving looks GREAT! Thanks for the amazing ideas!

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