Celebrating Navratri!

navratri-garbaNavratri celebrations in Katra, north of Jammu, Indianavratri_2011_dandiya_garba_plagroundsdsc01925

Friday marked the first day of Navratri! For those who celebrate in the Hindu religion, it is a nine night/ten day rejuvenation period which marks the beginning of the autumn season. This “fresh-start” mentality is exactly how people celebrate during this time. They may fast (from daily physical & emotional needs) , sit in prayer, meditate and do other relaxing activities until the dancing begins (known as “Garba”). Different regions in India may celebrate the holiday differently, but all have the same intentions of renewal and purpose.

The Garba is a celebratory dance and is performed during Navratri. It is usually women who wear elaborate sarees and other decorative clothing and dance in a circular motion. In modern times, men also participate dancing at the Garba!

What we love about Garbas is that they can be incorporated into other important life events as well. Gujarati wedding tradition usually involves a Garba night before the wedding – decadent and colorful decor combined with celebratory music to celebrate the wedding couple. Here’s some wedding Garba inspiration for you: http://bit.ly/15ciWiD

For those in NYC, be sure to celebrate Garba in The City at Chelsea Piers today! It’s a great way to meet others celebrating and learn more about the Navratri holiday & traditions.

Image 1: festivals.iloveindia.com

Image 2: theguardian.com

Image 3: idiva.com

Image 4: dhiendra.wordpress.com


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