Fall Floral Favorites!

As we watch the seasons change, we replace beach/destination summer weddings with more farm/rustic-style occasions! Although we will miss the days of summer, we’re happy to enter into a world of rich colors & textures and what defines the next amazing season. We searched high and low for some outstanding flowers that would make for a perfect fall wedding bouquets or table centerpieces. We now present our 2013 fall flower guide:


[Image via The Knot]

Celosia Flower – it’s considered to be an annual flower, survive in most weather conditions and comes in several colors & styles. We love the “crested” type (the ones that curve) which can make for a beautiful addition to any bridal bouquet!


[Image via lavender and bloom]

Dahlia – always a safe flower choice, fall is a good time to grab this flower before it gets too cold. Dahlias peak in summer (not too hot/humid), but can sustain through late fall/early winter. The color range dahlias have in the pink/orange/purple family is stunning and can make a beautiful ombre-style bouquet!


[Image via Wedding Aces]

Ranuculus – a beautiful flower that makes for a less expensive version of a rose. With several layers of petals, this flower stands out in any bouquet and works well by itself for a full bouquet or combining with other flowers. It is known for its bright colors.


[Image via Wedding Chicks]

Eucalyptus – a great way to embellish any bouquet. It’s simplicity allows it to be incorporated with all types of flowers to give it the extra volume and color needed, especially for fall!


[Image via The French Bouquet Tulsa]

Yarrow Cottage – similar to baby’s breath, it enhances any bridal bouquet by being the perfect mate to all types of flowers!

Other fall bouquet additions can include acorns, tree branches, leaves, DIY butterflies, wheat & any other inspiration that you can find! Check out some of our favorite bouquets on our Pinterest page! http://bit.ly/15LushF


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