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Wedding Themes Based on Your Favorite TV Shows!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…which is why we are dedicating this post to some of our favorite film & TV shows that we think would make some great wedding themes & inspiration! We’re spanning various centuries, countries & cultures to bring you the best in unique wedding themes:

Downton Abbey
– our favorite British royal TV family, we’ve seen family drama, relationship scandals, war – machinations for the perfect TV series. But forget that, let’s talk about the wedding details! Traditional long-sleeve, flow-y gowns with lace, buttons & a tiara or ornate head piece would be great touches for the bride. Guests should have lots of brooches, big hats & decor should include gold and lots of tall candles & chandeliers! A chateau couldn’t hurt either..



The Great Gatsby/Boardwalk Empire – we may be talking about the same time period as Downton Abbey, but it’s the US during the 1920s. Prohibition, outlaws, the first talkies – it’s very scandalous, yet glamourous all at the same time. What we love about these shows is the extravagant outfits for women – lots of feathes, pearl necklaces, red lipstick and silk dresses. Men wear crisp three piece suits & you should enjoy barrels of liquor and champagne!



Dallas – the re-boot of this family drama was one of the best things to happen to mainstream television! Not only does it bring back the true sense of “family drama” but it reminded us of how great southern weddings are and how even if we don’t live there, we can make one for ourselves!



Girls – a TV show about twenty-something girls living in Brooklyn trying to survive the real world. Who wouldn’t relate? With a shotgun wedding in the first season finale, it taught us that Brooklyn weddings are nothing but ordinary. Beautiful city street photographs, views of the Brooklyn, Manhattan & Williamsburg bridges make a for a beautiful sight. You can even have your reception at a bar – how fun is that?!










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