Help Us By Helping Others!

Holiday season is a time to reflect on the past year and evaluate the things that were great and things that you’d want to improve in the upcoming year. One thing I know many people struggle with is finding the time to do something good for humanity. It’s easy to get caught up in the various causes that people advocate for. While they are all very important, they may not speak directly to you.

Here at tanaRi events, we suggest researching for causes that have specific meaning to you. If you know someone who was diagnosed with a fatal illness, involved with substance abuse or living with a disability – there is always somewhere for you to donate your time and/or money that will show your dedication to a particular cause.

For those unable to find causes that you want to show your support, here are a few that we find highly relevant and prominent:

Sandy Hook Elementary School – We were all shocked and horrified at the events that took place this month at this school in Newtown, CT. Money donated to this site will be sent directly to the elementary school to be used towards repairs to the school, supplies and aid with funeral costs for the 20+ children & teachers that were shot at Sandy Hook.

Occupy Sandy – The East Coast was devastatingly impacted by Hurricane Sandy in October, tearing through New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and destroying thousands of homes & important landmarks. This site recommends locations where you can volunteer your time as well as use any donations to provide blankets, clothes and other necessary items to individuals who have lost everything.

Shape Up! America – Obesity (in children specifically) is growing to become the #1 cause of unnecessary deaths.  Shape Up! America helps research and recommend ways that one goes about living a healthy lifestyle to curb this epidemic in America.

Pratham – an organization that helps bring schools for young kids in India who would otherwise not be schooled. Money donated could support a “pen pal”, buy school supplies or go to building a school.

Other sites that are trustworthy & give you various cause-related options to choose from:

Red Cross

Save The Children

Just Give

Do Something

** If you’re planning a wedding and want to accept donations from charities in lieu of gifts, contact us and we can help!


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