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Spice Up The Holidays In a Winter Wonderland!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year! It gives us a chance to share with you some of the creative ways to keep your holiday experiences fun & festive! Whether you’re hosting a fete or will be the perfect guest at one, here are some last-minute holiday party recommendations to give you the ideal winter wonderland!

013 snowflake cookiessnowflake-lighting-wedding-decor

Snowflakes – snowflakes are a simple reminder of the winter season. It’s a statement that could be added to any part of the party – hanging decor, snacks and a tree! Snowflakes are a great DIY activity if you want to curb costs — all you need is some white paper, markers & scissors!



Silver/blue/white lighting – it helps to lift the winter mood by providing color tones that provide a winter feel. To avoid making the atmosphere too dark or ominous, opt for neutral colors that give a “cooling” winter effect — white, silver, blue, purple, magenta. These are great for a touch of color, but done correctly & can provide the winter decor you’re looking for!

Playlist of holiday songs – nothing says holiday season than playing your favorite holiday tunes — “All I Want For Christmas”, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” or “Dreidel, Dreidel”. Adding these to your party playlist will entertain you & your guests and potentially make for some good sing-a-long’s or karaoke (if there’s enough alcohol involved!)



Hot (spiked) beverages – nothing beats cold weather than a nice hot beverage. Provide your guests with non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverages to cater for specific wants & needs of your guests. Get into the holiday spirit and find drinks that taste delicious with or without liquor! Hot chocolate and apple cider are a few of many great suggestions!



Lights/candles – to set the mood, lights & candles can add the “romantic” element to any activity. String gold lights along the walls/ceiling or set floating candles along a fireplace, dinner table or bowl of fruit (apples, cranberries, strawberries make a nice touch for some holiday red!)

DIY desserts (s’mores), Secret Santa or karaoke are a few of some fun party activities to enjoy while you enjoy your winter party celebrations!

Contact us for more party & or wedding decor ideas in any season! Happy holidays!

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Help Us By Helping Others!

Holiday season is a time to reflect on the past year and evaluate the things that were great and things that you’d want to improve in the upcoming year. One thing I know many people struggle with is finding the time to do something good for humanity. It’s easy to get caught up in the various causes that people advocate for. While they are all very important, they may not speak directly to you.

Here at tanaRi events, we suggest researching for causes that have specific meaning to you. If you know someone who was diagnosed with a fatal illness, involved with substance abuse or living with a disability – there is always somewhere for you to donate your time and/or money that will show your dedication to a particular cause.

For those unable to find causes that you want to show your support, here are a few that we find highly relevant and prominent:

Sandy Hook Elementary School – We were all shocked and horrified at the events that took place this month at this school in Newtown, CT. Money donated to this site will be sent directly to the elementary school to be used towards repairs to the school, supplies and aid with funeral costs for the 20+ children & teachers that were shot at Sandy Hook.

Occupy Sandy – The East Coast was devastatingly impacted by Hurricane Sandy in October, tearing through New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and destroying thousands of homes & important landmarks. This site recommends locations where you can volunteer your time as well as use any donations to provide blankets, clothes and other necessary items to individuals who have lost everything.

Shape Up! America – Obesity (in children specifically) is growing to become the #1 cause of unnecessary deaths.  Shape Up! America helps research and recommend ways that one goes about living a healthy lifestyle to curb this epidemic in America.

Pratham – an organization that helps bring schools for young kids in India who would otherwise not be schooled. Money donated could support a “pen pal”, buy school supplies or go to building a school.

Other sites that are trustworthy & give you various cause-related options to choose from:

Red Cross

Save The Children

Just Give

Do Something

** If you’re planning a wedding and want to accept donations from charities in lieu of gifts, contact us and we can help!

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Engagement & Wedding Photo Hot Spots – NYC Edition

NYC isn’t just for tourists to uncover the Big Apple in ways that they’ve seen on TV. NYC residents should take advantage of the parks, museums and restaurants that make this city one of the best and most desirable places in the world! There are many undiscovered gems in this city that are waiting for you & your mate..

For couples who plan to set up engagement photos or will wed in Manhattan, the location possibilities are endless! While everyone knows that Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building are a few of the main staples in our beloved city that make for beautiful photographs, we want to take you outside of the box to some other known & lesser known areas that will show you how to appreciate this city while capturing some beautiful shots!

377258_10151149288069489_364684971_n TriBeCa – What is know as the “Triangle Below Canal Street”, this downtown neighborhood serves as a beautiful area to snap some engagement and/or wedding shots with a similar feeling to the streets in Italy or France. This wedding photo to our left was taken this summer and it beautifully captures the couple as they lay on the street.

Image via Anthony Vasquez Photography


new-york-wedding-photographer-103Subway – although New Yorker’s may hate their daily subway commute, it would be a mistake to think that it wasn’t an integral part of NYC living – making it a great location for engagement photos! Find an off-hour (weekdays – 11AM-3pM; weekend – morning hours) where you can get less foot traffic and enjoy the variety of pictures you can take down by the train tracks! Image via Caroline + Ben


0024 NY Public LibraryNew York Public Library / Bryant Park – while considered the “midtown” area and sees a lot of tourists, but once you’re there you forget that you’re in Manhattan. The New York Public Library is not only the best library in New York, but they create beautiful weddings & events in the interior. The architecture of the exterior is exquisite and gives you a ton of creativity for the types of photos you can take. If you want a mix of architecture and nature, you have the beautiful Bryant Park square behind you to mix & match! Image via Salwa Photography



Lower East Side – a favorite for cheap restaurants, bars & hipsters, you can guarantee that you’ll have a fun, eclectic backdrop to your photos. Almost any street south of Houston will guarantee you some graffiti, posters or other artwork done by random music execs or local artists trying to make their statement. We recommend this route for couples that enjoy the downtown, unique spirit that makes this area so popular!

Image via BACD Photography


Let us help you by recommending photographers or great locations for your special occassion! Contact us for a consultation!


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