Fall 2012 – Top Autumn Wedding Colors!

Every season has its popular color tones. Fall provides some of the most bold and richest color options. While these are very common wedding theme colors all year round, the tints change as the seasons change! As the weather starts cooling down, warm yourself up with a few of tanaRis favorite fall wedding hues:

Oxblood – the hottest of colors this season, it makes a beautiful and bold statement to any wedding decor (floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, etc.) Oxblood blends with most colors, especially those in the red & pink family. This deep red color defines the fall season and helps to enhance wedding details in a fresh and new way! Image via Society Bride

Forest Green – people may not typically opt for green as a first choice in wedding color decor. However, when you really think about it, there are tons of natural green wedding decor that would complement the use of a deep green tone — flower stems, trees, grass, leaves — you name it! What a better way to accentuate an fall outdoor wedding than some forest green tablescapes and food decor! Image via Absolutely Fabulous

Orange – How many orange-tinted foods do you eat in fall? Squash, pumpkin, apple, orange — all foods that fall under this color. It would only make sense that this would be a prime fall color would be inspired from the fresh fruits and vegetables that we make our fall soup when its cold or the delicious pies for Thanksgiving dessert. This is a particular notable color for Indian weddings. Image via Decoratrends

Copper/bronze – we can’t end this list without something shimmery.  Copper is a beautiful color that transitions perfectly from summer to fall to winter. It’s ability to blend well with other colors in its family (gold, brown, amber, bronze) makes it a great choice for wedding decor. In addition, bronze is a very gender-neutral tone – so it will be easy to find ways for bridesmaids & groomsmen to match! Image via The Knot

Share with us in the comments below your favorite fall wedding colors! For other fall wedding ideas, find us on Facebook where we’re dedicating Friday posts to Fall Wedding Trends!


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