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Airbrush Makeup on Your Wedding Day – Do’s & Dont’s

Brides on their wedding day must go the extra mile to make sure that every detail is set to perfection – from the food to floral arrangements to music and most importantly, the dress! In addition to all of these things, brides also must concern themselves with their make-up routine so that they look flawless in-person & for the photos on their wedding day.

These days, women have various options to how they want to apply their make-up for the big day. A trend that is become more commonplace is the airbrush makeup application. It’s a concept that originated from the film business to ensure that the actors faces looked flawless on-screen through all the bright lights and could withstand the long hours of the work day. There are several processes (alcohol based, water based, silicone based) that help to give different types of complexion depending on the client’s desire.

The benefits of this technique are plentiful – the process is a simple “spray” application that can last through a long day of wedding photos and activities without runs and splotches. It goes light on the face and body so it does not feel clumpy or cake-y and can quickly cover-up any beauty marks, tattoos or last minute rash or breakout (probably from all the exciting nerves!) It also does a great job of keeping a natural look so the bride still feels like herself which will show nicely in the photos!


[Left to Right — before/middle/final result]

But with all of these great perks, is this right for you? Before you jump into this technique, there are definitely some points to keep watch of when committing to airbrush makeup for your wedding day. We’d recommend taking the following precautions before committing to this technique:

  • Always use friends as a resource for recommendations of makeup artists with thorough experience with this technique – word of mouth is the most guaranteed form of advertising.
  • Make sure to call ahead to schedule a trial appointment for you and/or bridesmaids so you can figure out if there’s any allergies, rashes or unexpected results.
  • Discuss with the makeup artist any allergies/sensitivities to skin care so this can be factored in when making up the airbrush makeup.
  • This should be a lightweight process. If you find that the results are thick and uncomfortable, then it was probably not done at the best quality.
  • Pricing is comparable to any other makeup artist or can be more expensive for this type of occasion. Make sure this gets budgeted accordingly so you don’t have to worry about unforeseen costs.

We hope these are helpful! Check back with us for more questions/concerns and some of our other posts on wedding day makeup & skincare tips!

Sources: Aisle Dash; Wedding Bee; Beautylish

Image 1 via Our Wedding Day; Images 2-4 via Here Comes The Guide

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Fall 2012 – Top Autumn Wedding Colors!

Every season has its popular color tones. Fall provides some of the most bold and richest color options. While these are very common wedding theme colors all year round, the tints change as the seasons change! As the weather starts cooling down, warm yourself up with a few of tanaRis favorite fall wedding hues:

Oxblood – the hottest of colors this season, it makes a beautiful and bold statement to any wedding decor (floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, etc.) Oxblood blends with most colors, especially those in the red & pink family. This deep red color defines the fall season and helps to enhance wedding details in a fresh and new way! Image via Society Bride

Forest Green – people may not typically opt for green as a first choice in wedding color decor. However, when you really think about it, there are tons of natural green wedding decor that would complement the use of a deep green tone — flower stems, trees, grass, leaves — you name it! What a better way to accentuate an fall outdoor wedding than some forest green tablescapes and food decor! Image via Absolutely Fabulous

Orange – How many orange-tinted foods do you eat in fall? Squash, pumpkin, apple, orange — all foods that fall under this color. It would only make sense that this would be a prime fall color would be inspired from the fresh fruits and vegetables that we make our fall soup when its cold or the delicious pies for Thanksgiving dessert. This is a particular notable color for Indian weddings. Image via Decoratrends

Copper/bronze – we can’t end this list without something shimmery.  Copper is a beautiful color that transitions perfectly from summer to fall to winter. It’s ability to blend well with other colors in its family (gold, brown, amber, bronze) makes it a great choice for wedding decor. In addition, bronze is a very gender-neutral tone – so it will be easy to find ways for bridesmaids & groomsmen to match! Image via The Knot

Share with us in the comments below your favorite fall wedding colors! For other fall wedding ideas, find us on Facebook where we’re dedicating Friday posts to Fall Wedding Trends!

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Here Comes The Brides…maids — tanaRis Tips For Bride/Bridesmaid Etiquette!

Girls – you received the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid and accepted. Congrats! Now what?

Through the road of the engagement and up to the wedding day, there are lots of amazing moments. But sometimes, girls can be girls and things may not turn out exactly as one may have planned. It is important for women who accept the role as a bridesmaid to understand the responsibilities they are about to undertake. However, it is also important for brides to take  considerations of what they’re asking of their bridesmaids.

Below is a list of some of tanaRi’s best tips for brides & bridesmaids as a guide to take on the road to a happy wedding experience for all!


Be picky when choosing your bridesmaids: it’s easy for one to feel guilted into asking more people than you anticipated (old friends, family of the fiancé…) but may not be a part of your & your future husband’s current lifestyle. Ultimately, you want to pick those that will be a staple in your future life and that you could not imagine your day without.

Let your bridemaid(s) have some creative input/independence: It is only fair that the bride makes the final decisions when it comes to all things for the wedding day – it is for her, after all. But sometimes, it’s nice to have your closest people provide input on some of the details. For example, let them choose their hairstyle and/or accessories for the wedding day – it’s a small request that will make everyone happy when looking at the pictures later on! Another option is to have the bridemaids (only who are interested!) come with you when tasting wines & desserts or looking at floral arrangements. An outsider perspective always helps!

Consider the costs: the cost a bridesmaid incurs for a wedding can be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000+ (inclusive of all activities.) There will be times that certain things are best for the group, but there are always different ways to attempt to curb costs. This can include recommending cheaper bridesmaids dresses, doing a local bachelorette party or offering to pay for additional bridesmaids activities (ie. treat them to lunch or a mani/pedi day – it will show the bridesmaids your appreciation.)


Smile & be friendly: on the wedding day, it’s all eyes on the bride & bridesmaids. You’ll be spending hours taking photos and meeting new people over the course of the day or night. It’s important to keep an optimistic attitude as it will be a long day (and you want to look your best in the photos!)

Enjoy fun non-wedding activities with the bride-to-be: while their brain will be on wedding overload, she’ll appreciate the initiative to have a nice night out to dinner or a low-key movie hang out with her bridesmaid(s). It will give her mind a brief rest and also reinforce why she chose you as her bridesmaid(s)!

Do your best NOT to complain: as a bridesmaid, it’s easy to stress about all that one may endure financially & emotionally towards the bridal day. However, you did sign up to deal with all that is encompassing of this life-changing event – so keep your negative chat to a minimum!

To everyone – HAVE FUN! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved – don’t let the small details get in the way of a beautiful and memorable day! For more advice & tips, contact us at our website!

[Image 1 via Maria Vicencio]

[Image 2 via Wedding Window]

[Image 3 via Strictly Weddings]

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