tanaRi events Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary!

drum roll please…

tanaRi events is thrilled to share with you all that on July 21, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!!! It’s been a long, hard working road but we’re happy to report that it has been a successful first year and we hope to continue this success by working on many more projects!

From various international weddings to working with Picksie on their new product release event and our work on Tie The Knot Bazaar event, it’s been a busy & exciting year for tanaRi events!

We want to take the time to especially thank our family & friends for their continued support in this endeavor. We hope that in the near future we will be sharing the spotlight with the best in the wedding & events industry. In addition, we want to thank our readers and followers who come to us as a primary source of information that we want to continue sharing with you all!

To continue showing your support, please find us on our social media pages where we are constantly updating and communicating with our readers & other vendors in the space. Your participation in our conversations is wanted and all feedback is highly welcome! Our goal is to obtain at least 500 Facebook followers by July 21. Will you help us get to our goal??

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanaRievents

Twitter: www.twitter.com/tanaRievents

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tanaRievents



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2 responses to “tanaRi events Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary!

  1. Absolute biggest congrats to you guys! Must be quite an exciting feeling knowing that your brainchild is now 1 year old! Wishing you guys all the best in the years following 🙂

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