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Wedding Weather Extremes — Tips & Solutions!

For many brides, a “worst case scenario” is when you unexpectedly struggle with severe weather changes on the day of your wedding. (This can include scorching heat & humidity and/or rain & other wet weather.) We’re here to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE WORST THING! While it can become a hiccup in the process of altering some of the arrangements for the ceremony/reception and can delay events of the day, there’s no reason why it still can’t be the best day of your life!

Here are some of tanaRi events helpful tips & tricks for these extreme weather situations during the summertime:

  • Location/venue: once you’ve commit to your spot, be sure to discuss with the venue planner(s) all options for spots on site that can accommodate for any unexpected weather conditions (especially for outdoor weddings in summer & winter seasons.)
  • Travel arrangements:  it is important to provide guests with several recommendations of transportation to & from the venue (particularly for destination weddings.) Also, it doesn’t hurt to throw an umbrella and/or poncho (rain), scarves (cool weather) and extra pair of shoes (any weather).
  • Umbrellas: keep an assortment on site should there be sudden changes in weather. 
  • Tent: putting up a tent for the reception could help with very mild weather (ie. heavy winds, snow, light drizzle, etc.) 
  • Refreshments: guests will be happy if you provide cool beverages before and/or after the ceremony (especially in hot weather)
  • Dress attire: stick to light color/material dresses (women) and thinner texture/layers (men) 
  • Food: avoid delicate creams/ingredients that can melt and/or spoil in warm weather (ie. cheese-based desserts, mayonnaise, ice cream) 
  • Hair/make-up: simple is best to avoid discomfort, unraveling & discoloration of makeup on the skin
  • Wedding gifts: this is a great opportunity to be personal & creative with DIY items that can help guests. For example, offer some fans, mini water bottles with custom wrapping or visors.

Are you planning an upcoming wedding and need more questions answered? Contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you further!

In addition, check out this great article that provides other excellent suggestions on other topics that can be affected with weather (ie. flower arrangements, reception chairs)

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tanaRi events Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary!

drum roll please…

tanaRi events is thrilled to share with you all that on July 21, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!!! It’s been a long, hard working road but we’re happy to report that it has been a successful first year and we hope to continue this success by working on many more projects!

From various international weddings to working with Picksie on their new product release event and our work on Tie The Knot Bazaar event, it’s been a busy & exciting year for tanaRi events!

We want to take the time to especially thank our family & friends for their continued support in this endeavor. We hope that in the near future we will be sharing the spotlight with the best in the wedding & events industry. In addition, we want to thank our readers and followers who come to us as a primary source of information that we want to continue sharing with you all!

To continue showing your support, please find us on our social media pages where we are constantly updating and communicating with our readers & other vendors in the space. Your participation in our conversations is wanted and all feedback is highly welcome! Our goal is to obtain at least 500 Facebook followers by July 21. Will you help us get to our goal??





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In Bloom – Summer Floral Bouquet Guide!

Floral decor for a wedding is an extremely significant part of the ceremony & reception. The brides bouquet and the overall floral theme helps to tie the other arrangements together to make a statement reflecting the personalities of the couple!

Summer season is prime time for some of the most robust, colorful & precious flowers — we’re excited to share some of our favorites with you!

Blood orange roses

Rose – the universal flower of love. The variety of color that roses can provide is another reason that it is such a popular flower choice. You can mix and match or stay within one shade or color. We’re loving this orange bouquet above with red tips — especially for the summer time!

Purple freesias

Freesia – This is great for those who love flowers with a strong scent. They are most popular in the spring/summer season and like roses, come in an array of colors. We love the different shades of purple freesias that were incorporated into this bouquet!

Blue Delphinium bouquet

Delphinium – a popular summer flower, they are ideal for giving wedding details an extra, bold touch. While there are bouquets made of just delphinium flowers, they are a popular filler to bouquets with light colored flowers (for example, white roses or lilies.) As they are typically grow in a bold blue shade, they make a beautiful addition to simple wedding decor.

Fuchsia calla lillies

Calla lily – the exotic branch of the lily flower, this is one of our personal favorites. It is beautiful as it’s own bouquet or can work as fillers with any other flower. Some define the calla lily as “magnificent beauty” and we can understand why! The unique shape and bright colors of a calla lily make it a great option for spring/summer destination weddings! Be cautious though, as this is a more expensive flower!

Looking to match your flowers with your personality? The Knot provides a great analysis of different flower types and their meanings.

Visit our Twitter and Pinterest pages where you can find more beautiful wedding bouquets – share your favorites with us!


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