Beautiful beaches, hotels,  people, weather – where can you find all of these amazing things? Rio de Janeiro! The city (and Brazil) has become one of the most desirable destination locales to eat, drink, and be merry! With its combination of rich history and flourishing modern culture, why wouldn’t it be the perfect place to have two individuals intertwine their old & new lives together?

For those who plan to jet set and say their “I do’s” in Brazil, the Hotel Fasano may be the ideal spot for you! Located right on top of the famous Ipanema Beach, the five star resort gives its customers a beautiful view of the city with top-class amenities. Since it’s existence in 2007  and created by famous French designer Phillipe Starck, it has received glowing reviews  and has solidified itself as an extremely desirable must-stay during a visit to Rio de Janeiro. Musix superstars Madonna and  Yoko Ono are just a few of the many high-end clientele who have graced the hotel’s presence.

For a wedding, the outdoor pool & rooftop area is fabulous for an intimate ceremony, where guests can indulge in the beautiful view of the infamous Ipanema beach and city skyline. Following the ceremony, guests can dine in the hotel’s five-star restaurants where they can party long into the night…

After our exquisite trip to the city & hotel, tanaRi events can confirm that Hotel Fasano was an extremely pleasurable experience. They hotel goes above and beyond to provide the city’s best treasures! We were also happy to connect with events manager & staff who were extremely accommodating and enthusiastic to discuss their destination wedding plans!

tanaRi events focuses much of its time on destination wedding planning and we welcome couples to discuss with us any plans for consideration! We can easily coordinate with the Hotel Fasano events team for any inquiries – you can reach us directly on our webpage!

While you consider an upcoming vacation/wedding/honeymoon, take the time to enjoy these hotel photos and imagine yourself whisked away as you sip on your Pina Colada and listening to the crashing of beach waves!


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