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Indian Designer Fashions & Exquisite Artistry on Madison Avenue

Soigne K on Madison Avenue features Indian designer fashions & exquisite artistry.  Here is a chance to get to know the woman behind the brand. 

Soigné Kothari, the founder and president of her eponymous multi-brand specialty store, Soigne K, is an entrepreneur, jewelry designer, businesswoman, gourmet chef, wife, and mom, rolled into one fashionable force, and seems to do it all with great elegance.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, some of Soigne’s earliest memories of fashion and jewelry were during her visits to family business locations, where luxury goods were being made and sold.  Her taste for elegance and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces led her to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising from FIT, Mumbai.

Soigne went on to become a successful jewelry designer in India with the Karma line of spiritually inspired jewelry.  When she moved to the States sixteen years ago, Soigne carried on her vision to bring India’s breathtaking heritage and exquisite artistry and make it accessible to the discerning American woman.

In September 2010, she launched her store, Soigne K, located in the mid-60s on New York’s prestigious Madison Avenue providing a platform for luxury goods and couture fashion by Indian designers and artists.

Through the designers showcased at her Madison Avenue boutique, Soigne hopes to dispel “the preconceived notions of Indian fashion, involving a colorful peasant skirt or a sari”.  The store introduces the American audience to exemplary fashions that blends the rich, cultural fashion voices of India and the fast-moving trends of the West.

The first floor of the sleek minimalist two-storied space carries high-end dresses, resort wear, fashion jewelry, scarves and belts by contemporary Indian designers.  The second floor features traditional Indian wear, exquisite evening gowns, formal dresses, jackets and handcrafted jewelry.

On November 8th, Soigne K will be the place to be at for brides-to-be and fashion enthusiasts seeking the best in the wedding industry.  The ‘Tie the Knot Bazaar’ hosted by event planning company ‘tanaRi events’ will showcase an array of talent from the world of fashion, photography, fine-dining, hair & make-up, entertainment, and the like.  Soigne K will have sari-draping tutorials and exclusive deals for the guests of ‘Tie the Knot Bazaar’.   RSVP today to join us on Nov

(Photo Credits – Soigne K; Writer & Editor: Remya Thomas)

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You are invited to ‘Tie The Knot Bazaar’

Over the year, you have been with us, cheering us on.   You followed tanaRi events’ blog, Facebook, Twitter  and website.   You wanted to learn more and share information about tanaRi events with your friends.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are hosting an exclusive event  Tie The Knot Bazaar  on November 8th – for tanaRi’s friends, supporters, brides-to-be and your friends to come meet us in person and get to know tanaRi events more!

Of course, tanaRi events will not be complete without the fabulous vendors we work with in bringing you the most magical weddings and social events.  ‘Tie The Knot Bazaar‘ will feature the work of amazing talents from the world of fashion & accessories, photography, stationery, hair & makeup, fine dining and entertainment.

Save the date to join us on November 8th.  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the brilliance behind the brands!

Soigne Kothari from Soigne K

bringing the modern woman high style and elegant fashion from the finest Indian designers

Chef Hemant Mathur from Tulsi

providing a taste of his mastery in distinctive regional Indian flavors and signature dishes

Reena Vadehra & Jaee Likhite from 3 Bees Paperie

presenting unique inspirations for life’s celebrations on luxury paper and stationery collections

Surbhi Sahni from Bittersweet NYC

will share her passion for custom-designed wedding cakes and Indian-inspired confections

Tina Doshi from KSD Weddings

capturing stories that are natural, beautiful and genuine one photo at a time

Heidi Evora- Santiago from Damali NYC

bringing her attention to detail as she transforms brides to look their very best


Jayesh Rana from Raaz Entertainment

providing music & entertainment to fill our souls

We definitely hope to see you there!     More details coming soon!

(Special thanks to Soigne K for providing the space for “Tie The Knot’ at their gorgeous Madison Avenue boutique.  Soigne K collections are carefully curated, to create a memorable, signature experience.  Find the latest and the finest in designer wear for the modern woman at Soigne K)


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In honor of World Vegetarian Awareness Month

In honor of World Vegetarian Awareness Month, here are our top five tips for looking and feeling great for brides-to-be, the vegetarian  way!

1)    Keep that skin smooth and glowing with organic and vegetarian beauty products

  • Bioéthique Certified Organic is one of the world’s first and only premium quality third-party certified organic lines made in Provence, France.  Personal favorite is Bioéthique’s Day Cream, which is a light moisturizer with immortelle extract, rose geranium essential oil and extra virgin olive oil.

2)    For inexpensive options, try these amazing homemade skin treatments for your hair & skin

  •  Treat your hair to an oil massage with olive oil (for dry hair) or almond oil (frizzy hair) and, if possible, leave it on overnight prior to shampooing.
  • Cooling mask for the face – Combine one tbsp natural yogurt, room temperature and one tsp runny honey (add few drops of limejuice for oily skin).  Apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes.  Wash face with mild face cleanser.

3)    Celebrate fruits & veggies this month – add more color to your diet

  •  Add a good blend of fruits and veggies to your diet along with a good balance of carbohydrates and protein to feel fit & healthy.  Include lentils, whole grains, various beans and tofu to fill yourself up so you do not miss the carbs or the protein.  Check out this article for those organic/non-organic decisions.
  •  Juices are an easy way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet.  Many of them are packed with the benefits of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  Just watch out for that added sugar and extra sodium.

4)    H2O

  •  Water is key for great skin and health.  People tend to drink less water during fall and winter because of the cooler weather, so you might have to remind yourself about it.  It is important to stay hydrated for that glowing skin.
  •  When you shower or wash your face in the colder months, make sure to use lukewarm water such that the skin is not stripped of its natural protective oils.

5)    De-stress –

  •  Yoga/Meditation: Yoga involves a series of both moving and stationary poses, combined with deep breathing. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, yoga can also improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina.  Breathing meditation for stress relief is a simple, yet powerful, relaxation technique.

Got great beauty tips that you want to share? Send them our way.


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The allure of Venice, Italy!

Have you dreamt of a wedding in Italy set in a medieval church or castle, and the couple feeling as part of a Renaissance painting?

If you are considering a wedding in Venice or in the dream phase, read on… I will not go into detail about the history and beauty of Venice, its architecture and gondola rides, as I am sure that is clear in your mental image.

I sure felt the charm and magic of the place when I was in Venice earlier this year.  And I will admit I loved my job more than ever, as I spent my day researching the Venetian churches and restaurants.

Sharing some ideas to consider as you shape your dream into a reality of Venice as your wedding destination. There are many beautiful churches in Italy, no doubt, but if you are looking for do a traditional Italian wedding in Venice, Chiesa di San Moisè (or San Moisè Profeta) is definitely worth looking into.

Want that palace wedding tying in art, beauty, magic and romance? Ca’ Sagredo is the place for you. Located on the banks of the Grand Canal, between Ca’ D’Oro and the Rialto Bridge, the 14th century building is a palace, museum, hotel and a luxury wedding location.

For rehearsal dinner or an intimate family gathering, Hotel Gritti Palace is an amazing location.  Located next to the Grand Canal, it overlooks the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.  With the night lights, the backdrop is stunning. They usually have live music (piano playing) and the service is spot on. Food is delicious and their wine selection ranges from local wines to other Italian wines which would be perfect for the occasion.  

Another great choice for a private party is the rooftop of Hotel Danieli, which is located just steps away from Saint Mark’s square.   Though a bit on the pricier side, the hotel and the restaurant, Terrazza Danieli’s, offers an endless array of food and wine choices, and you are guaranteed exemplary service.

My research came to life when we chanced upon a wedding in Venice.   The gorgeous couple got married at the Chiesa di San Moisé and had a super romantic exit on a gondola, as the gondolier sang to them.   Here are some pictures I shot of them.

– Riri

(Photo Credits – Riri Patel, TravelPod, Hotel Danieli, Ca’ Sagredo & Hotel Gritti Palace websites)

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