Rain or Shine, Love Conquers…

As I promised, here is the photo essay of Amanda and Dane’s wedding weekend in Montauk.  It is indeed a treat to see two amazing people come together in marriage and the wedding was a proof of Amanda and Dane’s love and chemistry.  Through the summer breeze at the welcome party and the downpour on the wedding day, love prevailed and the events turned out fabulous.

In Amanda and Dane’s words, “Thanks to tanaRi we were able to have the most wonderful, stylish, tailored just-for-us wedding day.  From guest to guest, everyone commented on what a fantastic wedding it was. Some even saying it was one of, if not, the top wedding they have ever been to!”

tanaRi is fortunate to have been a part of Amanda and Dane’s big day and it was an honor to plan the wedding weekend for them.  We wish them lots of love and happiness in their future together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks to www.trustudiodesign.com for the spectacular photography.

Extending our thanks to Lilee Fell flowers  and Matt Murphy Lighting for their amazing work.



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2 responses to “Rain or Shine, Love Conquers…

  1. Archana

    The wedding looks like it turned out beautiful! Excellent work tanaRi! Looking forward to seeing future amazing events done by you!

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