Top Ten List – Bridal Emergency Kit

Planning a wedding?  From my experience, I know that from among the hundreds of things you are working on, checklists and emergency kits always come in handy.  To kick-off my section on ‘Top Ten List’, let me share the must-haves in a bridal emergency kit.

What is it?

Bridal Emergency Kit is one of the most important things that every bride should have assembled for her big day.  You can request someone from your bridal party to put this together for you, or maybe your wedding planner/coordinator will provide the kit for you.

What are the Top Ten Items to include in a kit?

Top Ten List:

  1. Sewing Set
  2. Hair Accessories
  3. Cleaning Set
  4. Clear Nail Polish
  5. Cotton Swabs
  6. Mini First Aid Kit
  7. Women’s Sanitary Pack
  8. Granola Bar/Snack of your choice
  9. Drinking Straws
  10. Tissues

We are going for miniature version of all items, as the point is to have the essentials without taking up space on the make-up counter in the bridal suite.  The sewing set will include items such as safety pins and small scissors, and the hair kit should have a mini hairspray bottle, bobby pins, hair elastics etc.  I recommend the cleaning set to have a lint brush and stain removal wipes for any dress emergencies.  Definitely throw in antacids and pain relievers into the First-Aid kit (always check for allergies).  In addition, you probably know that clear nail polish can also come in handy even for stocking runs.

Extras that I would recommend are mints, earring backs, travel iron, hair dryer and nail polish in the same color as the bride’s manicure.

tanaRi provides this service to our clients and the below comment from a bride makes it a worthy effort!

“My favorite part of the special touches that tanaRi provided was a bridal kit placed in my bridal suite before the event.  It was the most convenient and unexpected little kit, and was so carefully thought out.  I ended up using so many of the items that in retrospect would have been lost without.”

(Photos courtesy: tanaRi and TruStudioDesign)



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9 responses to “Top Ten List – Bridal Emergency Kit

  1. Bridget

    Love this blog,……Good Wedding plan from TanaRi , very useful for bride to be . ………..Bridget

  2. Janisha Biyanwila

    Oh wow, all 10 are so true…especially the straws. You’d never think of it. I wish I had read this before my wedding.

  3. Rebecca

    a bridal emergency kit is very thoughtful, I’m sure the brides were grateful you brought it!

  4. Sam

    OMG, this is so helpful! Specially the matching nail color and lint remover, I’d recommend this to any bride.

  5. Heather

    Great planning TanaRi

  6. Robyn Cioffari

    Great list! Double-sided tape also comes in handy for tricky straps.

  7. Ameet

    This is so true. I think this is a must for every bride and bridesmaid.

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