Personalized Excitement with Picksie.

When I started this blog, I had the vision to bring you not just the magical world of weddings, but also tips, tricks, and cool information out there that would make your day more fun and exciting.  On that note, I want to share with you this fabulous app – Picksie – developed by my friends, Saju Thomas and Nitesh Mittal.

What is it?

Picksie is an app that recommends restaurants, nightclubs, bars and movies for users based on their location and preferences.

What makes Picksie different from Yelp and others?

With Yelp and other search-engines, I have to know what I am searching for beforehand, and the results are numerous and overwhelming.   Picksie cuts through this clutter and gives you a limited list of recommendations based on your preferences, location and the situation you are in at the time you ask.  For example, Picksie will not show you a restaurant at lunchtime that is only open for dinner, or recommend an outdoor biergarten when it is raining outside.

How does it work?

In short, Picksie is not a search engine.  It is a recommendation engine with a push mechanism.  You do not have to figure out what you are doing beforehand.   Picksie uses your location, the time of day (within two hours), the weather outside, as well as curated selections by handpicked experts and guides like Zagat. Picksie has also joined up with Fandango so that it can provide movie suggestions, with the correct show times displayed.

What do you love most about Picksie?

The best part about Picksie is that it does the work for me. Wherever I am, I am guaranteed an instant short-listing of relevant yet diverse results. I do not want to go to a Starbucks to find out it is closed. I love the fact that I am discovering new places and not just searching for places I already know.  I want to try the new Thai place around the corner. Picksie helps me do just that.

I also like that users can connect with Facebook or Twitter, and share their Picksie activity on the networks if they so choose.

My verdict?

Definitely check it out!  You can sign up for Picksie on the website or get it in the iTunes App Store.

(Photos courtesy – Picksie)



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3 responses to “Personalized Excitement with Picksie.

  1. Nitesh Mittal

    Picksie is awesome! A true location based personalized service! Love it.

  2. Jessica

    Interesting… If I had an iPhone I’d definitely check it out!

  3. Heather

    Seems like a great app to have, especially when you live in NYC!

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