Join my work/play weekend @ Montauk!

tanaRi is spending our weekend in Montauk for Amanda and Dane’s wedding.  While we are here enjoying the gorgeous weather and preparing for the nuptials, let me share with you some of the ‘must check out’ options at Montauk.

First stop – Ruschmeyer’s.  The newly opened hotel, restaurant and bar, is brought to us by KING & GROVE, who also owns Surf Lodge.  Formerly an old-school camp (back in the 50s), Ruschmeyer’s captures the feel of a nautical camp with modern design and hippie-chic atmosphere.   A great spot to relax and enjoy the beach with some cocktails in hand, we loved our stay at Ruschmeyer’s and the ‘summer camp for grown-ups’ experience.

Next location we checked out was The Surf Lodge where Amanda and Dane’s dinner rehearsal took place.   If Ruschmeyer’s had a camp feel, Surf Lodge was a surf lover’s paradise.  Surf Lodge is a hotel, restaurant and lounge all in one. The restaurant menu is build around seasonal ingredients and local fare, which turned out great as we decided the menu and beverage options for the dinner party.

Of course, in between this scrumptious beach experiences, tanaRi is working hard in putting all the pieces together to the dream wedding for the beautiful Amanda and Dane at Sole East Resort.  The couple had chosen this location for their nuptials as it was ‘the’ place where they fell in love.

The Sole East hotel is housed in a historical landmark 2-story building of classic American Tudor architecture developed by the legendary Carl G. Fisher in 1929.  The large outdoor space within walking distance from the beach was on all levels best suited for this couple’s beach wedding.

We are pleased to have put together an amazingly fun welcome party for all the guests the day before the wedding.  Sole East grounds were perfect for this set-up and tanaRi decorated the space marrying the vibe of a summer lawn party and a beach outing.

As we prepared for the next day’s big event, the thrill level was high and so was the unpredictability of the weather.  Not to leave anything to chance, we finished all the set-up early and arranged to have umbrellas available.

True to New York standards, the skies opened up on the wedding day.  Ever the troopers, Amanda and Dane were not deterred by the wet and rainy weather and were a joy to watch.  In fact, the rain turned out to be a romantic backdrop for the photo shoot with sparking green grounds and serenely beautiful beaches.

We are so thankful to Amanda and Dane for allowing us to help bring their dream wedding to reality.  tanaRi sends our love and best wishes to the new couple.

Signing off from Montauk!

– tanaRi

(Photos courtesy – Ruschmeyer’s, The Surf Lodge and TruStudioDesign)



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2 responses to “Join my work/play weekend @ Montauk!

  1. Jayme

    Fabulous! Looking forward to seeing photos of the wedding.

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