Destination Exploration – Montauk, NY

Does your heart soar at the sound of waves against the rocky coastlines, the call of seagulls and wind in your hair?

Searching for such a locale, you probably heard about Hamptons as the amazing beach-lined retreat in New York, but were undecided, as private beach parties and extravagant mansions were not your thing.  We have the right place for you – Montauk.  About 12 miles further east of Hamptons, Montauk is a refreshingly spectacular village, surrounded by water on three sides.

A lot has changed in Montauk over the years, but the village retains its distinct natural beauty –its laid-back fish and surf culture and unspoilt, underdeveloped land.  A perfect getaway to relax and rejuvenate while taking in some hiking and fishing, Montauk is a place to visit.  If you travel to Montauk, do not forget your sunscreen and flip-flops but we recommend that leave your blackberry and to-do list at home!

When we travel, tanaRi is always looking at places from an event destination lens and Montauk scored high in this regard.  A relaxed, nautical atmosphere with a warm and friendly personality, Montauk is highly recommended if you are considering an outdoor wedding.

The area has a great variety of restaurants with fresh and scrumptious seafood to great organic food choices, hotels and bed and breakfasts with easy access to the beaches, and enough outdoor and indoor activities to fit everyone’s needs.  Spectacular scenic beauty, boat cruises, Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum and many other attractions provide an amazing natural backdrop for your fabulous event.  Email us to learn more details about planning an event in Montauk, NY.

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(Photos courtesy: Quiksilver, Montauk Business)



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3 responses to “Destination Exploration – Montauk, NY

  1. Heather

    Montauk is a great place for a wedding! Love the relaxed and easygoing environment!

  2. Robyn Cioffari

    I can only imagine how beautiful Montauk would be at sunset!

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