Piñata, Sail and a Ring?

Love that blossomed in the world of high fashion, Amanda & Dane’s love story involves a piñata, yummy guacamole, buttery lobster, lighthouses and sailboat.   Sounds interesting? Read on…

Big-hearted Dane found his perfect love match in the smart and loving personality of his co-worker Amanda.  To his excitement, Dane found that the feeling was mutual and the rest is history.

True to their style, the laid-back couple chose the relaxed beach town of Montauk for their first trip together.  Nothing could dampen the spirit of this young couple as they enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the town, where Amanda remembers enjoying her first lobster tasting.  Dane and Amanda felt the magic in the air – to each other and to the locale.  They vowed to come back and if they ever got married, this would be the destination.

Ready to take the relationship to the next level, Dane made an elaborate proposal plan to unveil during their getaway vacation trip to Playa De Carmen, Mexico.  The getaway had its own dose of romantic mystery, salsa dancing and foodie adventures.  Right before the New Year’s party both of them felt sick that put a speed bump to their party plans.  Not the type to be dispirited, they headed down to the NYE party and Dane found the perfect game – a piñata!

He won the grand prize, which was a three-night stay at the resort with an amazing couple spa/massage treatment package.  On a spur of the moment, Dane and Amanda decided to extend their vacation and Dane got his plan rolling.  He set up an elaborate breakfast for Amanda on the suite’s balcony. In the middle of a romantic conversation over breakfast, Dane proposed to Amanda and got the answer he wanted! The celebration continued and Playa De Carmen, Mexico got a special place in the couple’s hearts.

Nevertheless, when it was time they started planning their wedding, Dane and Amanda zeroed in quickly to their dream locale – the magical, friendly town of Montauk, NY.

(Photos courtesy – Rebecca Zeller Photography)



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7 responses to “Piñata, Sail and a Ring?

  1. Roy

    What a beautiful story! Good luck with the wedding.

  2. Rebecca

    such a great story, best of luck to the newly weds

  3. Nitesh Mittal

    Wow! Really nice. Best wishes to both.

  4. Saloni

    Awwww… I guess that’s what make a wedding so beautiful and interesting. The story and the actual journey to the big day.

  5. Sherry

    aweee…it’s wrritten so well…it feels like the couple told me the story directly!! Best Wishes:)

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