Luxury Destination Wedding- ÇIRAĞAN PALACE KEMPINSKI, Istanbul

Choosing the perfect wedding destination can be a tough decision if you are not familiar with what each destination has to offer. Every destination has its own rich culture, cuisine, and atmosphere. For example, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Hawaii offer an array of tropical wedding venue options ranging from cliff side to jungle backdrop.

If you are looking for authenticity of heritage and customs, then, one of a world class destination for your luxury wedding is ÇIRAĞAN PALACE KEMPINSKI, Istanbul, where your love collides with the romance of an extraordinary country of historical proportions.

Today, we are going to talk about this elaborate property located on the magnificent Bosporus, overlooking the ancient city of İstanbul, this hotel offers the ultimate luxury and glamour of a genuine Ottoman Palace, the perfect destination wedding venue in Istanbul.



As the only Ottoman Imperial Palace and Hotel on the Bosporus, its splendid style, superb location, fascinating views and resort ambiance ensures an unforgettable Istanbul destination wedding experience. Istanbul is a mystical city, where East meets West, Europe meets Asia and classic meets modern.



A stunning landmark brimming with romance and a legacy of impeccable service, this Istanbul hotel is an unrivaled setting for a fairy-tale Istanbul destination wedding celebration.

Courtesy of Nick SpanswickCourtesy: Nick Spanswick

kimpinski 2.png

Whether you envision a day of pure romance, a reception of opulent luxury, or an intimate celebration with family and friends, Palace Kempinski’s outstanding venues provides a picture-perfect backdrop for wedding parties of 10 to 1000 guests.

kimpinski 11.png

Courtesy: K.M. Events

kimpinski 13.png

Recite your vows on the legendary terrace facing the Bosporus, among the vast green gardens, or in one of the enchanting palace function rooms with high-ceiling-ed grandeur.

Nick Spanswick: Istanbul's Dream Wedding Designer

During our recent visit to this extraordinary palace we experienced that luxury is the sole purpose of this beautiful venue with almost every type of cuisine catered by the hotels chefs and private butlers. The palace is also available for exclusive hire, should you wish to accommodate your immediate guests in the private residences and the remainder in the 5 star hotel complex next door. Arrival by helicopter or yacht, dinner outside on the incredible terrace and fireworks fired from across the river are just one of the many luxuries and entertainment options available for your event or wedding.

Whichever venue space you choose, the celebrations will be inspiring, memorable, and beautiful.

With our expertise of Luxury Destination Travel as part of your wedding planning team, you can enjoy this special time of unique planning and distinctive services, where everyone is treated like a VIP and the wedding couples are free to focus on the fun elements of wedding planning.

Write to us at for more information about our luxury wedding destinations.

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Roopa + Chris- A Royal Affair

Palaces, deserts, and royalty, Rajasthan is a beautiful place to host weddings. Wedding celebrations in the palaces of Rajasthan, complete with horses, elephants, camels, colorful turbans, saris and cuisine from the royal kitchen.

That’s why Jodhpur’s, Umaid Bhawan was the only place where Roopa and Chris wanted to get married. Roopa wanted to commence her new life attached to her Indian roots. She wanted both Chris and her cultures to blend at a luxury palace destination.


roopa chris 5.png


Perched at a height above the desert city of Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace, the golden-hued desert sandstone monument is one of the great palaces of India and one of the largest private residences in the world.

Set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens, the Palace is a blend of eastern and western architectural influences. The lavish interiors with gilt furniture and elegant artwork follow the deco art style, complemented by exotic murals. Umaid Bhawan Palace offers magnificent venues for holding your dream royal wedding. The venue and cuisine created, showcasing the culture and culinary traditions of the region.

The Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur is a part palace, part hotel, and part museum.

The Chittar Sandstone monument has two major wings. One wing is entirely the Royal Residence of the Rathore Dynasty of Jodhpur. They live their imperial lifestyle away from prying eyes. Maharaja Gaj Singh, grandson of Maharaja Umaid Singh till date resides here with family.

roopa chris 3.jpg

Roopa and Chris were special from the very start, a couple who were so tuned in to what they wanted and were willing to give a free hand to achieve it. Their family & guests traveled from different parts of the country to attend this royal wedding in India, and we wanted to make this wedding special for them by immersing the guests and the family in the royalty of Rajasthan and giving them the experience of Indian heritage, cultures, and traditions.

We often write about couples and forget to mention their families, but this wedding was the coming together of some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. From the first day, Roopa’s parents and brother felt like family.

Riri, the founder of tanaRi events met Roopa’s brother for the first time in the business class lounge of Emirates, where they connected over their widespread experience and love for travel and luxury. The route from India to New York was exciting while these two bonded and discussed their hectic travel life and various destinations around the world for weddings.

roopa chri 1.png

The wedding began with a welcome dinner and cocktail at Umaid Bhawan’s banquet space that holds up to 750 guests. This enchanting venue can make any wedding occasion glittering and grand with its traditional, colorful, and quintessentially Rajasthani welcome of dancers and elephants. Modern-day royalty can mingle freely in their Marwar Hall which is 4500 square feet, it is perfect for a grand wedding ceremony that hosts an elaborate banquet buffet of Marwari, Rajasthani, Indian and Continental cuisines.

chris roopa 2.jpg

Here, the formal  Wedding events can extend to the marble Baradari, where the guests are welcomed with a formal sit down dinner in Marwar Hall where the Umaid Bhawan Staff offered an impeccably executed traditional brigade service; all guests receiving each course promptly at the same time.

Chris 1.png

Day two was the Mehendi, a fun, vibrant and colorful afternoon bash by the pool, that consisted of a local Rajasthani market, puppet show and local Rajasthani live music with lots of fun creative food stalls customized by tanaRi events. This event was located by the pool lawns completed with Marble Pavilion with a stunning backdrop of the most beautiful palace in India that adds to its royal feel.

roopa chris mehendi 6.jpgWhen planning a destination wedding, balance is key. Your guests should not feel rushed with one hectic event after another, neither should it be so slow that they get bored. The most important thing is that everyone needs time to relax, chat and take in the experience. Roopa and Chris’s wedding was all that and more!

This was an energy-filled beginning to a beautiful love story.


roopa reception 4.jpg



Roopa’s brief to tanaRi team was that she wanted her wedding to be a glamorous bash. As for her outfits, she wore elegant pastels for her sangeet and reception, and bright sunrise colors for her Mehendi and pheras, she wanted gold and shimmer to compliment her look. That’s how two things we love the most came together to make this wedding special: lots of gold lights + artifacts.

roopa 7.jpg

Umaid Bhawan is not only a favorite destination for travelers but one of the hottest spots for a palace wedding among celebrities and the Indians living abroad.

roopa chris 8.jpg

We are always on the lookout for couples who want to collaborate with us to know more about the destinations for their very special day! Write to us if you are one of them!

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Creative Wedding Arches and Arbors

One space that certainly deserves some TLC is your altar! Weddings are taking place in all kinds of locations these days–from a traditional church setting, to more unconventional spaces like a friend’s backyard or even the middle of a desert.

Wedding arches and arbors add a true sense of beauty and sophistication to any wedding ceremony. They are often the main focus of the wedding ceremony décor and frames the couple beautifully – this also creates a great backdrop for photography. 

Like other wedding decorations, arches can range from simple to elaborate and should align with the overall design aesthetic. They can incorporate natural wood adorned with flowers or be a simple metal frame wrapped in fabric and ribbons.

With so many ideas out there, we’ve rounded up our most eye-catching, head-turning ceremony arches and backdrops to inspire your own stunning ceremony’s focal point.

Blooming Botanical Wedding Alter

Bring quirk to your altar with rainbow-hued streamers paired with clusters of brightly colored flowers! Not only it’s a huge trend right now, it’s the most romantic way to decorate your venue. If you love an explosion of flowers, you gonna love this part of the article about the most gorgeous floral arches that will make you say “I do”.

Just imagine yourself standing together with the man of your life under these wedding arch lushly decorated with lavender blooms or ranunculus… Isn’t it just an ideal frame for saying your vows and taking some awesome photographs.

Take a look at the most beautiful arches we’ve saved for you in the gallery below for the inspiration.

floral.png9abe5ed706e6d74b2c9d8ff0c3fd45ff.jpgfloral2.pngstunning-diy-floral-wedding-arch-decoration-ideas.jpgfloral 4.png

Light- Up Wedding Arch

Light-Up Wedding Arch becomes a luminous central point at your indoor or outdoor wedding celebration. Using candles as a part of your decor is a big hit, whether, its an intimate affair or a huge gathering.

Understated and elegant, lights bring an instant sense of style. String some fairy lights from the arch and keep decorations to a minimum, such as draping ivory coloured tulle over the arch or using a statement chandelier. 

Whether you choose a wedding arbor or arch, this is one of the simplest ideas but creates a big impact. 

lights.pnglight 2.png5e22f0ab71f4a0915e39070355caebf5.jpglights 3.png

Sylvan Wedding Arch

This minimalist arbor decor is the ideal choice for a stunning forest setting. The hanging geometric “diamonds,” adorned with a few sparse strands of greenery and some very palette-appropriate flowers, complement the scenery without distracting from it.

Keep this style both romantic and rustic by intertwining foliage and seasonal flowers – plus, you can add draped decor that’s perfect for a beachside ceremony.

One may add more unexpected texture by strapping birch branches or grapevines to your arch with different shapes and sizes.


Glamorous Wedding Arches

Large flower arches are stunning and immediately sets the scene for an ultra stylish affair – ideal for a picturique and formal wedding. With so many wedding arch possibilities, it may be difficult to choose just one idea.

Alters decorated with clusters of roses and hydrangeas, a crystal chandelier hanging from the center adds glamor to the huge spaces.

No matter which style you choose let it reflect your style and theme.

luxury.pngluxury 3.pngluxury 4.pngluxury 2.png

Make sure to Pin the ones you liked the most!

Check out our Insta page @tanarievents for more wedding inspirations.


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Fun Farmer’s Market Wedding Vibe

Happy Thursday, lovelies! Today’s beautiful wedding inspiration fits right in with our current state of mind with its jaw-dropping backdrop + fun, farm fresh details! To the couples who are absolute foodies at heart, their big day has to include all of their favorite foods + farmer’s market finds!

We’ll be focusing on everything farm-to-table and organic, rustic and essentially farm fabulous. We have some coolest floral designs, featuring a mix of fresh blooms + veggies. We’re sharing the most gorgeous wedding inspiration that embodies the elegance that can be achieved with this theme. This fun styled theme will inspire couples wanting a day with a sweet, spring feel.

Everything from choosing a venue, to decor, to a menu for the wedding day will inspire the brides to use the elements around them.

We love the idea of supporting local growers and farmers and incorporating their goods into the wedding.

You can create a simple and sweet feel whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors.

The tables can be named after the couple’s favorite fruits + veggies. We love these table plan that brings all the element of a farmers produce together. Use wooden tables for the earthy look and add mismatched chairs and couches, and it’ll look like you’ve just pulled the family together for a wonderful Sunday lunch on the farm.



Pull together some crates and wooden signs, some country produce and fresh flowers. A super adorable pickup truck if you happen to have one handy, and arrange them artfully in your cocktail area.


There is no end to this wedding theme, one can do so much around this by incorporating this theme in the wedding stationery, invitation cards, escort cards and wedding menu.



The best way to recreate the farmers market experience is to build some simple wooden stalls or carts.


Setting- up more food speciality stations for dessert and catering like charcuterie table, an artisan bread stand, a mashed potato bar – the possibilities are endless. Set up market stalls and really go for the theme.


Give a perfect touch to your wedding bouquet and your arch by adding a mix of fresh fruits & flowers to it.



Not to forget your fresh fruit wedding cake and dessert station.

cake .png

There are endless options of incorporating this trendy and colorful theme into your wedding.

Keep visiting our blog for more exciting and fun- loving wedding inspirations at

Image credit: Fonyat Photography/Amorology Weddings/Twigg Botanicals via Green Wedding Shoes

Jamie Grenough via Grey Likes Weddings

Image Source- Pinterest


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Offbeat Weddings

With ever growing trends, there are innumerable options to tie the knot. Couples today envision themselves getting married in premises that are authentic and suit their personal style. They are thinking beyond colors, patterns, and symbols for their big day.

A pretty patterned cushion can bring up an entire wedding theme. Your wedding style can also be inspired by your favorite movie, a pastry shop in your neighborhood or your favorite book. We’ve seen weddings themed after poems, songs or a musical.

Once nailing down the wedding style and formality, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to tie in the theme. Great places to tie in wedding themes include your stationery, lighting design, centerpiece vases, and wedding cake. For example, for formal wedding themes like gold-and-white, get gold mirrored vases with simple white flowers, architectural-inspired invitations with gold fonts, and a dramatic light.

All we are saying is, “don’t be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired fall wedding or three-color combo theme to pull off a wedding style as unique as you.

Every week we’ll be sharing some revolutionary themes that can help you freeze on your selection.

This week’s authentic theme is:

Library Love

For the couples who connected over love of reading, can incorporate this theme for their big day.

To set the tone for the whole wedding one can literally get married at an old library, and have books hung from the ceiling for the reception. To add some subtle romantic flair one can fill the venue with quirky, artifacts through literary centerpieces, card catalog escort displays, or custom-wrapped books. 

books blog 1.pngbooks theming.png

With hand-picked vintage books and thrifted gems, you can take this wedding theme to a different level.books blog 6.png

You can also incorporate your love of reading in your wedding outfits, personalized place cards and confetti holders. book blog 3.pngbook.png

The couple can also show their love for literature by sending out save the date’ cards that look like library cards and have there menu cards designed as book contents. books theme.png

Take a step further by sending a school bus to pick up your guests.GadsonWeddingCeremony005.jpg

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest and the key to successfully personalizing your wedding is to “Bring in something that will remind people of you, whether it’s a color you love to wear, a special song, or even just a feeling.” But don’t feel pressured to pick a theme out of nowhere just for the sake of throwing an unbelievable party.

Visit our blog next week to catch up on more unique wedding themes for your big day.

Image Source: Pinterest, offbeat bride & shutterfly

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The Unauthentic Bride- Mastering the look

Bridal Fashion is evolving throughout South Asian wedding scene, where brides these days are trying fresh and creative ideas to stand out from the crowd.

From actress Rekha’s traditional red bridal look with bindi embellishment over the eyebrows in the movie “Biwi ho toh aisi” to Kareen’s boho real flower hair do in “Veere di wedding”, what constitutes bridal wear has gradually morphed over recent decades.

There’s nothing we love more than a bride who loves to experiment. She knows all the “wedding rules” (red lehenga for the wedding, hair up in a bun, gold matha pati) but the cool new bride of 2018 will ditch these expectations to create her own fabulous wedding!

For most, a wedding is perhaps that one day where they are allowed free rein to really go to town.  There will always be a niche market for the traditional red lehenga, but the idea of the dress being a little more personal – dressing up and presenting a side of oneself that is a fantasy will always appeal, something that is made with love and care, something that takes time and patience – a lot like the marriage itself.

Here are the latest trends we spotted that will inspire the big Indian wedding bridal look this year!


Classic Ivory

 If you’ve grown up obsessing over stunning white wedding gowns then you’ll be happy to know that white wedding lehengas are now a legitimate fashion trend.

You can add a pop of color by opting for prints on white or match your traditional ivory lehenga with a trendy pair of juttis.

These are some elegant and timeless pieces you can invest in.

Clssic ivory

Sunset Bride

Sunset colors will keep the moms happy while still giving you a statement bridal look.

If exclusive colors are great for all your other dos but you can’t imagine getting married in anything other than one of the traditional reds and pinks then don’t fret. Designers like Anita Dongre and Jayanti Reddy, have proved that there is plenty of experimentation to be done with classic colors as well. A nice way to add a touch of quirk to your traditional lehenga with big precious uncut diamonds and tourmalines threaded together with corals and turquoise beads to create spectacular neck-pieces and maang tikas that merge serious intent with a quirky spirit.

sunset bride

Romantic Ruffle

Ruffles are not only for 4 years old, today the brides are breaking all barriers to try out this in the market trend. The layered bridal silhouettes have become one of the huge crazes among the young generation and it looks ethereal with matching accessories. More the layers, the more it will look attractive.

Romantic ruffles.png

Bold and beautiful

The Pantone color of the year has already found its way into the Indian bridal market and we couldn’t be more excited. For the longest time, brides have restricted violets and neons to be an engagement/ sangeet look but we see that changing this year. Take a minute to thank the one and only, Sabyasachi for making these shades happen.

Bold and beautiful.png

Botanical Rhapsody

Gone are those days when flowers were used only for décor or garlands. Brides today are being edgy on their big day by experimenting with fresh flowers on their outfits and hairdos.

A loose updo can be dressed up with an assortment of delicate flowers to create a romantic bridal look.

Wearing an outfit made out of flowers or adding flowers to your tassels is a unique idea!

We are absolutely obsessing on these kaliras made out of fresh flowers. It generously adds glamour to the otherwise simple kalira.

Botanical Rapsody.png

Bohemian Vintage

No matter what your personal style, talents like Manish Arora are driving the of-the-moment bridal conversation, offering twists on the traditional staples we’ve grown accustomed to.

Each outfit is designed with unexpected whimsical fabric, never-before-seen motifs delivers a fresh point of view to the bridal mix.

Adding a headgear to your outfit can bring out that free-spirited boho in you.

Vintage-styled jewelry is a popular choice for rustic brides.

Bohemian bride often features feathers as the accent of choice. Wearing a feathered headpiece and feather shoes could grace the look

Bohemian Vintage.png

Playful Spring

Light pastel shades add a touch of freshness to every frame and works from day to night events instantly. Pastels are thankfully here to stay. Classy and understated, shades like lavender, baby pink, sage green are a sure shot hit. Team it with a pair of pastel embroidered shoes and the new pastel choda look.

You can opt for a toned down version with a mix of embroidery and gota work, Balanced with different shades of gold, a pastel shade is perfect for a day wedding ceremony for the minimalist bride.

Either way, these colors are a breath of fresh air among the reds and will instantly help you stand out.

Playful spring.jpg

Tricky fringe & glamorous metal

The optimist bride knows the rules to break the rules- addicted to fun and elegance. The ubiquity of cocktail wears this season signals a real shift. It’s time to get the heels back out and give in to the pull of metallic glitter and return of fringes. A glamorous pouf of a dress covered in opulent, swaying feathers and black molten metallic work has an inarguable impact.

Tricky fringe.png

New customs and dress codes are being introduced constantly, all of which feeds into the multi-billion-dollar global wedding-attire industry. “There is definitely a spirit of competitiveness around weddings now.”


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tanaRi events’ wedding: Madhavi and Kunal

tanaRi events had the distinct honor of showcasing Madhavi and Kunal’s love story. The more we got to know about the two, the more we fell in love with their love story! The charming couple are not just two of the sweetest people we know, but are a power couple; Madhavi is a scientist and Kunal is a finance managing director! Apart from that, Madhavi and Kunal are a Jain couple, followers of a religion that preaches tenants of harmlessness. Adhering to their cultural values and preferences, tanaRi events were given strict orders on making sure nothing during the wedding weekend is wasted.

They first kicked off their pre wedding celebration on the Aqua Azul yacht with family and friends at sunset, setting a beautiful and romantic start to their wedding weekend. The next day on the way to the wedding ceremony at Tribeca Rooftop, family and guests followed the specially made pedicab from Rickshaw Revolution, dhol player, and band into a fun filled celebration. Over 200 guests were first served delicious food from Kailash Parbat pre-wedding and then  watched the exchanging of the vows surrounded by natural ornaments.

Cress Florals used earthy tones and inspiration from environment, and let nature truly be at its best with adornments like imported succulent plants from California that were placed under terrarium glass containers. Retro styled glass bulbs were also used to enhance the mandap area for an artistic vibe. Keeping the decorations to a minimum, the couple had requested to use second hand flowers instead of fresh ones, knowing that usually flowers get thrown out after the wedding day.


The wedding venue place had then shortly transformed into a reception area, where Dimple Bombay Talk served their famous savory dishes and Erin McKenna’s delectable vegan Dessert Doughnuts. The beautiful night then ended with the couple rolling out of the wedding in style, with a Rolls Royce where Kunal surprised Madhavi with a penthouse loft in Brooklyn at the Wythe hotel  for their honeymoon night!


We are grateful to all the guests, vendors, and the lovely couple for helping put on such a magical night!




Photographer: Karin von Voigtlander

Luxury Car: Ecstasy Limo

Henna Artist: Mehndikalogie (Dhara)

DJ: Desi Junction DJs

Hair/Make Up: Erika Franco

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